Possibly Maybe

Alistair Theirin x Freya Amell
994 words

Another Tumblr prompt - ‘accidental kiss’. Oh the adorkableness between them!

She often wondered how she ended up like this, feeling like the odd one out. It had happened all her life, never belonging, never fitting in, people whispering and pointing at a girl who just wanted to play with the others. She was either too good or too poor to join in with one group or another. Then she’d been sent to the Circle, forced down a path she was totally unsuited for, ending up in one ridiculous situation after another.

And it didn’t get any more ridiculous than this.

Another stupid argument with a brick wall who wouldn’t answer any of her questions, an elf that made one inappropriate suggestion after another, and a mage who insisted on reminding her to ‘leave that nice young man be’.  

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