My name is Brutus and my name means heavy
So with a heavy heart I’ll guide this dagger into the heart of my Enemy
My whole life you were a teacher and friend to me
Please know my actions are not motivated only by envy
I too have a destiny, this death will be art
The people will speak of this day from near and afar
This event will be history, and I’ll be great too
I don’t want what you have
I wanna be you

Brutus and Hamlet, as explained by my friend:

Brutus is when you text your bf
“Hey sweetie are you ok?”
And he replies “yeah. Just tired. Got a lot on my mind”
And you ask “Like what? And he says "it’s not important” and you write back “if it’s important to you it’s important to me” and he writes nothing so you write “you’re important to me” and he writes back “thanks <3” and you let the matter drop because you don’t want to be clingy, and then you find out the next day he assassinated a senator.

Hamlet is your ex who vaugebooks a concerning status so you message him “hey, u ok?” And he leaves you on read for two days and you see him typing for a super long time but he just says “no” and then without you saying anything he types an hour later “leave me alone” and then “I miss you” and then you find out he killed your dad.


Anita: I need to know the truth. About Roy’s sister.

Joël makes a sound deep in his throat that is half a growl, half a groan. His eyes remain screwed shut.

Joël: Don’t do this. Please do not do this.

Anita presses her lips together for a moment. But the recollection of Joël’s face when Georgina came bounding up to them at the barbecue won’t fade; it’s like a sunspot, blinding her mind.

Anita: She said she’d met Jared before. So you must have met up with her on your last trip to Appaloosa Plains, when Jared went with you-
Anita: You said you had a thing when you were teenagers. But that’s obviously bullshit, isn’t it. I think it was a lot more recently than that.

Joël is silent.

Anita: Is it because she’s married? Is that it?
Anita: And why didn’t Roy tell you she was going to be at the barbecue?
Anita: I just want to know the truth, Joël. How can we have a trusting relationship if you’re not going to be honest with me?
Joël: I said do not fucking do this.  

He grabs her arm. She winces. She feels the room start to topple, a warm hum filling her ears and nausea swirling around the edges of her stomach.

Joël: I told you the truth. Now leave me alone. I need  sleep. I’m exhausted. Do you understand? Anita? Do you understand?

She manages to nod and  the walls slowly right themselves, the noise in her brain receding along with the saliva flooding her mouth.

Joël: Good.

Then he rolls over, turning his back on her.