Your classmate, Allison Argent, holds her hand out to you.  You only had one class with her earlier that day, and while she was pretty you didn’t think much of her.  At least not until she jumped down from the roof of a small building and smacked the monster away from you with her bow and arrow.  Now she was helping you up, completely calm.  “Are you all right?” she asks.

You take her hand and she hauls you to her feet as Scott, the famous captain of the lacrosse team, comes around.  “What happened?” he asks.

“Y/N was hurt,” Allison says.

You wipe the blood off of your lip.  “It would have been way worse if it wasn’t for you.”


copper and axinite: an allydia witches au

Until one night, when the doorbell rang and on their front porch there stood a girl with long copper hair and bright hazel eyes filled with tears.
I’m sorry, she whispered. It’s just that you asked me not to leave and I had to explain why I did.

[chapter one: summer
[chapter two: spring