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You two are like my only active cherik people. :’)

There’s more!!!!! This isn’t as active a fandom as some others I’m in :c but there are more of us!!!! We just gotta find each other.

SO IF YOU’RE ACTIVE CHERIK/X-MEN LET IT BE KNOWN MORE CLEARLY (and also maybe send me an ask so I can give a shoutout? I know it’s not much but new friends are good <3)

Deadpool and Juliet (Part 2/?) (Deadpool/Spiderman x reader)

Part 1

“(Y/N), open the door!”

“Go away, dad!”

“(Y/N), come on, this doesn’t have to be a fight!” came a new voice from the other side of the door that boomed even louder than Tony’s.

“Oh my god, you got Steve?” you yelled back into the room.  “You are such a loser!”

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, OC
Words: 1392
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: The reader is from a very wealthy family, but left the life long ago. She, Dean, and Sam return to go to her cousin’s wedding and she’s reminded that she made the right decision.

“Y/N, do we really have to go?” Dean whined from the main room, getting dressed in his suit.

           “Yes, you do,” you said.

           “Why are you making me go?” Sam whined as well, “Dean’s your boyfriend. He should be the only one to suffer.”

           “I am making you go for moral support for the poor sap,” you giggled, “Besides, I need both of my guys to get through this one.”

           “You’re scaring me a little bit, Babe,” Dean said.

           “Well, you don’t know my family,” you said, slipping into the light pink dress. You hair was curled as perfectly as you could get it, and you were pleased with how you had done your make-up. You had to look good for your cousin’s wedding. Your entire family would be staring at you to see if they could find a flaw.

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