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Imagine Your OTP
  • Person C can be a mutual friend or part of an OT3. Either works.
  • Person C: Person A, do you ever wash that jacket? C'mon, you wear it everyday.
  • Person A: ...
  • Person A: Of course I do. I'm not tHAt terrible.
  • Person B: I wonder what I would look like in that jacket.
  • Person A: (stares)
  • Person C: Oh yeah, that's real smooth, Person B.
  • Person A: (takes off jacket)
  • Person A: I expect this back.
  • Person B: (is really excited)
  • Person A: (literally throws the jacket at Person B)
  • Authority Figure: Hey, you guys need to leave.
  • Group splits up
  • Person B: (throws jacket back to Person A)
  • Person A: Wait! You can still wear it...
  • Person B: (can't hear)
  • Person A: (doesn't stop thinking about it for three days)

Here’s the ryuji & yusuke roommates au literally no one asked for but you’re getting it anyway

>So how the hell does a starving artist end up rooming with an athelete-turned-punk
>The answer is right there in the question
>Yusuke is absolutely incapable of taking care of himself
>Ryuji can’t stand it
>Basically, once they all graduate, Ryuji & Yusuke are the only ones who choose not to go to college
>Well, it’s more like Ryuji hasn’t figured out what to do with his life so he’s taking a year off (he’s gonna go to college eventually he’s gotta do his momma proud) while Yusuke is taking a few courses at a nearby university, just like Futaba is (tho she’s only going as mandatory [read: Makoto] socializing practice)
>Except while Sojiro is covering Futaba’s expenses, Yusuke can barely manage to cover art AND school expenses. He forgoes eating most days.
>And it’s pretty pitiful, you know. Sojiro offered Akira’s old space when Yusuke moved out of the school dorms, but Yusuke kept burning the curry and weirding out customers, so it pretty quickly became “as soon as you find another place, please leave”
>Ryuji took pity. Say what you will about him, but Ryuji ain’t the type to not lend a helping hand. Besides, he’s been (surprise!) saving up for a place of his own for a few years already, so he’s down to have a roommate.
>Do you know how bad of an idea this turns out to be.
>Futaba bugs their apartment so she can keep track of this disaster
>She runs a blog about it
>It’s famous. And has spawned like 3 memes
>The first month isn’t too bad. Ryuji works 2 jobs so he’s gone most of the time, & Yusuke somehow manages to keep his artistic endeavors to his side of the apartment (they share a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with as much living space as you’d expect from a Tokyo apartment)
>Ryuji also does all the cooking. He figured out how early on, since his mom was usually out at work until dusk. Ryuji can’t cook anything fancy, & they usually just end up with veggie hotpot or ramen, but Yusuke is quick to compliment Ryuji’s skill (“And here I thought running was your only talent.” “…Thanks?????”)
>But then rent comes up
>And dividing up chores
>Things self-destruct from there
>Neither of them are the cleanlinest of people. They both prefer letting their stuff clutter in a corner or spread out on the floor. But when Yusuke’s clutter gets on Ryuji’s side or vice versa. Bitch it’s on.
>Also Yusuke almost never pays rent. He gets paid pretty well whenever his art is sold, but that’s rare & Yusuke refuses to get a job. Yusuke also does work on commission, but that requires /a lot/ of string-pulling from their friends.
>Please help these boys
>Their throats are sore from all the fighting
>They do get along sometimes tho. Ryuji gets Yusuke into video games (Yusuke loves visual novels & plays an unhealthy amount of otome). Yusuke gets Ryuji hooked on documentaries, tho Ryuji has an obvious preference for animal docs over the art docs Yusuke watches.
>Also whenever Ryuji has time off, Yusuke can sometimes drag him out of bed to go have some fun at places they both like, such as the planetarium or the monja shop

so i think most of us agree that rey reminds han of luke when she says “i didn’t know there was this much green in all the galaxy” because luke probably said something similar when they arrived to yavin 4 or something right? but like. picture luke commenting about a lake or a river instead. he’s like holy HECK that’s so much water?? and can you imagine him discovering a real shower at the rebel base? “BACK ON MY PLANET WE HAD TO FARM WATER. here you all are just drenching yourselves in it!!! do you think water just falls from the sky????” and someone has to remind him in his distraught state

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omg caught the ask box open! Hi Mama I just want to ask, can you have too much hobbies? :c I draw, do photography, write, read, play volleyball and play the guitar, and I often don't know which one to do and I can't do all of them in a day ;; My friend tells me to narrow them down to two.... and I can't! But I can't try improving all of them at the same time either ;; Am I over thinking this? Ahhh sorry and thank you so much!!!

I think having lots of hobbies is a great thing! And I don’t think you can have too many. You just need to schedule them properly I guess and take time for each, without rushing to the next. It’s not bad that you can’t do all in a day. Try to see how things fir into your day and adjust. But I also hope you still take time for yourself and don’t pressure yourself too much! That can get pretty bad, so please, take care and if you feel like you can’t do all those hobbies anymore maybe try to do some of them less frequently or just take more time for yourself, cause that’s very important!

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I know you're not taking request requests right now but I needed to share this au with someone before I forgot. Anyways, can you imagine a dancing with the stars AU with Mari as a pro and Adrien as the celebrity model? Cause I've been watching videos all day and now I can't stop thinking about it


never actually watched dancing with the stars but that sounds [insert pacha meme here]

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Given that Steve grew up in the Great Depression and knows the value of a dollar, do you think he ever whips his ID out at a diner and straight up requests the senior discount, even though he knows Tony will never let him live it down? (Mainly b/c Tony was planning to ask on Steve's behalf as a gag, but now he can't, so he has to reorganize his plan.)

Hahahahaha!! Maybe Sam jokes about it a lot, but Steve is too embarrassed to do it (he might feel like he’s taking advantage). So he always tips a lot. I feel like Steve and Tony are always epic tippers 💖

Zero escape without context starters
  • Because these are serious games about betrayal and murder
  • "It's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, to be honest..."
  • "Look, ___! It's a snowman secret meeting!"
  • "I would'a thought a guy your size would have bigger balls than that"
  • "Have you got a thing for feet, ___? You're actin' kinda shady..."
  • "___, are you flexible like an octopus or something?"
  • "What do you mean, "What the hell is a funyarinpa"? You mean... you don't know?"
  • "Apologize! Say you're sorry to the funyarinpa!"
  • "The rust on here looks like Elvis's face!"
  • "A bottle with people liquid in it."
  • "Playin' with mannequins, huh? Didn't know you were into that kinda thing, ___."
  • "Hey man, I just bought these shoes. If you think I'm getting some creepy dude's blood all over 'em, you got another think comin'."
  • "How about we put it on your face then light it on fire?"
  • "I'm not an exhibitionist! I'm wearing clothes!"
  • "It stands for Adult Erotic Doctor."
  • "Yo yo yo, where my boys at?"
  • "Remove these shorts of obfuscation and let us gaze upon it-this so-called "hose"!"
  • "You can take your LAME-ARY GAME and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!"
  • "Sooner or later, everybody puts up with ___!"
  • "It's a dirty magazine... Just look at those rings on Saturn. Don't they excite you?"
  • "Had I gotten wasted and had a one night stand with the mistress of a prominent politician? Well, yes... But it was just the one time..."
  • "Gotta grab it jellyfast!"
  • "Oh my God! There's dihydrogen monoxide coming out of that faucet!"
  • "I have to get back to my... ehe... grandpa videos?"
  • "Cool, but... Can you, like... kind of slide it down into your cleavage and then take a bite...?"
  • "You know what they say; Swimsuits never quit."
  • "___-chan is hella moe! ___-chan is hella moe!"
  • "If you're a C cup, I'm packing twelve inches!"
  • "If only there was a cat in here. Neow that would purrfectly calm my nerves... Ah, if you can't tail, I kind of have a litter tic. Whenever I talk about cats, I..."
  • "Nipple sizes differ."
  • "Call HR, this is sexual harassment."
  • "THE FUCK...?!"
  • "If you think complimenting everything a woman wears is okay, you're very wrong, sir."
  • "I know! Let's cut ___'s arm off!"
  • I gotta be the world's happiest kid!"
  • "I really, truly love ice cream."
  • "A, because I think you're adorable. B, because you are so beautiful! C, because you're very cute! D, because you're my darling! E, because you make me excited...! F, because you're like a feather in my arms..."
  • "Bwoop bwoop."

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Never trust a man who makes you pay for what he went through in past relationships. LADIES. I. CAN'T. STRESS. THIS. ENOUGH.👏🏾🤦🏾‍♂️ If a man doesn't take you out, compliment you, show affection or even show that he's gives a fuck b/c he doesn't think you "deserve it" b/c of HIS past. You need to leave. I understand we all go through things in our pasts but if you find yourself trying to prove to him your different and trying to prove you deserve his love exhausting yourself. It ain't worth it


Holy shit this is so important, my abusive ex did that to me, I’m pretty sure he abused the girls that came before me as well :/ even though back then I just felt extremely jealous of them because of his manipulation and comparisons…

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Hi ^-^. What do you think how long Kuroshitsuji will last? I'd say about 8- 10 years till the last chapter will be out. I think BB will have about more than 5 arcs in the future, and the last will be, well we can't predict it yet, probably about Ciel's revenge. I dunno how long mangas generally take till they're finished, but BB will be about 200 chapters and 50 volumes, I think. But that's just my view about it, what do you think? c:

Hello. :) And God, please no, not 50 volumes xD Seriously, Yana didn’t develop her narrative and characters enough for the story to go that far, haha!

Honestly, the way I see it (completely personal appreciation here), I think we’ve done 2/3 of the story right now, so for me it won’t go further than 35 volumes (which is already quite good enough). :)

After all… 

  • we already have a good idea of the culprit behind Vincent and Rachel’s murders, 
  • Ciel and Seb’s relationship got strained recently (so we’re approaching the usual time in a story where the MC could reflect on his choices which would be welcome for Ciel’s development), 
  • Elizabeth is probably starting to know the truth as of right now so it’s another important step in the plot
  • UT is getting desperate which is another important step

So as far as I’m concerned, I’m imagining what, two more arcs after this one? Three at best, because Yana owes readers too many answers right now and I don’t think she developed her characters enough that we can continue for long with always the same narrative in arcs being only subplots to the main story. 

That’s how I see it anyway. I think we need one arc about Lau/Ran Mao and possibly Mey Rin (since apparently she’s Chinese too) because Lau has to have an important role, otherwise what was the point of creating such a mysterious character with an even more mysterious bodyguard, both always looming in the background?

And after that, we need an arc about Victoria getting ready for war which could be where the situation with Ciel will escalate (as I think she’s the target of Ciel’s revenge and his parents’ murderer), leading to the final arc with Ciel learning the truth about everything and leading to the ending.

That’s how I think it should go personally, but you don’t have to agree. :) I hope it answers your question in any case.

Have a nice day/evening Anon :)

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u know you're a Tru Clexa Stan™ when ur taking an exam and every time you get A, D, and C in that order, you can't think about your exam anymore because all you can think about is Alycia Debnam-Carey

the other day i was in class and we were learning about the roman dude titus and i blanked for a good 20 minutes to think abt polis

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If you're willing to, might you write a ficlet in which, during his year journey, Natsu and Happy stumble into a bookstore and can't help but miss Lucy? Or maybe even perhaps find she was able to publish a book? c:

I LOVED this prompt<3

and when i find the time to turn this into a ficlet like you asked, i know exactly what route i’m taking it. oh man oh man(!!) think a combination of this and the nalu FT ending 15(; 

One day, only about halfway into a year since he and Happy had left the guild, Natsu found himself dragging his feet through yet another town where no face was familiar and he knew no ones name. Overhead in the sky, the sun was absolutely sweltering, even to a fire mage such as himself, so he could only imagine how his partner much be feeling. 

Actually, he didn’t really have to imagine it, seeing as how Happy was never one to shy away from voicing an opinion. 

“It’s hot, Natsu,” the Exceed whined, finally dismissing his wings as he instead opted to plop down heavily onto the boy’s head. “Let’s go inside somewhere. Anywhere. Just get me out of this heat!” His words were a bit muffled since he had his face pressed into the dragon slayer’s salmon-colored hair. “This has gotta be some sort of animal abuse.” 

Natsu would have laughed had he not felt just as miserable.

He craned his neck for a place that looked like it could serve them well. On the crowded streets, he managed to maneuver his way around a couple and their giggling child, and very carefully slipped past a slow-going elderly woman in his search for refuge. Finally, he spotted a sign above a small building and, without giving the sign another glance, opened the front doors and slid inside.

A little bell chimed as they entered, and both sighed with sweet content as the feel of cool air washed over them. Happy slid from his head and opted instead to rest on his shoulder, meanwhile leaving Natsu to lead them further into the store as he scoped the place out. 

"Much better,” Happy sighed, to which Natsu hummed his agreement as he looked around. His good mood swayed only slightly at the sight of all the tall shelves stocked with books of ranging lengths. A heavy feeling settled in his chest as the sight brought up a few memories that he’d rather not think of. 

He frowned at the tower of books that his friend was trying to carry all at once. The boy didn’t like the way the tall pile swayed slightly whenever she made too sudden of a move. “Here,” he offered, taking all but two of the smaller ones from her. “Let me carry these. You keep looking." 

"Thanks.” She turned those doe-like eyes on him, partnered with a grin that had Natsu feeling red in the face. As he shifted his weight from foot to foot, bashfully avoiding her eyes before she finally returned her attention to the shelves, something told him the warm feeling had nothing to do with his powers. 

Natsu shook his head, much to Happy’s confusion, as he rid himself of his unwanted trip down memory lane.

It’s not like it’s forever, dummy, he berated himself, allowing a small smile to grace his features at the bittersweet feel that being surrounded by this many books brought on. You’ll see her again. 

“Natsu,” something in the Exceed’s voice had changed as he tugged on the boy’s ear to grab his attention. He was speaking in a panicked whisper, as if afraid of being overheard as he nodded his head towards the back corner. “Is that…?" 

And maybe sooner than he thought. 

The boy’s eyes grew wide in disbelief as he quickly ducked behind the nearest shelf, trying to push down the growing anxiety he felt as he tried to fervently deny what he thought his eyes had seen. 

It’s the heat, just the heat, he reassured himself. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. 

"Natsu,” Happy hopped down from his shoulder and onto the floor- landing with an audible little plop- and he pulled excitedly on the boy’s vest. “It’s Lucy!” 

Keep reading

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“Hey, can you get me the sugar from the top shelf? … Come on, trust me, I won’t tickle you!” this reminds me of chuuya and dazai bc chuuya is short and can't reach things. could you maybe do a short drabble with soukoku? :>c

Another DOMESTIC/FLUFFY TICKLING STARTERS -fic!This is actually my first time writing for Soukoku<3 

I think they’re cute and I actually have one more prompt for them on my list, I just need to get more into this ship I think, which I will, starting by writing this lil’ drabble! Thnx @ticklygiggles for inspiring me as always psfhdgf*_*

Hope it doesn’t suck too bad XD -takes place when they were still Port Mafia-partners<3 I changed the plot around a bit since I thought the prompt sentence was a typical Dazai-thing to say!

Word Count: 537

“Hey, can you get me the sugar from the top shelf? … Come on, trust me, I won’t tickle you!” 

Chuuya growled and watched his partner with the angriest glare of angry glares. They were making a coffee stop at one of the headquarters’ mini kitchens, and apparently it was time to be childishly teased about his height again.

“Fuck you, Dazai. You know I can’t reach it. Do it yourself,” Chuuya snapped, and Dazai chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. 

“If you can’t get me the sugar I’m afraid I’ll have to tickle you though,” he teased, and he poked Chuuya’s side, eliciting an adorable and uncharacteristic eep! from him. 

Chuuya closed his eyes in annoyance and sighed. The little canteen was too small for a fight- with just one kitchen counter and a coffee machine. 

However, Dazai could easily tickle the hell out of him and having known him for a while now, Chuuya was sure he was doomed right now anyway since there was no way Dazai was serious about not tickling him. Still, least he could do was un-doom himself as much as possible and do as Dazai wanted.

Fine,” he snarled, and he stood on his tiptoes and reached for the sugar. He could barely reach it, but leaning forward a bit more and standing even higher on his tiptoes, he was getting there. Meanwhile, his entire body was tingling in anticipation. 

He glared at Dazai from the corner of his eyes and noticed that mischievous smirk of his as he watched how Chuuya struggled to reach the sugar.

“You’re so tiny, Chuuya,” Dazai sang.

“I hate you,” Chuuya hissed breathlessly, but he almost managed to grab the sugar and he swore he’d make sure to punch Dazai in the face afterwards. 

“You’re almost there,” Dazai said, looking his partner’s stretched out body up and down with that horrible smirk as if he was scanning where to tickle first. Chuuya had to be quick! 

“Got it!” Chuuya’s fingers closed around the tiny bowl and a proud little feeling overwhelmed him. The delight got shattered in an instant though, because the moment he had the sugar bowl in his hand, Dazai’s fingers danced up and down his exposed sides and ribs like he had anticipated. 

A horrifying shriek escaped Chuuya’s lips as he pulled his arm back real fast, throwing the sugar across the room by accident.

“I’m sure you were able to predict as much, weren’t you?” Dazai asked calmly while he kept digging his fingers in the shorter guy’s sides and ribs, causing him to flop and flail around like crazy. 

“HWahaha I’ll fu-fucking kihill youuu!” Chuuya cursed through his hysterical laughter, but no more threats could make it past his lips since another series of snorts and giggles followed.

“Not before I kill you.” And pinning Chuuya’s flailing body against the kitchen counter, Dazai was sure not to miss a single spot that could make his little partner go mad. 

Chuuya whined through his laughter and cursed all he could, but yep, he was pretty much doomed to suffer from Dazai’s well-known guilty pleasure of tickling the hell out of him. Just another day in their lives as Port Mafia partners.


I’ve had enough. I can’t take anymore. I wanna know what’s out there. We deserve to know. I’m ready…to face whatever it is. I - if your fiancee is out there, and - and there’s still a future for you with her, we’ll face that, too.