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Oh my god. I was looking at some of the meet and greet photos, and HE LITERALLY LOOKS LIKE HE’S IN DISBELIEF AT HIS OWN SUCCESS. Like, c'mon, D, you deserve ALL the praise and love for doing what you did last night!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ You deserve the world for being so talented!

How can you hate an entire group of people just for being fat??

And don’t give me that crap about us “not taking care of ourselves” in the past few months I’ve taken tremendous care of myself and I’m very proud of that fact. Does that mean I’m gonna start dropping weight? Nope, I’ve got illnesses that make it super hard to lose weight.

But that doesn’t even matter.

Even if you are the unhealthiest person in the world, I’m still going to treat you with respect. Why? Because you’re a living, breathing, thinking, feeling human being who deserves it whether you’re a size 0 or a size 6x and higher.

So honestly fuck anyone who thinks I don’t deserve kindness because I’m fat.


Tiffany being adorable during a fanmeet for @suhokai!


YES. That voice that is responding with all the reasons you don’t deserve love. Tell it to shut up. That’s someone else’s voice. That is not your voice. Whoever’s voice that is, imagine that person, grab their arm, fling them into a steel room with a 10 inch door and bolt it shut. If there’s more than one person, repeat until they’re all trapped forever in that impenetrable room of steel. Now read this sentence.

You deserve love.

That voice and all those people are gone.
You are safe.

You deserve love.

Let it in, friend.
Let it in.


Happy 41st Birthday Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (19 July 2017)

Keep smiling forever you sweet thing.

The God’s green irises vanished, replaced with burning white eyes that nearly reflected the absolute anger that filled him. There was no justification for what had been done.

Yo, saw your AU and this image wouldn’t leave me alone so take this and know your art is gorgeous. 


“You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first". Bullshit. (x)

happy belated birthday @amerikagome !! ♥♥

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

Sparkles | Sirius Black X Anxious Reader

It was one of those days where everything aches , and even getting up sucked , you watched the ceiling as the sun kicked from the window , you hadn’t slept , and you could feel the bags under your eyes as you roll to your side and cover yourself up with the covers again.

The alarm sound and you could hear everybody being alive and you hated , well it wasn’t hate really , you kind of envy them , why couldn’t you be that happy , you take a deep breath , maybe you could skip first class? But then the regret hit you , so you roll out of bed just hugging yourself

You felt so empty , you walked to the bathroom but why? Was there even an answer, you were so emotionless , it was one of those days.

As you entered the shower and felt the cold water flow through your body you felt a little calmer , put on your robes but then the demons came back “your so ugly” they said in a choir as you walked pass the mirror , not even your favorite lipstick helped. They laugh at how slow you walk , how every other girl was thinner , smarter and more beautiful than you and you had to agree as a little tear escaped you eye.

You finally arrived to class and take a sit , at least you were early , but then you felt a huge crash next to you somebody had throw their bag next to you and made you scare “You’re so ridiculous” the demons sang.

-Sorry to bother you doll - you heard Sirius Black said- but this arse sat in my place , no problem if I sat here?-he said throwing a punch to Remus .

-You just nodded- No problem - and for the first time in the day you smiled a little.

-So , what a cute girl like you is doing in a place like this? - he said as he checked you out , “he just feel sorry for you” the voices yell as he talked.

-Taking a Charms class..what else?-you said in a kind of bitter and sarcastic voice and all his friends laugh at him-Oh am so sorry I didn’t mind to..

-Don’t be-he said as he laugh “you ruin everything” - It’s all right , it’s good to start the day with a laugh , isn’t it Y/N?

You smiled as the profesor entered the class and explained to you how to make little sparkles flow through your wand - An easy spell that could help you if you’re lost or in an emergency- he had said.

It was a nonverbal spell , you could do this right “If you said so” the voices laugh at your attempts , fuck why does everything had to be so difficult , you tried to calm yourself down you weren’t having a panic attack in front of all your class mates “You’re just a cry baby that can’t do even the easiest of spells” the voices said with an angry tone “useless” they whispered as you tried again “not worth the try” ,“stupid” , “your so dumb” you felt your heart race with your breathing and trying to look normal was getting so exhausting-fuck it all-you said as some tears spill but then you open your eyes and a crazy amount of sparkles were exploding through your wand , and everybody was looking at you “You broke your wand , perfect” You couldn’t help it so you ran out of the class , you ran so fast that you didn’t listen everybody preaching you.

The tears went out like a cascade as you took a seat in an empty seat “Worthless” was the last thing you heard from them as he called your name-Y/N for Merlin’s beard that was amazing -he said with a bright smiled that became a worry face when he took a look at you - are you okay dear?

- I just blow a freaking class room , how am I supposed to feel?

He laugh- Sweet Y/N they were just sparkles and everybody loved it , you’re such and amazing witch , you made everybody’s else work look hideus

-Fuck am so sorry , please forgive me - you said with a sad tune.

-Don’t be-he said as he hold your shoulders - I was just there thinking fuck this girl is amazing and I can’t even made this wand to work - he laughed.

“he is lying” they yelled “he is just being nice” , “you suck and you know”

-why are you being so nice to me?-you said trying to ease the battle in your head.

-Because I know how it feels to have a bad day , the gloomy eyes , the fuck this all attitude, how you tried so many times to make the spell and the moment you breath -he said caressing yous cheek as he cleaned the tears out- in that moment you were the most magical creature I’d have seen in my entire life , and if you can make that happen in a bad they I really wanna be there in the good ones.

He sound so sincere , that it shut up all the demons in your head- Thank you so much - you said with a timid smile.

And as everybody started running for the next class you heard him said- after this you must be hungry , wanna go an steal some cookies from the kitchen?-you just nodded as he held you hand helping you to stand up- You’re not alone , remember that , we all are pretty fucked up inside , just wear the demons with pride and join the club -he said as he saluted the rest of the marauders.

-I will - you said as a smiled cross your face.

(If you is having a bad day please send a message, you is amazing remember.)

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