c: vashta narada

Things Doctor Who made me scared of:

–The dark

–Gas Masks and children


–Dolls and dollhouses




–Any sort of arcade game

–clocks (especially broken ones)

–That moment when I walk into a room and forget what I’m doing there…


–And don’t forget statues!

Deleted Scene from 'Silence in the Library' (published in DWM #397)
  • THE DOCTOR, racing round the console, slamming controls.
  • THE DOCTOR: Beaches! People never stop loving beaches!
  • DONNA: I love beaches.
  • THE DOCTOR: You think you love beaches. You don't know what a beach is yet! You haven't even been to Karras Don Karra Don Slava!
  • DONNA: Good beach?
  • THE DOCTOR: Two words! Intelligent sand! Dries you off when you've been for a dip, clears away the lolly sticks by night, and remembers your sandcastles in the morning. And you're allowed back in swimming straight after you've been eaten. Of course, exactly once a year the beach gets hungry, dissolves all living matter into a protein slime and drinks it - but you can have fun long as you keep your eye on the date.
  • And just as he says this his head snaps like he's heard something, and he gives an involuntary shudder.
  • THE DOCTOR: Oh, hello!
  • DONNA: Hello what?
  • THE DOCTOR: That hasn't happened in a while.
  • He's patting his pockets now, like a man looking for his phone.
  • DONNA: What hasn't happened?
  • THE DOCTOR: Don't worry, it's for me.
  • DONNA: What's for you?
  • He dives over to where his coat is hanging, prattling as he goes.
  • THE DOCTOR: And talking fish! The fish can talk! I mean, they're under water, you don't have a clue what they're saying - mostly sounds like "Beware the hunger of the beach" - but you know what fish are like.
  • He's gone through his pockets of his coat and pulled out the little wallet with the psychic paper in it. He's flipped it open, and now stares at what he sees.
  • DONNA: Doctor?
  • The Doctor is still staring at the psychic paper. Frowning.
  • DONNA: Something wrong?
  • A beat - the Doctor staring at the paper. Then, suddenly -
  • -- he snaps back to life, bounds back to the console.
  • THE DOCTOR: Where was I?
  • DONNA: Beaches.
  • THE DOCTOR: Books, yes. People never stop loving books!
  • DONNA: No beaches.
  • THE DOCTOR: And what do you need on a beach? You need a book!
  • Slamming at the controls now. The TARDIS bucks and spins.
  • DONNA: Where are we going?
  • THE DOCTOR: Quick detour. Just an 'on the way to the beach' thing.
  • DONNA: Detour where?
  • The TARDIS slams to a halt.
  • On the Doctor: looks at the psychic paper one more time. Then stuffs it into his pocket.
  • THE DOCTOR: Thing about books, Donna - you can never have too many books. Come on!
  • He starts racing for the door, Donna following.