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Korra’s villains as Mavericks.  Loosely infused a little bit of the different iterations of Sigma into Amon, Unavaatu, and Zaheer.  For Kuvira, I matched some elements with Lumine from X8.

Going with the Greek alphabet:
Amon - Alpha
Unalaq - Upsilon
Zaheer - Zeta
Kuvira - Kappa 

A:TLA x Classic Megaman
A:TLA x Classic Megaman Villains
The Legend of Korra x Megaman X
The Legend of Korra x Megeman X, Final Set 1
The Legend of Korra x Megaman X, Final Set 2

Korra will never be my favorite Avatar, but the villains from her storyline were awesome as hell! They are way better then a Fire Lord, who didn’t appear until like the ¾ths of the story was done, just to get his ass kicked and prove that his daughter is far more capable then he ever was.


Community opinion about Red Lotus.

I put all “Other” answers on chart.

Favorite Red Lotus member

1. Zaheer 205 votes 48%

2. Ming-Hua 92 votes 21,5%

3. Ghazan 63 votes 14,8%

4. P’li 54 votes 12,6%

5. Unalaq 4 votes 0,9%

Can’t believe someone voted for Unalaq as their favorite Red Lotus menber.

Least favorite member of Red Lotus

1. Unalaq 206 votes 48%

2. Aiwei 95 votes 22,1%

3-4 P’li and Zaheer 34 votes 7,9% each

5. Ming-Hua 30 votes 7%

6. Ghazan 21 votes 4,9%

Looks like people didn’t want to separate the lovers, P’li and Zaheer, and they both got same amount of votes.