c: tuck


Arm wrestling challenge: Dan vs. Bruton
I don’t know who to call Frostbite’s people as a whole… frostians? farians?frozenians?

Danny supporting Dan…?
I can hear Jazz screaming/cheering Dan!
Sam looks comfy…
…and of course, we have Tucker… counting his “victorie$”

and no. You’re not seeing things. That’s a tiger-striped, a female and the color from their furs aren’t the same. They have different tones of gray (no pun intended as this whole this is Gray scaled BUT you get the idea)

Have the original version

Imagine being on your first date with Tom. You try to play it cool, pretending not to be completely dazzled every time he looks at you with those sparkling blue eyes. He acts like a perfect gentleman - opening doors for you, holding your hand, showering you with complements. By the end of the night you start to let your guard down, just in time for him to give you the perfect goodnight kiss.

“…it sure does feel good to be special to someone, huh? And you just…give up all your soul to make sure that person feels just as special…and you’re afraid of that connection that you have will just one day…break?”

“…but what if it does?”

“…were you ever that special to begin with?”

     “Before you can help someone else with their life, you have to make sure you help yourself first. Or else you’ll be stuck with relying on someone else’s happiness for your own happiness.”

“You can’t fix a ripped shirt with a broken needle…”