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Fiddling around with animation, got in a little over my head haha. I’ve basically been going one line at a time and did all the frames out of order so this was way harder and sloppier than it had to be.

A wip of Tuck rubbin’ his belly

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TUCK EVERLASTING IS COMING TO BROADWAY APRIL 2016!!! I could not be more excited! This show is absolutely stunning, it is so beautiful and I really hope it does well (especially along side Hamilton). Everyone get pumped! This song has had me sobbing for 3 months, the love song that Tuck (Andrew Keenan Bolger) sings to Wynnie that then turns into the act two finale. Enjoy!


“this is the way you have to stand.” FDR said.

Tuck laughed, “dont listen to him Y/N, that is not the way you’re supposed to stand.”

“i think i’ve played pool long enough to know how you’re supposed to stand.” FDR rolled his eyes.

“then why are you standing like that?”