c: tuck

I don’t know if I can believe in soulmates.
That there is someone else,
supposed to fit perfectly from the start.

Because -
I won’t let what has shaped me be trivialized.
That how my journey(my life) has affected me,
has affected another in the same way?

That from start to finish,
cracks left behind,
and ridges formed from times past
will fit perfectly alongside another’s,
and a proverbial click will match us together.

No, I don’t(can’t) believe in that.

But what I do believe in is:
somewhere, there is someone I can grow with.
to grow and to learn
and let our edges soften against each other.
And the gaps may never be filled,
but instead-
         something new can form.
And eventually -
eventually where you end and I begin,
can merge together but still grow forevermore,
and we will never stop becoming more than what we used to be.

Maybe we weren’t made for each other from the beginning.
But I wouldn’t give up the journey for anything.
You and I,
we make each other our best selves.
Still me. Still you. But together, infinitely stronger.

—  i was never half of what i was meant to be. but with you i am simply more // e.q.

anonymous asked:

So I know that binding for too long is really bad, but is the same true for tucking? Can bad stuff happen if you tuck for too long? How long can I safely wear a gaff?

Chrissi says:

Hi honey!
As with anything, do it too much and it’s bad for you.
It’s made slightly less dangerous than binding because A. It’s not over many vital organs, and B. You have to untuck regularly to go to the little girls room.
But as a rule of thumb, if it get uncomfortable, go to the bathroom and untuck. Try not to go to bed with a gaffe on. I only ever do that if I’m staying over someones house, if you get my drift.

But yeah, just be cautious, and untuck regularly and you should be okay!

Hope this helps.