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“First of all, Kristofer is absolutely hilarious. I don’t think I’ve been in a scene on Game of Thrones when it’s been everything I can do to stop myself from laughing. The way he was behaving toward me was just extraordinary.” –––– Gwendoline Christie on Kristofer Hivju.

  • Jon: I think I may have a thing for red heads
  • Davos: what makes you think that?
  • Jon: my first love was kissed by fire, and my second one is as well
  • Davos: second? Your grace?
  • Jon: I haven't even told them yet...it's complicated you see. We're kinda relat-
  • Tormund: say no more, you southerners all got sticks up yore arses anyway. While its shunned in the south, beyond the wall we accept it.
  • Jon: so the Wildlings wouldn't mind if I marry Sa-
  • Tormund: I mean I much prefer tall blondes, but you're darn prettier then any lady I've seen.
  • Jon: oh no, I'm talking about San-
  • Tormund: tell your southern army there's no need to kiss my hand.
Jon’s Twin

A Wattpad request! I do not own Tormund or Jon. They belong to George R.R.Martin. 

Warnings: mentions of pregnancy, ALL THE FLUFF!

Pairings: Tormund Giantsbane x fem!Snow reader, Jon Snow

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You padded through the corridors of Winterfell in search of your Wildling lover. Your hand rested on your six-month pregnant belly as you looked in every room you passed. “Where is he?” you asked yourself out loud. “Who? Tormund?” your twin’s voice made you jump. “Jon! How many times must I ask you not to do that?” Jon laughed softly. “He’s out in the training yard.” You kissed him on the cheek and headed in the direction he indicated.

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