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hey there! thanks for answering all our questions on this blog + how possible would it for someone to crack ribs with a solid kick? there's a character i have in mind that's escaping captivity, but they're also young, so i'm not quite sure how easily they'd be able to hurt the (adult) antagonist in such a manner, especially lacking any fighting experience to begin with?

Well, you can break someone’s ribs with a kick. That’s the entire purpose of the roundhouse, especially the version where you strike with the ball of the foot rather than the top of the foot. (And… aren’t like me when I was seven or eight, when I was new to sparring and totally stubbed my toe in another kid’s side at a tournament after my brain/body got confused between the two. I didn’t break my toe, but I could’ve.)

That story above is important, by the way. If you’ve got a character who doesn’t know how to fight then they’re not even going to get that far. If you don’t know how to kick then that’s a great way to get your leg caught by someone who knows what they’re doing. They catch the foot by the ankle, and then drag you wherever they want. That’s assuming the character can get their leg up and out without falling over. Even if they do manage that, say because they’ve watched a lot of martial arts flicks, they won’t know how to generate power and will be very slow. A, B, and C occur anyway. Your protagonist is going to end up back wherever they were being kept, this time in a much less comfortable position.

Even for an experienced martial artist, kicks require fairly constant bodily upkeep in order to be able to do them cold (much less perform them at all). That’s not a combat scenario, that’s just in general. You’ve got a great chance of pulling all the leg muscles you need to get away, including ones you didn’t realize you had and that’s if you don’t break your toes. Board breaks with the roundhouse kick are the most terrifying of them all because you’ve got to remember to curl your toes just right in order to carry your foot through the board.

Kicks are off the table.

More importantly, this is an exact rendition of the “Feel Good Violence” trope: My Instincts Performed A Wheel Kick.

The protagonist is suddenly and randomly enough good at fighting to not only fight, but win when making their first attempt at a violent altercation. They use techniques which require a fairly high level of dedication and aptitude out of “natural ability” and “instinct”.

Unless you’ve got an ironclad reason for invoking the trope (past lives/ immortality/memory loss/the matrix) it will undercut your narrative credibility in ways the story cannot recover from.

When you’ve cracked your foundation, you’re done.

“The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible,” - Mark Twain

Narrative integrity is based on the rules or limitations we’ve set for ourselves, those limitations are the ironclad rules by which the narrative functions. They exist on two levels: in behavior and actions of characters within the world, and on a secondary level the setting’s behavior around them. Everything in your story must be working to uphold the fiction. When it doesn’t the audience’s “suspension of disbelief” starts to crack. You are beholden to the rules and limitations set down by your setting. Without them, you have no story.

When you’re setting out to create a character, there are four questions you should ask yourself:

1) What can the character do?

2) What can’t the character do?

3) What is the character willing to do but can’t?

4) What can the character do, but is unwilling to?

Within these four circles you have your character, their ethics/morals, and their limitations. That is the box you’ve created for yourself. It is important to own it and abide by it. When dealing with a protagonist, those limitations are not just the foundations of a character but the entire narrative.

Your character cannot fight your antagonist in a one on one and come away with any victory because you have established they don’t know how to. That is a limitation you set for yourself. That the audience knows and understands, so they will expect this character to act in accordance with it. They may want to walk up to the antagonist and kick them in the ribs so hard those ribs break, but they can’t. That desire could be a driving force behind them learning to fight later. As of now, though, their powerlessness in active violent conflict serves to reinforce the antagonist’s position. Reinforcing the antagonist’s position is for the narrative good.

They should be making choices based on the Venn diagram’s center: when what they can do meets what they are willing to do.

If what they can’t do conflicts with what they’re willing to do and they go with it anyway then the result is a failed escape attempt. A captive’s survival is based on their value. If they’re valuable enough for the antagonist to go through the trouble of capturing them in the first place, then they’re probably not going to be killed. At least, not until their value runs through. They lose and wind up back in captivity under more scrutiny, more security, and with fewer exit options. This reminds us why they were captured in the first place, and reinforces our villain’s position.

A protagonist can fail and retain their legitimacy many more times than an antagonist can. While this is a perfectly legitimate narrative outcome, I don’t think its the one you’re looking for.

This is the second issue with your question:

A narrative’s antagonist is its backbone.

Your antagonist is one of the most important pieces of your story, if not the most. They are the lingering threat, the shadow hovering over the story, and the knife at your protagonist’s throat. They are seventy percent threat, and the last thirty relies on their ability to make good on it.

One of the biggest mistakes an author can make is assuming their antagonist’s position in their narrative and the threat they provide are impervious to harm.

Unlike your protagonist, your antagonist is always in a precarious position. They must constantly re-affirm themselves and the threat they represent through their actions. That threat is all consuming and when challenged, it must either be defeated or confirmed.

If defeated, then the threat is gone.

If confirmed, then the threat level is heightened because now we imagine what they might do next.

An antagonist can re-affirm themselves after a defeat, but they’ve got to double down on their effort and create a new threat rather than relying on their old one. You as the author must work harder to make up for what you lost, and even then you’ll never have the initial fear ever again.

The first rule of the antagonist is: your capital is limited, so spend it wisely.

When you undercut an antagonist in favor of the protagonist before its necessary, you damage the antagonist’s credibility and, subsequently, their position in the story. When you lose your antagonist, you lose most of your narrative tension.

A character who doesn’t know how to do something is applying a limitation to the character. You are applying a restriction to what they can and can’t do. If you’re character doesn’t know how to fight, then fighting will be off the table. More importantly, having your character succeed at a skill set they have no experience in doesn’t make them “awesome” or “cool”, it means instead that the other characters who put time and effort into honing these skills suck.

When those characters are your antagonists… that hurts.

If you’ve got a protagonist with no hacking experience who manages to overcome a supposedly great hacker on their first or second go round with no time spent learning how to hack, then who looks bad? The second hacker. They’re the ones who are supposed to be good at hacking. If the narrative hinges on them being a major antagonist, then the author just shot their narrative in the foot.

Combat skills are the same way. They’re a skill set, not an instinct. They don’t come naturally, and take a great deal of time and effort to hone.

If your goal is to show your dangerous antagonist is a bumbling moron when an untrained teenager gets a lucky shot so miraculous they manage to lay them up for the rest of the story, then that’s a job well done.

If your goal is for the antagonist to maintain their credibility within the narrative? Don’t use them for a punching bag.

Violent confrontation is based just as much on threat of force as it is on the follow through. The threat is usually more frightening than what follows, and your protagonist is already challenging the fear by trying to escape. From a narrative perspective, if they get over their fear enough to challenge their antagonist directly then it’s game over. You spent your all capital either at the beginning or midway through the story, and you’re not getting it back.

Remember, your antagonist has to do just as much work to earn their street cred as your protagonist. Their position is a delicate balance of power management and threat of force. They rely on show over tell. They need to live up to whatever it is you’ve been saying about them. They need to be as dangerous as they’ve been puffed up to be, unless their reputation itself is the real antagonist. Never forget, your antagonist (whoever they are/whatever it is) is the backbone of your story. They are often the driving force of action, the reason why the protagonist is struggling, and the focal point. In some ways, they are more important than your protagonist because without them the protagonist’s got a whole lot of nothing.

When you undercut your antagonist, you also hurt your protagonist’s development. You cheat them of their chance for growth, and deny them their ability to show off whatever it is that they’re actually good at i.e. using their bravery, intelligence, and cleverness to sneak out.

If your protagonist beats down their Goliath at the beginning of (or even the middle) of the story then there’s no reason for them to go to the mountain master and learn to throw rocks.


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Sanrio Tamagotchi M!X Launching This Spring

Bandai Japan has partnered up with Sanrio, the Japanese company that best-known for creating Hello Kitty, to deliver a whole new Tamagotchi M!X! This new ‘Saniro Tamagotchi M!X version’ features your favorite Sanrio characters; Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Gudetama, Kiki and Lala (Little Twin Stars). Your Tamagotchi can marry any of these characters for an awesome mix!

Sanrio characters are also featured in the mini games and the new restaurant, so you’ll be able to enjoy new games and visit your Sanrio friends! There will be two new games, one is a card matching game were you will match Sanrio characters; this game is very similar to the one found on the TMGC+C. The other game is similar to one on the V3, you will catch the current Sanrio characters as they fall down!

There will be a total of 8 destinations, the hometown of Mary Land, Star World, and Puroland. It is currently unknown if these destinations will replace existing destinations or if they will be in addition to them. The new destinations are beautiful and feature all your favorite Saniro artwork!

More information is expected to to be released closer to the release date of April 15! Pricing should be similar to the pricing of the Tamagotchi M!X, and 20th anniversary Tamagotchi M!X! It looks like Bandai is going to have an awesome April with the Tamagotchi Mini being rereleased and this awesome new Sanrio Tamagotchi M!X! How excited are you?

*Special thank you to @tokyodirectdiary for translation

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imagine on Valentine's Day,,aka Derek Malik Nurse's (loml) birthday, and everyone is super focused on their SO (Derek isn't mad, he's used to it) he goes the whole day thinking everyone forgot until he gets invited over to the haus for team dinner and is surprised w a birthday party, and this boy is so overwhelmed he's like lowkey almost in tears. he asks who planned it and everyone looks at dex, who had the date circled w hearts all year. This is pre-relationship but they're Screwed

this is the cutest prompt ever and it jumped right to the top of my list ooops hehe. this starts off kind of boring because nursey’s day also starts off boring, so stick in there lmao. i liked writing this a lot, so enjoy!

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15 prompts pt 5 (OT3 edition)
  1. A finds a stray animal and brings it home, B is allergic so C helps A hide the animal until B finally catches them after sneezing for a week
  2. A is a Marvel fan and B is a DC fan, C doesn’t care either way and always mixes them up
  3. A is asexual, B is aromantic, and C is demi, and they have a happy healthy partnership 
  4. A falls instantly for C while B is interested in C but needs to be wooed still
  5. A and B have to explain to C why they never get to drive, optional: C drives wildly, speeding/running lights/etc or drives too slow/cautious
  6. A has a history of severe nightmares, B knows how to calm A down but is out of town, C has to try for the first time alone
  7. It’s A’s birthday but B and C both forgot until the last second, B distracts A while C sneaks out to get a gift
  8. A is always up late with work related things, one night A falls asleep and B and C have to fumble through getting the work done for them
  9. A is babysitting but has to go somewhere unexpectedly, leaving the baby with B and C who have little/no experience with babies 
  10. A helped color B’s hair but it was a disaster and C has to comfort them both while fixing it
  11. A’s glasses broke while they were reading a really good part of their book, B and C offer to read it to them, switching out between characters and making silly voices
  12. A has a secret fear (like of clowns/spiders/heights/etc), B and C don’t know and accidentally freak out A with their fear
  13. A’s never seen the ocean but wants to, B hates the ocean but agrees to go anyways, A and C swim and make sand castles while B naps on a blanket 
  14. A cuts their finger while preparing dinner, B panics and wants to go to the hospital, C calms B down and deals with A’s injury 
  15. A only has money for two tickets to an event all three of them love, so A and B have to sneak C inside 
Mesmerizing Love

Paul Lahote Imagine

Paul x Cullen!Reader


Prompt: Paul Lahote imagine where he imprints on a Cullen!reader and she has abilities kinda like wanda maximoff and she has the red streams come out of her hands and one day her and the rest of the pack were hanging out bc she’s an imprint so she’s aloud to go to la push and the whole pack including the other imprints ask if they can see her powers and so she shows them and there’s red streams flying around the room from her hands and they’re so mesmerized and Paul is just So In Love™™™ thank you!!

Warning: None

Author’s Note: I’m sorry that this is bad so please ughhh I’m so sorryy please forgive me

The day you met Paul- let’s just say it was very eventful. Many fights were involved between Paul and Emmett until you yelled in frustration, causing you to use your powers. Ever since then you guys gradually grew closer, every once in a while getting a comment from Rosalie which did annoy you.

Today, you were running through the woods with most of the pack, playfully bumping into them, running ahead of them and giving them false hope by falling back a little then finally catching up. Y/h/c whipped around as your golden eyes searched what you guys came up with, the finish line. You bursted through the tree line, spotting the packs imprints.

With a giggle you felt Paul’s hands on your waist.”We were of course going easy on you.” Jared teased, wrapping an arm around his imprint, Kim.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” You teased back. Watching the others shift back grab hold of their mates, while you turned earning a peck on the nose by Paul. 

Sam came out the house, Emily under his arm. “When it gets dark enough, we’re going to have a campfire out on the beach.” Sam said loudly, Emily slipped out of his hold and walked towards me with a smile,

“And you’re welcome to join.” She smiled warmly at me. “It’s okay if you-” 

You merely giggled, “Of course I’ll join you guys.” Everyone cheered and Paul chuckled behind you. Everyone seemed to go off in their own direction, while Paul had other plans and rushed you both into the woods.

It was much later when you both finally caught up with the pack on the beach. You both were playfully pushing each other as you both sat down, earning smiles from everyone. Especially Sam and Emily- They loved the fact how you seemed to calm him down easily and knew that if anything did happen, you could look out for yourself. 

“So. Y/n.” Quill said slowly, earning a playful shove from Seth who sat next to Embry. The whole pack was here, even Leah. 

“Just spit it out.” You grinned, cherishing Paul’s pattern on your hand.

“They want to see your ability.” Claire, Quill’s imprint, voiced everyone’s thoughts. All eyes seem to fall on you as you let out a chuckle.

“Sure.” You said softly, opening your hands. Slowly red streams started to drift from her hand, earning gasps in surprise. They seemed to dance around the group, twisting around the flame, wafting past people. 

Paul. Paul’s eyes seemed to soften and watched as their was a twinkle in your eyes and your face seemed to glow. He tried to contain his thought, but goddamn he loved you so much that he wanted to grab you. Leaning forward he put a piece of y/h/c strand and putting it behind your ear. He whispered low enough for only you too hear. “I love you so much Y/n.” As soon as those words tickled your ear, the red streams started to grow bigger and longer. Wrapping around the flames. 

You turned to look at Paul, most of the streams hovering near him. “I love you too.” She pressed a kiss to his lips and that seemed to last forever, which they both were content with.

All the while the moment was going on, everyone was watching. Watching how the streams started to hover around him and only him.

Take a Leap (Jake x MC)

Title - Take a Leap (Jake X MC)
Request - Prompt 72 and “ A MC/Jake fic where he gives her his dogtags? I saw someone write a fic on it, and would like to see your take. ” - Anon
Prompt - “Just smile. I really need you to smile right now.”
Pairing - Jake X MC
Warnings: PG. (Slight violence.) 
Word Count - 1840 (Okay, so this is a long one- and I feel evil for it. But I also really enjoyed writing it…)

Shout out to @choicesimaginesandmore and @ladysansaa who I believe were the talented souls mentioned by anon! Also to @visualnovel-lover who came up with the original prompt! I really hope you all enjoy my take!

You’re running through the Celestial, making your way to the roof. Slowly, the Watchers following you fall behind, turned around in the endless twisting and turning corridors. Craig and Sean lead the way, while you keep pace with Michelle directly behind them. The others follow closely- Jake and Estella choosing to stay at the very back of the group. You sprint around a corner…And stop suddenly. Craig and Sean stand still in front of you, arms out to stop you from running on. Behind you, you hear the others stop, and Lila lets out a gasp.

Three Watchers stand in front of you, halfway down the hall. One wears an elephant mask, the other wears one of jade. The third Watcher, and the tallest- is the one who broke through your window. The Golden eyed Leader. For a moment, nobody moves…. And then Jake steps forward, placing himself in between your group and the Watchers.

“Go.” He doesn’t shift his gaze, but you know he’s talking to you all. Sean steps forward, silently offering his assistance. Craig steps forward too- but Sean holds out a hand, halting him.

“Keep going- grab the chutes. We’ll catch up with you at the roof.” He orders Craig, who nods.

Aleister moves first, gently pulling Grace after him by the hand. Raj, Lila, Craig, Michelle and Quinn follow quickly- Diego hesitates before also following the others, scooping Furball up as he does. Estelle and Sean lag behind with you, moving so they block the corridor your friends have just gone down.

The Watchers stare at you, the Leader’s gold eyes moving slowly over each of you. You glare at him, stepping forward so you’re almost beside Jake, Sean and Estella staying a little back.

“Let us go.” Your voice is firm, and all three of the Watchers turn their heads to look at you.

You know as I do that cannot happen. We must take you.” His voice echoes in your head with such force that you gasp. Jake moves instantly, stepping protectively in front of you.

“Princess, go- Estella, Sean and I can handle the Smurfs.” He doesn’t look at you as he speaks, unwilling to look away from the Watchers. He’s tense, ready to fight the moment a Watcher moves.

Your mind flashes back to the last time the Pilot faced off with a Watcher… you can still clearly hear the sound of the glass as it pierced his skin, remember how his hand had felt so cold in yours…

The Jade masked Watcher darts towards you suddenly, leaping forward with inhumane speed! Jake is ready though and manages to block the first blow, immediately going on the defensive. The Leader moves next and Estella meets him halfway, blocking a roundhouse kick as she does. The Elephant Masked Watcher is close behind, but is thrown to the ground in a bone crunching tackle as Sean takes him down. You watch, your heart in your mouth as your friends fight- unsure of who to help. You hang back, ready to jump in.

Jake ducks another punch, and sends a swift jab towards the jade masked watcher’s head. The Watcher doesn’t move in time, and crumples to the ground, unmoving. As Estella grabs the Leader by his arm, Jake turns to help her. A sudden glint catches your eye, as the Watcher Jake just took down leaps up from the ground…

“No!” You jump forward, pushing Jake to the side as the Watcher swings his arm around….

You feel a sharp pain across your ribs, and you cry out in pain as you hit the ground. Your hand wraps around your ribs as you try to recover the breath that suddenly left your body. You hear Jake cuss, and something- someone- slams into the wall with great force, followed by another. A few seconds later, Jake is rolling you over- a look of pure panic in his eyes. Before he can speak though, Estella is beside him.

“Let’s move- while we have a chance!” The Pilot doesn’t hesitate, picking you up in a fireman’s carry. You can’t help but let out a moan of pain as he does, and you hear him apologise softly as he starts to run after the others.

You reach the roof, Sean throwing the door open with force. The others are there, waiting. Estella slams the door behind you as Jake sets you down on the closest deck chair, pushing your hand away from your wound. You know it’s deep, and you can feel the blood coating your skin.

His jaw set as he sees it, and he looks up at you.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” His voice is firm, but you can hear the hint of a tremble. He grabs a cushion from the chair, yanking off the cover. “You could have been killed.”

“If I hadn’t, you would have been killed.” You counter, hissing as he presses the now balled up cover against the wound.

“Better me than you.” He answers, and you feel your stomach twist. You put a hand on his arm, and his eyes meet yours.

“I can’t lose you too.” He sighs.

Before you can reply, Michelle appears beside you. She looks worried, and Jake moves away so she can examine you. After just a few seconds, she pulls a bandage out of her pocket, and starts to tightly bind your wound.

“Once we’re safe, I’ll take care of it properly.” She tells you. You nod in reply, hissing at the pressure, before looking around. Everyone else is now gathered in a huddle, seemingly having a heated discussion. You’re a little way away, and can’t make out the words- but suddenly they break apart, apparently coming to a decision.  As Michelle heads over to talk to Sean and Craig Diego moves to sit beside you, throwing an arm around your shoulders. You lean into him as you watch the others- Grace and Aleister are marking out a starting point a little from the roof edge, while Raj double checks the equipment. Estella scoops Furball up, tucking him in the front of her hoodie and zipping it up, as IRIS zooms around the roof, taking in details.

“I estimate that we have two minutes remaining before the Watchers reach the roof. Another minute- perhaps one and a half before they succeed at removing the door from its hinge.” She informs Lila, who chooses not to reply.

“MC, if there was anyone I’d wish to be stranded on a deserted Island with, it’s you.” Diego sighs. “Actually, it’s the Rock- but you’re a close second.” He flashes you a grin, and you laugh slightly, ignoring the sharp pain across your ribs as you do.

“Right back at you.” You tell him. He opens his mouth to respond, when a loud bang on the door to the roof cuts him off, and you all go silent. You hear shouting from the other side of the door, and you look over at the others.

Nobody speaks, but everybody moves.

Craig picks up a chute and pulls it on, silently volunteering to jump first. Diego doesn’t speak as he stands, moving to the pile of parachutes. He starts handing them out. He doesn’t look at you as he hands one to you, but moves to pass another over to Estella.

You slowly stand as first Craig, then Raj make the first jumps. A pair of hands suddenly take your chute, and you realise Jake is beside you again. He helps you to strap your chute on, before turning you around. There’s an odd look in his eyes, but there’s no time to question it. Without warning, he leans in and presses his lips to yours, one hand on your waist. He kisses you deeply, and you place your hand on his chest. You can feel his heart racing as he moves so his forehead rests on yours.

“Hey, Princess- Do me a favour?” He asks quietly. You pull away slightly so you can look into his eyes.

“Just smile, Princess. I need to see you smile.” It’s a strange request, and it makes you feel nervous. Even so, you force yourself to smile.

“I’ll always smile for you.” You respond, and he smirks slightly, his hand running through your hair.

“I’ll see you on the ground?” You ask. He doesn’t respond, but his hands move suddenly, and you feel him slip something over your head. You look down, and realise he’s no longer wearing his dogtags. Your hand moves up to feel the cool metal, resting against your chest. You look up, eyes wide.

“Jake, what-“

“Go.” He cuts you off, leaning forward for one more kiss… “I’ll be right behind you.” He pushes you forward, gently but firmly. You glance back at him, but don’t argue.

Once Michelle is clear, you take a deep breath, running towards the roof edge. You jump and for a minute, you’re free falling. Then the wind catches the chute and you jolt, before feeling your fall slow.

As your feet hit the ground Sean runs over to you, helping you out of the chute.

“Come on, we’ve gotta go!” Michelle hisses, glancing around. The others are already heading deeper into the trees. Sean starts to pull you towards them, but you resist.

“Wait! Diego and Jake-“

“M/C, they’re not coming.”

Michelle’s voice is soft, and you feel your heart stop for a second.


“We were two chutes short- Diego and Jake volunteered to stay behind.”

You look back up at the roof. You can just hear the sound of shouting, and you think you can see both Diego and Jake moving as several of the Watchers pour onto the roof, torches high. You can hear shouting, a crash…and then a muffled scream.

Your mind flashes back, and you remember Diego thanking you for your friendship. You remember the look in Jake’s eyes before he kissed you once more…

It hits you that these may be your final memories of them.

“No…” Arms wrap around you as you collapse, and a hand covers your mouth as you cry out. You think you hear someone say your name, but all you can think of is Jake’s touch, Diego’s laughter…

You let out a sob, and you feel the wound across your ribs beginning to throb.

Carry her!” Someone says, and you feel the arms around you shift. You’re lifted up, and you suddenly realise you’re in Sean’s arms….But you don’t care. You feel tears roll down your face, and you turn to bury your face in the Quarterback’s chest. You hear him mumble an apology as he runs. You hear the trees moving around you, the crunch of dirt under Sean’s feet….

As you start to black out, your hand move to clutch at the dogtags around your neck. Sound and light starts to fade, and the last thing you hear is a voice in your head….

I’m sorry. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.

(You can’t help but agree.)

“Who-who knew dressing in a-a nice suit was all it took to let riffraff like you into a high class party like this, eh Pines?” 

“Heh, says the man who used my nieces’ craft scissors to turn his lab coat into a tailcoat last minute, and is drinking Zarkonian champagne from a red plastic cup.” 

“Hey! A-all-all have you know this cup is wor-worth at least five grapples.”

Road Trip AU Masterpost

We’ve been getting many requests for Road Trip AUs lately, so we decided to create one large master post instead - Enjoy!

  • Everybody is heading home for the holidays, but Character A is not in the mood to see their family. Hitting up their friend, Character B, the two of them pack up their bags and begin the road trip back to Character B’s home. Character A doesn’t know it, but Character B has a secret crush on Character A, and Character B sees this trip as the chance to finally make their move.
  • Character A has never lived in an area where they see the trees change colors, so Character B deems that the two of them should take a road trip to the North and see the trees change colors. Cue lots of bad car karaoke, too much coffee, and Character A absolutely losing their mind over the gorgeous reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall leaves.
  • “Give me a few minutes to just catch my breath–NO, no don’t come over here! Also, for the record, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone drive 79 in a 35 mph zone. Who taught you how to drive? Vin Diesel?!” AU
  • Characters A, B, C, D, & E have never really had an old fashioned Christmas, so they decide to drive up North together to rent out a cabin, cut down their own tree, have a Yule log, the whole shebang. 
  • As a traveling salesperson, Character A never really stays in one place too long, but after a few mishaps and hiccups in their journey, they end up gaining a travel companion (Character B) for a few states on the way.
  • Given that neither Character A, B, C, or D know anything about repairing car engines, they are left on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere to wait for someone, ANYONE, to drive by and save them from the desolate wasteland they like to call “nature.”
  • In order to have a memorable summer vacation, Character A is using their parent(s)’ RV and is taking a road trip across the country to see their favorite band perform at a music concert. Dragging along their friends – Characters B, C, and D – the four of them start the long trip. Hilarious shenanigans ensue, featuring Character A trying to fight a wild animal, Character C keeping everybody awake with their snores, and Character D finding an unexpected romance.
  • After the apocalypse started, no one was safe. The skies were red, the rain burned like fire, and millions died. After the apocalypse, though…that’s a different story. Those who didn’t die saw themselves as the survivors of the end of the world. Someone with a radio found a way to send out a continuous signal calling everyone to the same location to celebrate the beginning of a new era, and with the airports ‘out of service,’ thousands of different vehicles and groups of friends find themselves on the road to join the largest collective road trip the world has ever seen.
  • Character A is on the run from a past that they can’t leave behind, and Character B is a hitchhiker that’s working their way to an unknown destination. When Character A offers Character B a ride, the two of them end up opening up to the other while they pass through town after town.
  • On an annual road trip in Europe, Characters A & B pass through a quaint town they hadn’t heard of and decide to take a look around before looking for a room to stay for the night. Not before long, however, they find that they’ve somehow travelled back in time, and now are on trial for witchcraft.
  • After flipping through the radio stations in their car for a bit, Character A decides that there really isn’t very much to listen to until they hear something through the static that sounds a bit like…screaming. They stop the car right away and turn up the volume only to hear the calls for help grow louder and louder until they stop altogether. Silence fills the car until a voice whispers through the speakers: “…I know you’re listening.” Character A flips the car into gear and drives as quickly as they possible can, ending the road trip immediately and flying back home. Years later, however, they question whether or not they really found something or if they had just completely lost it. Determined to find the truth, they recruit Characters B & C to travel back to that road to find that voice and its origin.
  • Crappy Motel AU in which a group of friends travel the country for the sole purpose of finding the worst motels in the country and blogging/vlogging about it.
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Peter Parker x Reader)

Characters/Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: slight angst

Words count: 2244

(A/N): Hello! This piece here is my very first bit of fanfiction written in english and published here, on tumblr, so… I’m nervous. But I hope someone will like it. It’s reader insert, sort of, but in 3rd person, written in the middle of the night and finished the next day, becouse I just had to get it all out in some way and this idea just seemed perfect. I may write another part, maybe even a small series, who knows? For any mistakes I sincerely apologize, English’s not my native language, but I tried my best - let me know, if you have any tips to how I can improve more. For now - enjoy!

Tag: @saveatruckrideoptimusprime


That was it. She had enough. Busting through doors leading on the roof, (y/n) could barely see, her vision blurry from tears. They threatened to fall for the whole day, but she had to make it through, she had to sit in the class with clenched teeth and trembling hands, feeling like her chest was about to burst. It was terrible, at least, and when she finally made it to her building, she went straight for the roof. To her little hiding spot.

Wind blew in her face the moment she closed the door behind her, whipping long curls in her face, but she ignored it. Blinking away the tears, with few long strides (y/n) reached the edge of the roof and climbed on it, sitting cross-legged on hard concrete. A small fear of falling squeezed her chest, but it was nothing compared to feelings crushing her insides. Pain. Loss. Sorrow. Longing. She was pushing them to the back of her mind so long, that when they finally busted free, she couldn’t handle it.

Shaky, broken sob left (y/n) lips, as her body trembled with so much sadness and longing everyone would fall from. She bit at her lower lip in attempt to silence herself a little but it was futile. Hugging herself tightly, she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to listen to wind and never ending sounds of New York. Only then (y/n) was finally able to hear something rustling beside her, like feet on the floor.

For a second breath cached in her throat, but before she could lift her eyes, she heard a curious voice.

“You’re not gonna jump, are you?”

Startled, she did jump a little in her spot, clawing with fingers at her heart and whipping head to the source of soft voice, only to freeze at the sight of one and only Spider-Man himself. In his blue and red costume, tall and lean, and totally unexpected.

“Hi” he greeted, crouched beside her, in reasonable distance. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you” he sounded sheepish, a little shy even.

(Y/n) couldn’t really answer, still trying to catch her breath. And, to be honest, didn’t believe she was really seeing him.

“Mind if I sit here? No? Great!” Spider-Man sat a little bit closer, like in arms reach, and looked at (y/n), slightly inclining his head. “Oh, by the way, I’m Spider-Man” he said, pointing at himself.

“Yeah, I figured…” she sounded so hoarse, she had to couch a little to clear her throat and be able to continue. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be off… fighting crime or this sort of thing?” (Y/n) rambled, voice still a little trembling, but this at least for a second took her mind somewhere else.

“City’s fine at the moment, I don’t see any crime over here, do you?” he asked, half jokingly, looking around as if searching, but before she could answer, Spidey continued. “And when I saw you, I thought ‘Hey, such a beautiful girl sitting alone on the edge of a building? Something’s not right!’ So I figured it’s important and here I’m! Your boyfriend’s not coming, right?” He added the last part as a joke, way to make her relax, but it couldn’t work. She laughed bitterly, shaking her head.

“Oh, he’s definitely not” she said with venom, frown upon her face. “And I hope he won’t. Ever.”

Spider-Man was now looking at her with what seemed like new intensity and emotion, but she couldn’t really tell with the suit and all. And she really didn’t want to look at him now, feeling new tears rising in her eyes, so instead settled on the beautiful view of New York. Always moving, always full of voices and life, it seemed unaffected by the sorrow of one fragile girl, making her feel this much more insignificant, but – surprisingly – also soothed her a little. Like nothing could reach (y/n) here, even the cruel world beneath.  

“You want me to web him to the wall or something?” the superhero offered, drawing a little laugh from her.

(Y/n) sniffed lightly, pulling few strands of hair behind her ear and simultaneously wiping away the already dried off trails of tears. She felt heat rising to her cheeks and didn’t really know what caused it – the presence of Spider-Man, his words or the way he seemed to look at here. Even with the mask on, he was impressingly expressive.

Remembering his question, she shook her head a little.

“No, thanks, it could harm your reputation” (y/n) answered, sending him a small smile, which seemed to immediately brighten his mood.

“Don’t worry about it, I would make sure everyone would know that he hurt a wonderful girl and deserved a lesson” he assured her, making a deliberate gesture with his glowed hand and successfully drawing another smile from her. But this one was a lot sadder than the previous one and he was instantly alarmed. “Hey, why the sad face? Sorry, if I said anything impropriate…”

Again (y/n) only shook her head, this one little smile also turning somehow bitter.

“Maybe I deserved that” she said, her voice so quiet that if not for his enhanced senses, he probably wouldn’t even hear it.”Maybe I wasn’t good enough, maybe I was too much or, or…”

Her voice started quivering again, her petite frame trembling. Tears began to shine in (e/c) eyes and threatened to spill any moment, but before she could utter another word, Peter sprung from his place.

“Hey, shush, stop it” he urged, gently grabbing (y/n) chin and turning to him. He felt his heart falter for a moment at the sight of this beautiful, shining eyes and flushed face. “Why would you think that?” the question fell from his lips before he could stop himself.

(Y/n) shrugged only, not saying a word. She seemed like she tried really hard to stay strong, to not let her tears fall and calm down, but when he decided to softly stroked her jaw, it suddenly snapped, letting all the emotion, hurt and shattered bits of her heart pour free into broken words.

“I don’t know, I-I r-really don’t…” she whined, shuddering violently. “And y-you know what’s the w-worst? It was so-o good, a-at the beginnig, l-like we were perf-fect together. But then…” (y/n) shook her head once more. She bit at lower lip, trying to calm herself just a little, and hugged her knees to her chest. Peter inched closer while she talked, sitting with his back to the city and bringing his other hand to rest on hers. “I don’t know what happened, it all fell apart… He broke up, saying he don’t love me anymore” at that, bitter, humorless laugh broke from her lips, “and now I have to see him everyday in class, all happy with his friends, when I… It’s been months, you know, months since that day, I should be fine at his point, like him. Everyone think I am, but… but I’m not. I didn’t really have anyone else, my friends moved away a year ago. I’m alone and I miss…” She shuddered and lowered her head, falling completely silent, like she couldn’t finish this thought.

“Him?” he suggested, though a strange felling was telling him it wasn’t the case. And the sudden jerk of her head confirmed that.

“No, not him” (y/n) answered, nipping with fingers at the edge of her black sweater. She buried her face in her arms, looking at the horizon. “I miss… being in relationship, I guess” she added, (e/c) eyes turning to look at him with such sadness and longing shinning in them as brightly as stars on the clear, night sky, he felt breath catching in his throat. “The feeling, you know? That I’m important for someone, the confidence that I have someone out there, the hugs, kisses, dates… I miss it…”

The truth was – she was starved for affection. For physical contact, for the deep, meaningful connection with someone, for love – both giving and receiving. For another being as in love with her as she in them. She craved that more than anything and it was eating her up, gnawing at her mind, clawing at her heart, to the point where she could only break down and cry, only in tears finding a little release. It was exhausting. But so was her everyday from the one where it all began to crumble.

All the while Peter was looking at (y/n) as if he has seen her for the first time and simultaneously known her more than any other girl ever. He knew who she was, of course, they were in the same school. He remembered now how in few days she seemed to suddenly disappear, going from constantly being in a circle of boys with her boyfriend to sitting alone in the back of the class or trying to merge into the wall, so no one would see her.  But Peter saw her. She was smart, very intelligent – easily one of the best students among him and others – really pretty and quite… different. Her alternative look wasn’t helping her, she stood out from the crowd, wasn’t really socializing, as if she didn’t care about it, and seemed really tough. But now – now he saw how fragile, delicate and sensitive she was under that exterior – and it awakened a feeling in his heart he wasn’t expecting.

Standing from his position, he jumped down from the ledge onto the hard concrete of the roof and tapped lightly on her shoulder. When she looked at him quizzically, Peter scratched his neck a little nervously.

“I thought… I could happily hug you, you know? But first you need to get down from there, I’m not risking you falling” he said, trying to sound stern at the end, but obviously failing as she smiled lightly, pink blooming on her cheeks.

“You would catch me, wouldn’t you?” (y/n) said, jumping from the ledge to stand beside him.

“Well, yeah, of course, but I would gladly avoid it altogether” Peter replied lightly and spread his arms to (y/n).”C’here.”

She made one small step before stopping and looking at him strangely, as if she tried to mask her shyness.

“Do I have your word you won’t kidnap me or something?”

“Whaaaat?” He looked at her with disbelief, but quickly caught on the joke and feigned hurt, making theatrical gesture of putting hand over his heart. ”How could you think so low about me? I’m a superhero! Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man no less! Or am I not?” he waggled his eyebrows, fairly sure it won’t show through the mask, but it seemed that it brightened (y/n) mood either way, as she smiled and took one last step towards him.

“Okey” she replied softly, almost in sing-song voice, and finally pressed her body to him tightly, hugging him like her life depended on it. (Y/n) intertwined her arms behind his back as she buried her face in Peters chest. At that moment he could swear his heart skipped a beat.

Small, content sigh left his lips, as he returned the hug, pulling her even closer. Encircling her shoulders with his arms, Peter started to draw soothing circles on her lover back and gently stroked her long curls, resting his chin on (y/n)’s head. It felt good. Right. Like it was exactly the place he should’ve been in, pressed against her, caressing her delicate frame, holding close to his chest. And when quiet, almost happy sigh left her lips, his heart stopped for a second.

“Better?” he asked after awhile, his voice barely above whisper. (Y/n) nodded, her face still on his chest, arms a little tighter around his waist. Peter smiled behind his mask, but then – oh, of course in that moment – police sirens suddenly cut through air, caching their attention. He almost cursed.

(Y/n) sighed a little heavier this time, as she loosened her arms and brought back her head.

“It’s time for you, isn’t it?” she guessed, looking up at him.

“Yeah, duty calls” he confirmed, though he didn’t want to withdraw his hands just jet, lowering them to her hands.

“Superheroe’s life, right?” she joked, small sad undertone in it, but except that, she seemed in much better mood and there wasn’t even a trace of tears in her eyes like before. Peter knew he couldn’t leave it just like that.

“Yeah, but you know what? I’ll happily cuddle with you anytime you want, really, it’ll be my pleasure” he said quickly, at the same time jumping on the ledge and looking at her one last time before he had to go.

“Okey” she replied happily, wrapping her arms around herself. “Tomorrow, maybe? If you want, of course, it could be next week too or…”

“Tomorrow” he interrupted before she could back away from the idea entirely. “See you very soon, beautiful!” he shouted as he jumped from the edge and quickly shoot web to the other building, almost effortlessly swinging between them. He turned his head just once to see the awe clear on her face as she watched him go, and then he wanted to facepalm himself for his stupidity. Of course he didn’t ask for her name. And what she will think about him now?

“Congrats, Peter, you are clearly a genius.”

Sighing heavily, he swinged one last time and landed smoothly at the actual crime scene. He would ask tomorrow.

Yeah, tomorrow sounded great.  

“What A Catch,Donnie”

Pairing: Pregnant!Reader x Daddy!Draco

WARNINGS: low self-esteemed,hormonal,pregnant reader. Mentions of depression. 

A/N- You’re pregnant again with a girl. This is a long one-shot.

You lie awake in your’s and Draco’s shamrock green, Queen-sized bed. Tears prick your eyes and your throat begins to swell. You stroke the large bump on your stomach softly while Draco’s large hands rub soothing circles into your hip and caress the bump. Resting your head on Draco’s chest, you let his steady heartbeat calm your thoughts. 

(y/n), love?” Draco asks quietly. “Please tell me why you’ve been distant lately. I’m here for you, sweetheart. I hate seeing you like this. Please.” he begs.

You suck in a shaky breath. Trying fruitlessly to hold in the tears. It ruins you bottling up all your feelings. One thick, hot tear leaves your eye and soaks into Draco’s black t-shirt. Your hands begin to shake uncontrollably and a strangled sob escapes your lips. “You can cry, sweetheart.” Draco says softly before kissing your temple.

You let it out. All the stress and self-doubt you’ve been trapping, you let escape.  Countless tears cascade down your cheeks and you fist Draco’s shirt tightly.  “It’s ok baby. I’m here.” Draco coos, and holds your fisted hands in his. Draco presses gentle kisses on your cheeks and gently runs his fingers through your (h/c) hair. 

“I c-can’t Draco.” you sob. You try to quieten; not wanting to wake up Scorpius who’s asleep in the next room. 

“Tell me what’s wrong, love.” he whispers softly.

“I’m not good enough, Draco.” you whisper. Your voice has levelled out, yet the waterfall of tears refuse to seize. “I’ll never be good enough.”

“What makes you think that, darling? To me and Scorpius you’re perfect. You saved me. I wouldn’t be here without you. You’re so kind. So beautiful, loving, caring, smart, strong, PERFECT. Don’t ever think otherwise.” he says staring into your (e/c) eyes the whole time. Sincerity and honesty reflecting in his cobalt eyes.

You sit in silence watching him. The love you feel for your family makes your heart warm. “I-I don’t want our daughter to be anything like me. What if she becomes like me? I won’t know what to do, Draco.” you confess. Your lip trembling.

“If our daughter was anything like you I would be the proudest father alive. Hell, I already am. I pray everyday that our children will become more like you. You are so important to us and our daughter will feel the exact same.” he says resting his forehead against yours.

“And…Scorpius loves and cares for you so much more.” you mutter quietly. Draco laughs softly in reply.

“You don’t think he loves you as much he does me? He’s been doing nothing but trying to ‘be a grown up’ to help look after you and get your attention these past few weeks. It’s hard on both of us to see you like this, love. We want to help you.”

You didn’t realise it. You’ve been so isolated and trapped in your thoughts that you didn’t acknowledge the important things around you. You wrap your arms around Draco’s neck and pull him into a hug where you cry into his shoulder. You hate yourself so much for abandoning them like that. Draco rubs up and down your back; while muttering sweet things into your ear. You pull back only to capture his lips in yours. 

The sound of the door creaking open causes you and Draco to break apart. You look towards the door to see a thouroughly dishevelled looking Scorpius. Rubbing his eyes tiredly and yawning adorably. “Mummy?” he says sleepily. “Are you ok….? Is-is baby ok?!” he says suddenly wide awake. You watch in shock as his little figure runs towards your side of the bed.

Scorpius stares at you wide-eyed and concerned. His bed hair sticking up in all directions like a crown. You turn towards Draco too see him grinning proudly at him.

 “I-I~” you’re speechless. 

Scorpius’ tiny body makes a few attempts at climbing on the bed but is unable to reach. You’re about to reach for him but stop after you see him look away. His bottom lip trembling. “S-Scorp…?” you ask uncertainly. 

“I won’t be able to look after you and sis, Mummy.” he mumbles, on the verge of tears. “I-i’m not big enough.” you feel your heart break. You feel so crap about yourself for ignoring him this whole time. 

You reach over the bed and lift him and lay him in between you and Draco. Grabbing his small frame, you hug Scorpius as closely as your seven month bump will allow. Carefully and slowly he wraps his arms around your middle and hugs you back. You’re in tears again. They run down your nose and cheeks. Looking up through your tears you see Draco’s handsome face holding a soft smile. You’re feeling so unbelievably loved and there’s such a fulfilling love for your family that you feel in your heart. Which previously felt so heavy with, guilt and self-doubt but is now filled with the light expanses of love and care for all of them.

“D-did I hurt you?! I’m sorry Mummy! I didn’t mean it!” Scorpius exclaims. Shuffling back into Draco once he sees the tears on your face. A look of pure horror resting on his pale face.

“No, baby, no. I’m just happy, is all. I love you so much Scorp. I’m so proud of you.” you say cupping his cheek softly.

He smiles proudly. Looking to Draco in delight. Draco ruffles Scorpius’ soft blonde hair. The exact same as his own.

“Can I sleep with you and daddy, mummy? I miss you.” Scorpius pouts softly. A tired yawn leaving his lips and causing his eyes to water. 

“Of course, darling. I’ve missed you too sweetheart.” you say while brushing the hair out of his face.

You move him again so he’s on the left of you and you’re next to Draco again. Draco kisses your lips and grins widely at you. Which you return whole heartedly.

Turning around you cuddle Scorpius’ small body. Planting a soft kiss onto his cheek. Watching as his eyes droop slowly. You feel Draco’s gentle and tentative arms wrap around you. He snuggles into your back. Resting his chin on your shoulder. One of Draco’s arms rests on Scorpius’ hip. 

Glancing back at him, your (e/c) eyes meet his icy blue ones. A happy smile rests on both your faces. “I told you.” he mumbles smugly. 

“Hm.” your smile drops slowly. Remembering the reason for not noticing in the first place. 

Self hate has always been something you’ve had a problem with. You can’t remember when it started or when you realised it but it’s always been there. You called them your ‘demons’ as a teenager. They were there for you when honestly, no one else was. Almost like the arms that catch you when you fall. Only to let you go. To laugh and taunt, trap you under their feet, as you try so hard to get yourself up off the ground without any motivation to do so. Along with all the other people in your life who hurt you. But then he saved you. Draco beared and kept away your demons as you did his. Protected each other from others yes, but also ourselves. 

(Y/N), love. Are you ok?“ Draco asks softly while kissing your cheek. His vunerable, cobalt irises reflect his perpetual love for you like a mirror.

“I love you. I love you all so much. I’m sorry for being the way I am.” you mutter quietly. Your tears are thick raindrops in a torrential storm; leaking from the blustery heavens which are your tear ducts and soaking the parched Earth that is your pillow. 

“We love you FOR being you. Never think otherwise. We’ll always be here for you.” Draco states candidly.

“I know.” you mumble. 

“Do you want anything? I could make you some warm milk with cinnamon if you’d like?” Draco asks, lifting up the covers.

“I want milk!” Scorpius suddenly wide-awake. Turning around with a hopeful smile and gleaming eyes like sun rays illuminating diamonds. Love filled laughs erupt from both you and Draco.

“That would be nice.” you say tiredly. Tickling Scorpius’ stomach evily. The sweet sounds of his giggles resonate around the room.

“Ok then love. Rest, you’ve had a long day. Come on then Scorp.” Draco says cordially. Sauntering around the perimeter of the large bed and scooping up Scopius’ awaiting body; arms outstretched and giggling like children shown a surreal magic trick. 

Giving you a quick peck on the lips, Draco takes Scorpius to the kitchen where you hear frustrated sounds and loud whines emitting from. With a chuckle and a  knowing shake of your head, you carefully crawl out of the luxurious warmth of the bed and down the icy, marble stairs.

Shoulder resting on the jutted door frame, you silently observe the events. Draco furiously stirring the curdling milk while Scorpius obviously took it upon himself to latch onto his leg. Shaking with laughter at the sight you awkwardly stumble, due to the bump, towards the counter. 

“Need any help?” you ask cheekily, watching as they both whirl around and stare at you.

“What’re you doing down here, love? And not at all. Everything’s under control.”

“I can see.” you chuckle softly. 

“Come here Scorp. Let’s go upstairs.” you say. Taking his small hand and leading him up the stairs.

Just as you’re both tucked in Draco comes in with three floating mugs of steaming milk. 

You grab yours gratefully and soake up the new source of heat while helping Scorp drink his. Draco places the empty mugs to the side while you wrap an arm around Scorpius’ body and pull him into your side and snuggle into Draco’s welcoming chest. 

Wriggling into your previous position, you let Draco’s muscular arms encase you. Experiencing the gentle feeling of protection from him. Delicately you run your fingers through Scorpius’ hair as a soothing method.

Draco’s breaths even out and Scorpius begins to drool slightly. Their peaceful, sleeping forms are the bare trees in Winter. Vunerable, stoic and silent like the deathly appearance they take when sleeping. Only the rise and fall of their chests keeping you sane.

Closing your sore eyes, you try and clear your exposed mind. With the presence of the people you love next to you, you fall into a dreamless sleep.

And as the song goes: “I’ve got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match. What a catch, what a catch.” 

I wrote this a while ago for someone close to me…It was just floating in my drafts so I decided to post it. 

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Raging Saints

Note: The original image doesn’t belong to me.

Pairing: Shay Cormac & Reader

Warning: NSFW-ish? there are mentions of it sooooo and… well, you’ll see as you read ♥

Words: Didn’t count, sorry, but it’s not too much. Doesn’t even reach 3K, I bet.


If you wish to be tagged on future fics (or not in all, but on specific ones), tell me! ♥

A long version might come soon!

Second Note: Sorry for possible mistakes.

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anonymous asked:

This angst thing with UT/UF/US/SF bros: SO take a hit in place of their bonefriend's brother, during a difficult fight (maybe in the middle of a genocide run). They sacrifice themselves for his brother, and they say, before dying, that they are less important than him and they have been honored to die for him, (they know how much the bros care for each other). And now?

Took a while, but this was such an interesting ask c: 


++ Sans ++

Classic freezes seeing you get stabbed, everything else blurring out in his vision. He can notice Papyrus stumbling backward in shock, the attacker with their head tilted down, and the snow continues to fall over all of your heads, but everything else is immobile. The attacker just leaves, since Papyrus catches you before you fall, and Classic runs up to you, tears already in his sockets. Both of them begin to cry as you say it was an honor to protect him, and you love them both. You manage to gently kiss Classic’s hand right before you die, and he feels your grip on his go limp, your eyes closing and your pulse halting. He can’t believe you just did that. He’s so grateful that you did, but dear god, you’re gone now, and what is he supposed to do without you? You meant so much to him, you were so important and Classic loved every little bit of you, but he can’t love that anymore, because every little bit of you left. Both of them are so honored to have been close with you, and Classic truly does struggle without you, but Papyrus helps him cope with it. Together, the two of them are able to quickly stop the attacker enough to make them quit the genocide altogether. You really did save the Underground by sacrificing yourself for his brother.

++ Papyrus ++

Pappy sees you take a fatal blow, and watches you crumble to the ground, already noticing the lifeless position you lay in. Sans can barely even comprehend what happened. Pappy, unsure of what to do first, slowly beginning to understand the heaviness of the situation, just goes and hugs his brother tight, thankful that he is okay, but then he slowly kneels down next to you. To anyone’s surprise, Pappy doesn’t cry too much. He barely cries at all, actually, no matter how much it really hurts to see you, your skin already becoming pale from more than just the cold. Pappy uses this to be able to motivate himself to really get into the Royal Guard, and even if the two of them can’t stop the attacker first thing, by the next reset, when you fall back down and get close to the skelebros, they warn you about what might happen. They’re ready for the next time someone tries to mess with ANY of you.


++ Sans ++

Red watches you get hit, and oh stars, he’s already running to you. He’s already hurrying and he catches you before you fall over, and slowly lowers you to the ground, resting your head on his lap. Papyrus, shocked but able to recollect quickly, continues to fight the attacker with more strategy and care. He knows he can’t mess this up again, and he lets Red deal with you. Red is freaking out, already crying, trying to heal you, but you slowly put a hand on his and tell him to stop. You pull him down to kiss him one last time, and tell him that maybe this isn’t the last time you’ll see him - he just has to promise you to hang on. You make him promise to never give up, even if it means he has to live on without you, and reluctantly, he does. You die in his arms, and he’s balling his eyelights out by the time Papyrus finishes off the attacker. Your death manages to bring the two of them much closer than they recently were, and they both still care about you so much, even if you’re gone. Red struggles a lot without you, but Papyrus helps as much as he can. Red will always love you, no matter what else will ever happen.

++ Papyrus ++

Fell sees you get hit, and honestly doesn’t know what to think right off the bat. He loves you so much, he’s never loved anyone else the way he loves you, yet now you just died. He isn’t sure if your or Sans should’ve died, and is so glad that his brother is okay, but still doesn’t know how to cope. He doesn’t have much time to process it because the first thing he does is brutally murder the attacker, and they reset back to the beginning. You’re alive and well, and you ask Fell what’s wrong, but he’d rather not tell you. He wants to fix his own mistakes.


++ Sans ++

Blue had been so nervous during the fight to begin with, so every time that the attacker ever got close to either of you, his soul pounded with anxiety. But the swift attack happened so fast, he didn’t even notice you were hurt at first. His brother gets shoved to the side, his sockets wide and can’t rebound fast enough to save you. You fall down and the snow around your front begins to turn red, and both of the skelebros freak out, both of them now kneeling next to you, the attacker walking away. Blue scoops you up in his arms and hugs you close to him, bright blue tears falling onto your arm, and you can’t help but softly smile. You tell them both in a weak voice that it was worth it. You want the two of them to be together no matter what, and you’re honored to die for Papyrus. Hearing that, not only is Papyrus shocked out of his mind, but Blue kisses you in the most loving way, thanking you yet apologizing over and over. The two of them bury you after you die, and will always remember and love you. Blue will always respect you, and he isn’t disappointed to call you his s/o, even after you’re dead.

++ Papyrus ++

Honey slows down and halts as the attacker stabs you. He watches you go pale and fall to your knees, hugging yourself, and then trying to deal with the pain. Sans has also been knocked to the ground behind you, little tears in his sockets, watching you in pure shock. Honey begins to feel a huge wave of emotions, and he doesn’t know how he should act. Oh stars, thank god that Blue is okay, but what about you? He loves you so much, he can’t stand living in a world without you, so what is he supposed to do now that you’re probably going to die? He tells his brother in a very serious tone to try and heal you as he fights with everything he’s got, and actually kills the attacker. They reset, but not far, and Honey tries to warn them about what will happen. The fight keeps ending with you dying and Honey taking more and more time to try and fight off the attacker. It gets to the point where the attacker’s relentless determination finally gets them to become strong and skilled enough to withstand Honey’s attacks, and they kill him, too. At this point, Blue already lost your pulse, and seeing Honey go down snaps his soul in half. He was never a violent guy, and despite the death all around, he restrains from attacking, and tries to talk to them, but they quickly dust him and move on. All three of you go down, and the one who did it is happy you’re all finally out of the way.


++ Sans ++

Berry was always hard on Papyrus because of his strength, and he always wanted his brother to be stronger. Seeing you get hit fatally just amps up his point even more. After losing you, especially after hearing that you were honored to die for Rus, Berry becomes much more toxic toward his brother. Their relationship falls apart and both of them become isolated, even from each other, and until the next reset, until Berry forgets everything and you’re alive and unharmed, Berry and Rus live with ultimate tension and unease. It’s hard for Rus to be happy in following timelines, because he can’t stop blaming himself for your death(s).

++ Papyrus ++

Rus never thought that his brother could get caught off guard the way he did. He IS in the Royal Guard, and he is very dedicated, but the fact that the attacker got him into such a position shocked him. Seeing you take the hit rather than his brother sends him into first relief, but then immediate worry following that for a new purpose. Berry, just as surprised, gets up and forces himself to keep fighting as best he can, and Rus rushes over to you, cradling you in his arms after you fall down due to being weak from the blow. He whispers little praises to you and you whisper back, telling him you love him and asking him to hang on for as long as he possible can, informing him that you are happy that you got hurt rather than his brother. Rus leans in to kiss you and gently presses his teeth against your lips in your last breath, and he cradles you for a little longer. Berry takes care of the attacker and ends up killing them, but even then, they don’t reset for a long while, at least not far back enough to bring you back to them for what Rus thinks is forever. Eventually, though, you come back from a reset and he couldn’t be happier, and Berry is constantly thanking you without you even knowing why at first.

real talk guys chloe c. is my comic IDOL like go get a roomie and headless bliss are what i LIVE FOR i cant even begin to describe how much i love these comics and how ridiculously deep into them i am like i took a break a while back but now im catching up and falling in love all over again oh my god no words 

the artstyle is To Die For and the stories are lovely and just complex enough to be intriguing but not mind-boggling and the dialogue is snappy and fantastic and the CHARACTERS good god good GOD

i am in LOVE

A Matter of Cereal or Death

A/N: Thank you to the Anon who prompted me to write this, I hope I’ve done what you expected! P.S. The dream bit is the weirdest thing I have ever written…

Title: A Matter of Cereal or Death

Warnings: Gory nightmare descriptions, character death (but not…)

Description: Dan has a nightmare about Five Nights at Freddy’s in which Phil dies and believes it’s true when he wakes up home alone.

Word Count: 1795


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Before the Fall - Part 1

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Summary: Before he was known as the Joker, he was Jack. Just a normal man, who fell in love with his bosses daughter. After being caught, he’s thrown onto the path of madness and has no choice but to become the clown prince of crime.

A/N: I named him Jack because we don’t know what his actual name is so I’m just going along with what I’ve seen other people name him xD I hope you guys like this!

Pairings: Normal!Joker x Reader, Joker x Reader (later on)

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anonymous asked:

Protective Hidan headcanons c:

  • Hidan would always be showing the world that his partner belongs to him, whether this be an arm wrapped tightly around their waist or a not-very-subtle hickey left in a very visible place.
  • Hidan wouldn’t like it at all when his significant other talks to other men without him around. He would be worried that the other man simply wanted to catch them alone so that he could ask them out.
  • Hidan would love the feeling of his partner in his arms, especially in bed whilst falling asleep. It would give him the feeling that they are completely his, and that he is their protector. 
  • Hidan would make it explicitly clear that if anybody were to hurt his significant other in any way then they would become a sacrifice to Jashin within seconds.

-Admin Will


Notes: I wasn’t really sure if the person that requested this wanted full on smut or not, I shoulda asked when you first sent in the request. I apologize, though, if you did! I hope you still enjoy this though. :) Also, I wasn’t sure if the place where they made weapons was called a Forgery (bc that is the act of like signing a name that isn’t yours), then there is the Smithy, which is the one I used. I’ll have to check back in a few chapters of the Hobbit to see which one Tolkien used.

Anyways, enjoy. <3 :)

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Tainted Minds

this took so long to write but I really love it and it’s really long and angsty and fluffy but trust me I think it’s worth it! PS it’s a prompt someone sent me :3

Prompt: Phil has never known happiness. To end his misery, he goes to Big Ben, finds a way to the top and jumps. Dan sees Phil and somehow manages to catch him. They finally meet at the hospital and begin to fall in love. Dan must find a way to help this new man from hurting himself again. But he believes Phil doesn’t love him so he must try to keep their friendship unromantic, all the while Phil is trying to bring them as close as possible.

AN: I had to change it a little bit, but it’s still close to the prompt c: btw, thanks for sending it in and curing my writers block! 

word count: 6513 holy fuck

warnings: suicidal thoughts and actions, self harming, depression, mentions of rape, verbal, mental and physical abuse, cliche shit

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Sometimes I Wish

Y/N bolted up in bed, her mouth open in a silent scream, cold sweat dripping down her skin as her chest heaved.

The last clutches of her nightmare slithered away, but the icy feeling on her spine remained, and her body began to shake. She blinked quickly, clearing the blurriness away from her sight as tears began to cloud it.

Looking down at her hands, she forced herself to release the blanket she had gripped tightly, stretching her fingers slowly.

“It was just a dream.” She mumbled to herself, “No, just a nightmare. It wasn’t real.” But it had felt real. Too real.

Knowing she wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep, not with her heart still racing and her anxiety starting to pick up, Y/N threw the blankets off of her and swung her legs over the side of the bed.

Grabbing the hoodie hanging nearby, she pushed herself to her feet and made her way out of the bedroom, creeping down the stairs.

When she saw the kitchen light on, she paused, hesitating on whether or not to continue heading down.

“Just come down all the way, Y/N.” Jim’s voice reached her ears, and she jumped slightly, but listened and finished walking down the stairs.

“How’d you know it was me?” She asked, glancing over at her friend, and host for the night. He was standing near the counter, glass in hand.

“Because my wife was completely passed out when I came down. That, and she tends to make herself more well known when coming down the stairs.”

“I was trying to be quiet.”

“There’s one step that squeaks, unless you know where to step, people can hear you.”

“Ah.” She nods, fingers tapping against the work top.

“You going to tell me why you’re awake at…half two in the morning, or do I have to guess?” Jim raises an eyebrow at her, a kind smile on his face.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“Tanya kicked me in her sleep. Then I realized I was thirsty. So I came downstairs to get a drink. You’re turn.”


“Oh. Do you want to talk about it?”



But as Y/N stood there, the nightmare replaying in her mind, she could feel her heart racing again, and her vision blurred once again. It wasn’t until she felt the wetness drop onto her hand that she realized the tears had begun to fall, and a moment later, Jim had his arms around her, enveloping her in a tight hug.

Her hands wrapped around him, clutching on to his t-shirt as she cried.

“Let’s go sit.” Jim mumbled, shuffling them both into the living room.

Her crying subsided by the time they were sat on the couch, but her hands still shook, and her breath kept catching, she felt as if her control on the world was slipping.

“Y/N.” Jim spoke gently, a worried frown on his lips as he watched her. “Talk to me.”

“I c-can’t.” She shook her head.

“Yes, you can.”

“S-sometimes…sometimes I wish I was s-still with Joe. So he c-could help.”

With a small sigh, Jim reached out, placing a hand over hers, giving them a small squeeze when they continued to shake.

“I know it’s hard. I know you feel like there’s no one who can calm you like he could. I remember watching him help you through a panic attack once, and he just knew you so well. But one day, you will find someone else. Someone who is able to do that for you.”

“What if I don’t?”

He opened his mouth to reply, but when he looked her in the eyes, he knew there was nothing he could say. Not at that moment.

“Want me to call Joe?”

“No!” Y/N’s eyes widened as she stared over at Jim. “No.” She repeated, calmer. “I’m fine. I swear.”

“You’re still shaking.”

“Not nearly as bad.”

“I’m calling Joe.”

“No, Jim. Please. Don’t.” She shook her head. “I’m fine.”

“Then how about a movie?”

“You don’t have to stay up…”

“I’m not leaving you alone.” Jim told her, reaching for the remote to turn on the TV. “So what should we watch?”

An hour into the movie, he looked over at the woman on the couch beside him. She was curled up, breathing deeply, a calm look on her face. He smiled as he dragged a blanket towards himself, before tossing it onto her sleeping body.

Then he pulled out his phone, bringing up his contacts. Scrolling quickly, he clicked on Joe’s name and brought the phone to his ear, listening to the ringing as he turned the movie’s volume down.

“Jim?” Joe’s tired voice came through. “What are you doing calling me at this time of night?”


There was the sound of shuffling before Joe spoke again, sounding much more awake.

“What happened? Is she okay?”

“She had a nightmare.” Jim answered, glancing over at Y/N.


“I think you two need to talk, Joe. She’s not over you.”


“You’re not over her either. Don’t deny it. Why else would you be this concerned at nearly four in the morning?”

There was a sigh, and Jim smiled as his friend did nothing to deny his statement.

“How is she now?”

“Sleeping next to me on the couch. We watched a movie, I think it helped.”

“Yeah, tends to be a good distraction.” Joe mumbled. “Thanks. For, helping her.”

“Of course. Although I’m sure you would have done a much better job.”




“If you promise to talk to her tomorrow.”

“I’ll…I’ll reach out to her.”

“Good. Now, I’m going to sleep. I’m bloody exhausted.” Jim chuckled softly.

“I was sleeping, peacefully might I add.” Joe drawled, and Jim could hear the eye roll.

“Don’t be mad. You know you’re glad I called.”

“Yeah. Yeah I am.” Joe agreed.

“I’m sure I’ll see you tomorrow. Good night, Joseph.”

“Good night, Jim.”

And Jim was right.

The next day, Joe showed up at his place to talk to Y/N.