c: theoden

For your consideration:

Boromir would have been so proud of Rohan for showing up to help Minas Tirith.

Boromir, who spends the whole first book speaking out about his friends and allies the Rohirrim.

Boromir, who defies the rumor that the men of Rohan now pay a tribute of horses to Sauron.

Boromir, who advocates that they travel through the gap of Rohan because of the kindness he experienced there on his way to Rivendell, when even Aragorn suspects the Rohirrim of treachery.

Imagine for a moment how proud he would have been to see the forces of Rohan cresting that hill, to hear their horns blowing as they mounted the charge to save Minas Tirith.  A battle which, honestly, Theoden knew he might not return from.

Boromir would have been honored and proud to know that Theoden held his oaths to Gondor in such high regard.  That he was worried to think that Denethor might not expect his army to come to the aid of Gondor 

please just think about this for a moment and be sad and excited with me

  • You: How are you?
  • What I Say: I'm fine.
  • What I Mean: Because Théoden was essentially brought back to life on March 2 and died on March 13, he only had 11 days with his niece and nephew to try in vain to make up for literal years of pain and torment. Years of watching their uncle fade before them, after losing their father to battle and their mother to despair. Years of knowing their uncle was alive, but closed to them, unwilling (unable, but they didn’t know that) to guide and love them. And they finally get him back, and he DIES. They literally have 11 days of something that vaguely resembles happiness, but even then it’s clouded by fear and war. Éowyn gets 11 days of her uncle looking at her and knowing her face before his eyes close forever and he will never know her face again--not in this world, anyway.