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One-sided (maybe?) katsudeku anyone?

I have no excuses…my hand slipped. But like, their relationship is really interesting, and I think Kacchan has a lot of insecurities that he covers up by swearing and yelling and stuff, but like, he has them. And Izuku kind of pokes at all of them without doing anything. I’m not defending how he treats Midoriya, but I wanna see how their relationship develops


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Random BNHA stuff

Kacchan’s pretty strong, so he could probably pick up Deku if he felt like it. But then again, Deku’s worked a ton so he can probably carry anyone else lol

Oops, the TodoDeku is sort of an angsty after-the-fight scenario.

I wanted to genderbend, too. Shouto’s still the prettiest.


It was all out in the open now. Matt’s PR manager had published a statement, getting there before any gossip speculation. He’d been out and about without his wedding ring on. He’d been out in public with Nora. It was strange, but it didn’t seem like anything crazy had kicked off, but he knew that his wonderful ex girlfriend, Sadie, would be writing some God awful article eventually.

“So how do you feel about everything?” Matt asked, his nimble fingers rubbing one of Nora’s feet as they sat on their couch in their apartment. It was official now, and everything seemed to fall into place. “You okay?”