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Hi! I'm just curious--is your Superman non-white? Loved your take on him a lot and am v pro weird kryptonian sex (organs) so thanks for blessing us 2X

ye! i usually hc him as (well he’s an alien but you know what i mean)pretty dark latino. batman too, uhhh, i saw(i forget the op… im so sorry ill try to look it up) headcanon bw as vietnamese and jewish and my god i think there was like art too for it?

(also… gud…. the only kryptonian funky hc that i see a lot is that they nut like a fucking fountain and I DONT KNOW WHERE THAT COMES FROM BUT OK.. FINE..!!)

Meet and Greet

pairing ; washington x reader

summary ; a little workplace meet and greet with the rest of the hamilsquad.

words ; 1490

warnings ; annoying charles lee; cursing (damn i shouldn’t cuss so much)


When most look at George Washington, CEO of American Enterprises, they think brooding, they think mean, they think power.

Everyone who worked underneath him, or in Alexander Hamilton’s case of beside him, knew this. They, of course, thought the same, because Mr. Washington was not one to joke around with, and he was not one to reflect rudeness on just because you happened to be having a particularly bad day that day.

The philosophy at work went something like this ─ if he’s got a straight face, today’s going to be a good day. If he’s got a frown, it’s not going to be so good, and if he’s got a smile, hell itself has reigned upon Earth and the world is ending as we know it, so PREPARE FOR IMPACT DAMMIT.

Simple, really. And if you’re the reason he’s got a frown, be prepared to feel the wrath of all your coworkers because “goddammit I have things I haven’t done yet and Mr. Boss is going to be on my back until I get them done by the end of the day. How could you do this?”

That happened quite frequently for Charles Lee, as well as any insubordinate employee, and Alexander himself has irked the boss to the point of being excused for the day just so George could get some time to think about what Alexander was going to do tomorrow.

Charles Lee often faced the utter wrath of George Washington just because he was so dumb, and so presumptuous and arrogant that he couldn’t get his damn head on straight. On multiple occasions, he’s been dismissed for the day and told by Hamilton that he would like to fight just so he could “learn the fucking lesson.”

Lee always took him up on these offers, but Washington always pulled them both out of it before he was forced to fire them for fighting at the workplace over something as stupid as words.

But, back to Washington, he was scary. That was the way clients described him when they walked in to talk to lawyers and adjusters, or when they had to call him personally because whatever adjuster or lawyer they were assigned wasn’t understanding their problem.

James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were the ones to find this out, deciding to conduct a “General Census.”

Furthermore, everyone knew not a thing about their CEO’s personal life. He never shared it with anyone, simply because no one had the guts to ask, and he would no doubt just leave your question hanging in mid-air, as if he didn’t hear it.

There was no ring on his finger, so most had just assumed he wasn’t in any type of relationship. And with the one picture frame on his desk that depicted him and what he said was “family,” the assumption still stood.

That was, until someone came in to see Washington. It went into PREPARE FOR IMPACT mode because he smiled at this person, when normally, if it was a client, he would just give them a nod and a small quirk of the mouth.

It was a girl, with h/c hair and e/c eyes, and a extremely smiley but shy personality. It was strange to see someone like that make George smile, especially because he was the exact opposite of that. He didn’t smile, and he wasn’t shy in the slightest ─ he simply knew how to take charge and speak his mind when necessary, as well as raise his voice loud enough to quiet an entire football stadium, let alone scare a bunch of workers into silence.

They went into his office, and about thirty minutes later, they came out. She was wearing a ring, and he was standing beside her with a soft smile on his face. “Can I meet them?”

“Yeah, but I do have to say, they are nothing special,” Washington warned.

“I’m sure they’re more than you say,” she leaned up and kissed his cheek, surprising Alexander as he looked up from his papers. Before she walked away, Washington grabbed her hand and pulled her against his chest, leaning down and giving her a few quick pecks ─ almost making Alex drop the papers in his hand and screech.

When she turned around, she looked about the room before spotting Alexander and trotting up to him. “Hi,” she said, sort of shyly, “I’m Y/n.”

“Alexander, Alexander Hamilton,” he whispered, looking over her. She was truly beautiful, which made him question how George Washington could get someone like her.

“You’re Alexander? Cool! George says a lot about you,” she giggled slightly, flicking her hand behind her to motion to the boss.

“Oh,” was all he could manage. He couldn’t stop looking at her and thinking about George and her. “No way.”

“Alexander? Are you okay?”

“Huh?” He snapped out of his reverie and shook his head, smiling warmly down at her, “Yeah, yeah, sorry. I’m fine, just… surprised, is all.”

“Surprised?” Her genuine curiosity caused her e/c to sparkle and a small quirk to make itself apparent at the tip of her lips.

“Yeah… how did– why– George?

“What about him?”

“You and George… how?

“Oh,” she laughed again, “I don’t know. He’s just… him.”

“Exactly,” Alexander tried to reason. “He’s him, and you’re you. You’re beautiful, a definite eleven, and he’s, well, no offence, but he’s definitely a solid six.”

She laughed quite heartily that time, her finger curving over her top lip and her torso reeling back, “I believe you’ve got those numbers mixed, hun, he’s definitely the eleven here. Also, thank you.”

“Yeah, but,” Alex couldn’t find the words to finish, so he just sputtered to silence.

She smiled at him, placing on hand on his arm and saying, “I would love to hear more, truly. But, I’m limited on my time and I’d like to meet the rest of you guys. So, if you don’t mind, I can just get your number from George and we can meet up sometime?”

“Yeah, sounds good. And I suppose George will show you everyone?”

“Yes, he will. It was nice meeting you, Alexander Hamilton.”


She walked off and met up with the CEO, linking their hands and walking to meet the rest of the “Office Boys,” as George had dubbed them.

One by one, they all pretty much had the same reaction as Alexander, and all were a delight to meet. Then, they came upon Charles Lee.

George had never said anything but bad about Mr. Lee, so y/n tried her best to avoid him, but near the end of the meet-and-greet, as they were headed back to Washington’s office, he had stepped directly in their path.

“Ah, you must be the guest here today,” he pushed himself off the door frame of Washington’s office, walking up and taking y/n’s hand to leave a much-longer-than-required kiss on.

“Indeed she is, Mr. Lee, but I’m afraid she hasn’t much time to talk, so if you could kindly─” Her fiancé’s voice was thick with annoyance, and she could practically hear the deep frown on his face, especially when Charles cut him off.

“Why, I find that quite difficult to believe, seeing as you’ve brought her around the entire building,” his eyebrow raised, as if challenging his boss to do something.

“Lee, I swear─”

“How unprofessional, especially in front of your dear friend.”

“Charles, I would love to, uhm, chat, but I’m afraid I’ve little time with my fiancé,” she felt the need to emphasize fiancé, strictly to get the message across that she was in no position to be swoon by another man, and that she was not interested in his advances. “So, if you would please get out of the way, that’d be great.”

“Fiancé? Mr. Washington, this is your… strange. But I suppose I will leave you to it, then,” he gave you one last smug smirk and walked away.

Scoffing, you turned around, looking around George grimacing, “Dickles Lee, more like.”

George held back his belt of laughter, shaking his head and pushing her into his office. “Dickles?” He asked once he closed the door. His smile was taunting, but his tone was more of just joking.

“Dickles, Mr. Washington. Dickles Lee.”

“Okay,” he looked up and let out another laugh, “whatever you say, love.”

He walked up to her and brought her into a hug, burying his head in her neck and smiling. They stayed like that in silence until she sighed and released him. “I must be on my way. I will see you tonight, back home. Love you, George.”

“Love you, too, y/n.”

She kissed him then walked toward the exit of his office. Opening the door, she stepped out, winked at him, then just as she was about to close the opening to the office, she heard him mutter, “Dickles.”

She quickly whipped around and yelled, “Dickles Lee, darling! Dickles Lee!”


Some of my VLD (sports) doodles. They all are actually pretty random. Please don’t question me. Σ(´д ` メ)
It’s mainly Allura (because I love her). Also I’m not sure how muscular I should draw her though…I know she is rather slim in the Series but I imagine her to be very strong. 

I really feel the need to catch up with the style of the series (b/c I’d like to make a small animation). I tried really hard on the last three ones but they look rather arkward.. also I apologize for any inaccuracies in advance. (,,꒪꒫꒪,,)

Oversized Hockey Shirt

Pairing: Y/N/Bestfriend!Roommate!Hockey!Luke

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 3.000+

Summary: Luke is a sucker for hockey and maybe his best friend and dorm roommate Y/N

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Many hellos at this late hour! (lol its like 1:30 in the morning for me and I should NOT be writing as this time but whatever) I was wondering if you had any fun/random ideas for possible character meetings that could (potentially?) become romantic relationships. Also btw I love this blog, it's given me so many interesting for my writing 😅

Hi! I’m glad the blog has been able to inspire you 😄

●Here’s a mix and match list:

- Carnival or fair
- Zoo
- Aquarium
- Disney
- Amusement park
- Island
- Foreign country
- Restricted area
- Area 51
- A bank
- A beach
- A fancy restaurant
- The mall
- School
- Jail
- Hospital
- Burning building
- Office
- Baseball game
- Another planet
- An intergalactic bar
- Underground tunnels
- A car that neither of them owns
- A bus

- Police officer
- Criminal
- Patient
- Doctor
- Student
- Employee
- Celebrity
- Coach
- Player
- Explorer
- Inventor
- Scientist
- Diplomat
- Translator
- Tour guide
- Firefighter
- Animal trainer
- Activist
- Old friend
- High school dropout
- Valedictorian
- Pirate
- Robot
- Super hero
- Alien

● Here’s some ideas based of the mix ‘n match:

• Character A is sneaking into Area 51 when they come across a rogue scientist sneaking an alien out and tries to help the duo.

• Character A goes to bail out B from jail. A makes small talk with random stranger C who’s there to bail out D. It turns out what B and D comitted the crime together.

• Character A is attempting to communicate with a group of people who speak a different language. B notices the struggle and helps translate.

• After dying, A is picked up by a reaper. B is the soul the reaper collected prior, and they have to go with the reaper as he makes his rounds.

• Character A and B are both racing their wheelchairs around, not paying attention, and they run into each other.

• Character A and B attempt to rob the same house on the same night, unbeknownst to the other.

• Charcter A, a celebrity, gets stuck in an elevator with B who doesn’t like A. Their time together convinces B otherwise.

• Character A and B get into the same car that doesn’t belong to either of them in an effort to escape their seperate pursuers.

• Character A pays a 30 dollar library fee in pennies to B, the librarian.

• B saves A from being hit by a baseball at the game and offers A the ball.

• A, a lifeguard, saves B from 'drowning’ in five feet of water.

• While hiking, B helps A get down from a high place, like a waterfall.

• (Alternately^) A falls in a pool of water while hiking and B gives them dry clothes.

• A’s dog is impregnated at the dog park. When the puppies are born, A recognizes what the other species may be and suspects a regular at the dog park, B. A confronts B about child support.

•A sneaks aboard a pirate ship. B, the captain, discovers A. In exchange for freedom, A must work on the ship for awhile.

• Recognzing A from their theater class, B, the director of a play, shoves A out on stage when the alternate and the main part doesn’t show. A ends up improvising and creating a more entertaining scene/ wittier lines than B came up with.

• A and B both have really rude dates at a restaurant. They notice each other’s plight because they’re at tables that are right next to each other, and they ditch their dates at the same time. They go on their own date as to not waste the night.

Surprise Date

“Could you do an imagine where you and your crush have known eachother for awhile and you, him, and some of yall’s other friends are talking about dates and you describe yours and the crush takes you on the date a few days later”

So cute!! This might get confusing, but I used f/n for all the female friends and c/f/n for the guys. I had some trouble coming up with the perfect date, so I used something slightly generic to hopefully appeal to as many people as possible…feel free to criticize my poor taste! (Fun fact: I have never been on an actual date myself (gasp!) so I only have my imagination to work with, but hey when you have that who needs a real boyfriend???*cries in corner*)

Word count: 3.5k

It’s a warm Sunday night and you and your friends are hanging out at a friend’s house, lounging in chairs around a fire pit. (C/n) sits on the opposite side and you have a perfect view of him, his face lit up by the orange glow of the fire. Your other friends are between you, talking and laughing. The night is quiet except for someone playing acoustic covers on their phone.

“So, guys. I have something to tell you.” (F/n/1) rubs her hands together, grinning.

“Well, what is it?” says (f/n/2) eagerly. Always eager for gossip, that one. But you’re excited to find out too, and lean closer to hear.

“It has to do with…my crush,” she says giddily. Everyone gasps and starts asking questions excitedly. (F/n/1) laughs at the effect it has on everyone. She gives daily updates and rants about how much she likes her crush. It’s like a show that you’re all hooked on.

“What happened??” you press impatiently.

“Well…” (F/n/1) looks around the circle, drawing out the suspense. “On Friday we were walking home together after school.”

“And?” (f/n/2) urges her on.

“And…he asked me out!!” she gushes.

“No freaking way!” (f/n/2) gasps. You get out of your chair and rush over to (f/n/1), hugging her and jumping up and down together. “Holy shit (f/n/1) that’s amazing!”

(C/f/1) claps slowly, then asks, “So when is the date?”

“He didn’t actually say yet. Sometime next weekend probably.”

(F/n/2) looks shocked. “What?! He didn’t actually plan a date yet?”

“Maybe it’s a surprise,” you suggest, settling back into your chair.

(F/n/2) wrinkles her nose. “Who would want a surprise date? You have to know what’s coming so you can prepare yourself!”

You gape at her. “That’s ridiculous! A surprise would be soo romantic!”

(F/n/2) stubbornly shakes her head. “Nope. My ideal date: he tells you everything a week in advance. You go out to dinner and a movie, and he pays for everything, of course.”

“That’s it?” (f/n/1) cuts in. “My god, you are so boring!”

“And old fashioned,” (c/f/n/2) adds. “We’re not made of money, you know.”

“So, what, you expect the girl to pay?” (f/n/2) exclaims.

(C/f/n/2) shrugs. “I won’t be a dick about it but I’m open to it. If she doesn’t at least offer to split the bill she’s too cheap for me.”

“Listen, it’s simple. Whoever does the asking out is the one who pays,” (c/n) speaks up, and your ears perk up.

“That sounds fair,” you say, nodding slowly.

“Thank you,” says (c/n), grinning at you. “So (y/n), what would your ideal date be?”

Your cheeks heat up a bit at his question. “Umm…”

“Yeah, tell us all about how romantic a surprise date can be,” says (f/n/2) sarcastically, then adds, “No really, tell me, I’m curious now!”

“Okay, wellll.” You sit forward in your chair and lace your fingers together. “Here’s how it goes. It’s evening, like 5, 6 maybe. I’m in my room doing my homework or something unimportant…”

“Boooriiing,” interrupts (f/n/2) with a yawn.

“Shhh,” says (f/n/1). “Let the girl talk!”

You laugh. “I haven’t gotten to the good part yet. So anyway, I hear a sound. He’s throwing rocks at my window. I open the window…”

“…and a rock hits your face,” (f/n/2) suggests.

You shoot her a look. “…and he’s standing there, nicely dressed, not in a suit or anything but, ya know, a nice shirt, pants that are just tight enough to show off his ass…”

(F/n/2) rolls her eyes. Meanwhile, (c/n) listens attentively, half amused.

“…and he tells me to put on a dress and come outside. Of course, I put on something classy with just a hint of slut, cause that’s the only way to go. When I get to the front door he gives me a rose and tells me I look beautiful. We get into his car and I ask him where we’re going and he tells me it’s a surprise. First he takes me to a pizza place, of course.”

“Romantic,” says (f/n/1) teasingly.

(C/n) looks offended. “Hey, hey, hey, pizza is as romantic as it gets!”

“Right, and who doesn’t like pizza?” you add. “So then we go to an ice cream parlor to get ice cream, and walk around just talking about life. Then we get to an empty field and lie down and look at the stars and talk some more. Finally, we make out. A lot.” You grin and sit back. “The end.”

(C/f/n/2) scoffs. “Pathetic! Even I can be more romantic than that.”

“Are you kidding, looking at the stars together is soo dreamy!” you defend yourself.

“And making out, also very dreamy,” says (c/n) with a wink.

You give him an exasperated half smile, but you feel your face warm up a little. “So…yeah. That’s pretty much my dream date,” you conclude.

“Well, now it can never happen cause it wouldn’t be a surprise!” (F/n/1) points out.

You consider that for a second. “Hey, if I’m not expecting it that’s good enough for me!”

“As much as I disagree with the concept I will be sure to tell any potential suitors exactly what to do,” says (f/n/2) with an air of incredible generosity.

“Thanks, wingwoman,” you reply with a grin.

(C/f/n/1) looks around the circle. “You’re all crazy,” he decides.

You and the other girls all flip him off simultaneously.

The next day you’re sleep deprived from the late night with your friends, and the rest of the week only gets worse. After failing two tests and pulling an all nighter for a project, you are relieved when school finally lets out on Friday and you can head home and do nothing.

You drop your backpack on the floor of your room and collapse onto your bed. Within seconds you’re out cold.

A couple hours later, you jolt awake, and then lie there for a few seconds trying to figure out what woke you up. As if on cue, a sharp sound draws your attention to your window. You stumble over groggily and push it open, not without some effort. You squint down, peering into the growing darkness that is your yard, and as your eyes adjust you gasp.

Standing there under your window, rock in one hand, rose in the other, wearing a nice shirt, perfectly fitting pants and a beautiful smile, is (c/n).

“Hey, (y/n),” he calls up quietly, but his voice carries and you hear every word with perfect clarity. And his oh-so-sexy voice, always with the hint of a smirk detectable in it - you nearly collapse all over again.

You hold steady, though, and call back down, “(C/n)?! What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to test a disputed theory,” he says by way of explanation.

Your brain struggles to wrap around this. “Wha…” you sputter in response.

He chuckles. “We’re going to see how romantic your ‘surprise date’ really is.”

A hot blush rises to your cheeks. “Oh,” you say. “Umm…”

“Put on a dress and come outside,” he says with an adorable grin.

You quickly pull your head back inside and close the window, hyperventilating. Oh. My. God. This can’t be real. Come to think of it, you’re not even sure you’re really awake. After all, it’s entirely possible you’re still in the middle of your nap and that this is just a very vivid dream attributable to your constant thoughts about (c/n). But hey, if this is a dream why not go for it and enjoy yourself while you can?

You search through your closet for something slutty but classy, a look you always strive to achieve when you have the chance. And now is as good a chance as ever to dress like a classy slut. You find the perfect choice, a cute sundress that shows just enough skin. Oh, he will love this one, you think with a sly smirk.

You pull it over your head and run downstairs, taking the steps two at a time. Slipping into a pair of cute but durable sandals, you yank open the door. (C/n) is standing right there on the front porch.

You make eye contact with him and open your mouth to say something, but then he kneels dramatically and holds out his rose. “(Y/n), will you accept this rose as a token of my undying love?”

You laugh, a little shakily, and punch his shoulder indignantly. “Hey! Don’t mock me!”

He chuckles. “Okay, okay. Take this though, seriously!” He pushes the rose toward you.

You give him an exasperated look, tilting your head and raising your eyebrows. But you take the rose. “Happy?”

“Hey, you’re supposed to be the happy one! Isn’t this your quintessential romantic date right here?”

“Yes, but only when you’re doing it for real!” you argue, because this is obviously a friendly joke to him. Not that you aren’t happy to go along with it. Why refuse the chance to spend one-on-one time with (c/n), and on your dream date too?

He’s still kneeling. “You can stand up now,” you inform him helpfully. “You look like an idiot.”

He complies, getting to his feet, where he towers over you once more. He smiles down at you. “You look beautiful.”

You blush fiercely at hearing him say that, but try to brush it off. He’s kidding, obviously. “And you have a good memory,” you say, because you really are impressed. He’s getting all the details right.

(C/n) frowns. “No, really, I mean it, (y/n),” he insists. “You seriously look beautiful.”

You’re at a loss for words. You try for a smile, and attempt to thank him, but the words get caught in your throat. Instead, you duck your head and make a small noise of acknowledgement.

(C/n) gestures to the car parked in your driveway. “Join me for a ride?”

You nod and follow him to his car. He opens the passenger door for you. What a gentleman! As he backs out of the driveway, he glances at you and says teasingly, “So, aren’t you gonna ask me where we’re going?”

You shake your head incredulously. “Again, I applaud your detail retention,” you say, “but if you’re so bent on following this to the letter then I already know where we’re going.”

(C/n) huffs exasperatedly. “Just cooperate, okay? Now, according to your rules, the line is, ‘Where are we going?’”

You roll your eyes. “Fine. Where are we going?”

He smiles in satisfaction. “It’s a surprise,” he says happily.

“No it’s not, I know we’re getting pizza, you idiot,” you remind him.

(C/n) abruptly stops the car in the middle of the street and turns to face you. “(Y/n), if we’re going to test your theory accurately, you’re going to have to play along!”

“Oh my god, drive, there are cars behind us,” you exclaim. He starts up the car reluctantly, but presses on. “I’m not kidding! We’re gonna do this right!”

You let out a laugh. “Okay, okay, calm down. I will humor you. Your dedication is admirable, really.”

“Good. Get ready for the best date of your life,” he says proudly. “Or at least it will be, if you’re really right about this.”

Your heart flutters despite your efforts to play it cool. Yeah, this isn’t a real date, but he still called it one and that’s enough to quicken your pulse. Nevertheless, you decide to correct him. “Oh no, this is not gonna count as my first date,” you say, trying to act annoyed.

(C/n) looks over at you in surprise. “Your first date? You’ve never been on a date before?”

“Dude, we’ve been friends for years, I think I would have told you if someone miraculously was interested in me for even a second.”

He looks back at the road, grinning. “Yeah okay, I knew, just wanted to make sure you didn’t keep anything from me!” He turns to you again. “And now this will definitely be your best date so far because it’s your only one!” He laughs triumphantly.

You roll your eyes at him, but can’t hide your enjoyment at his enthusiasm. You know he’s just doing this for you as a friend, and he gets so easily excited that this is nothing special. Still, a feeling of bliss is taking over you from simply being with him, at night, in such a context as this. And you can’t help but wonder if he’ll really follow the date all the way through, right down to the very last detail…

The car stops in front of your local pizza place. You start to open the door but (c/n) lunges over and pulls your hand away. “No let me do it!” he whines, and quickly gets out of the car and opens your door for you.

“Wow, pizza, what a surprise!” You step out of the car and walk into the restaurant. (C/n) closes the car door and follows you in. You get in line to order and lean against the counter to look at (c/n).

“So, who’s paying?” you ask teasingly.

He rests an elbow on the counter, bringing him closer to you. “Well according to my rule, which I have stated before, whoever asks out, pays. I feel like it’s on you because you started all of this with your silly date idea.”

You raise your eyebrows in an Oh really? expression. “Did I ask you to actually take me out?”

He leans even closer. “I think it’s fair to say that you did, silently. You were looking at me longingly. That was obviously your way of asking me out.” He grins, proud of his logic.

“Right, of course,” you say sarcastically, although your heartbeat is picking up again. “I think you misinterpreted my glares of annoyance.”

He chuckles. “Don’t even try to deny it. You want me,” he says dramatically.

“Oh baby,” you reply in a breathy soap-opera voice.

(C/n) wiggles his eyebrows and you break character to laugh at how ridiculous he looks. “Okay but seriously, I didn’t bring any money, which is your fault for rushing me,” you say accusingly.

“Well that’s a problem, because I didn’t bring any either,” he replies, shrugging.

“(C/n)!” you exclaim, glancing at the shrinking line of customers in front of you.

He breaks into a grin. “Kidding.” He holds up a twenty dollar bill. “Of course I’ll pay.”

You order two plain slices and a soda to share. When the food comes you sit down across from each other at a small table - (c/n) pulling out your chair for you - and munch hungrily on your pizza.

“So,” (c/n) says between bites, “is your dream date meeting expectations so far?”

“I’d say it’s subpar, but that’s your fault for poor execution. The idea is still romantic.” You can’t help teasing him a little. He’ll have to work for your approval.

“What!” he protests. “I have been such a gentleman!”

Such a gentleman,” you echo mockingly, and he pouts. You relent. “Okay, you’re really trying, I’ll give you that.”

“Thank you,” he says, still in a hurt tone of voice.

“So what about you?” you ask after a moment’s hesitation.


“How does this measure up to other dates you’ve been on?”

(C/n) smiles, stuffs the last bite of pizza in his mouth and stands up. “Ahh, so much to tell you. Maybe this is a discussion we should have over some ice cream?”


You head across the street and buy an ice cream cone each. As you walk aimlessly around town (c/n) recounts tales of his past dating escapades; some awkward, some boring, some downright disastrous, and a few that sound almost enjoyable. “Personally none of those sound as romantic as mine,” you comment some twenty minutes in.

“Well…” he tilts his head pensively. “I guess this one’s not terrible, though I wouldn’t call it my ‘dream date’ either.”

“Hey, it’s not over yet,” you point out.

“Right,” he says with renewed enthusiasm. “Field! And look, the stars are out. Perfect.”

“Yeah, now we just need the actual field,” you remind him.

He smirks. “Way ahead of you. Did you really think I wouldn’t plan this out to completion?”

“You’re right, how could I be so foolish?” you joke.

(C/n) leads you to a somewhat secluded park with a large grassy area, hidden from the general public by a cluster of trees. Together, you walk over to the middle of the field. (C/n) sits down and pats the ground next to him invitingly. You laugh lightly and join him, lying back to look up at the sky. It’s wonderfully cloudless and clear, revealing hundreds of stars in clusters and constellations. (C/n) points upward. “That one looks like a dick,” he remarks.

You elbow him. “Killing the mood,” you complain.

“My bad,” he says, turning on his side to face you and propping his head up on his elbow. He picks at a blade of grass inches from your face. “I admit the stars do add a certain romantic element to it all.”

“See, it takes a masterful combination of different elements to really create the perfect date,” you say with an air of superiority.

“Says the girl who’s never even been on one,” he teases, flicking pieces of grass onto your face. You spit one out of your mouth and whack him clumsily with the back of your hand. He catches your hand with both of his and starts twiddling with your fingers, a strange but not entirely unpleasant sensation.

“Anyway,” he continues, “it’s almost time for my verdict.”


“Yeah.” (C/n) places the palm of his hand on yours, lining up your fingers. “Your hands are tiny.”

You roll your eyes. “Yours are just extra large. Verdict about what?”

“How romantic this whole ‘surprise date’ thing really was, of course,” he replies. “I followed all your instructions, so this is, like, legit.”

“Uh huh.”

“There’s just one part left,” he says quietly, locking eyes with you.

Your heart races in anticipation. “Oh yeah, what’s that?” you ask innocently.

(C/n) smirks. “Oh, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” he answers in an incredibly sexy voice, and you’re suddenly worried that you’ll faint before anything even happens. Noticing your paralyzed expression, he chuckles, then bites his lip seductively as though he’s actively trying to make it worse. “Do I need to show you?”

With the last scrap of courage you can muster, you nod. (C/n) looks down at your mouth and back at you before leaning in and closing the gap. Your lips collide and his hands go to your face, his thumbs grazing your cheeks. Soon enough he’s on top of you, forearms on either side of your head. And, just as you foretold, you make out. A lot.

When you finally break apart God knows how much later, your faces are flushed, hair mussed up and breathing heavy. As you catch your breath (c/n) says, “I officially approve of this date idea. The last part is the best, hands down.”

“Is it?” you say, aware of the furious beating of your heart.

“Well, the rest was fun too.” He moves a strand of hair out of your face. “Can I tell you something?”


“I wasn’t actually trying to prove anything or test your theory or whatever, I just wanted to go on a date with you,” he confesses.

You laugh giddily. “Really?”

“Really,” he says seriously. “I’ve liked you basically forever.”

“No way, me too!” you exclaim, in a casual tone that even surprises yourself.

He examines your expression. “Are you serious?”

“Completely.” You smile reassuringly.

He breaks into a grin. “In that case the only logical solution is for you to agree to be my girlfriend, right now.”

“Oh damn that’s a tough one,” you say jokingly. “I guess maaaaybee-”

(C/n) rolls his eyes and shuts you up by pressing his lips against yours once more.

TalesFromYourServer: You're losing a sale!

I’ve posted here a few times and stated I work on a carnival food cart. The best thing about this job was the fact we didn’t have to suck up to customers and worry about reviews.

Earlier today I was reminded of a story from a few years ago.

It’s mid afternoon and things are pretty slow. A woman walks up and sets a pile of change of the counter. I figure she wanted a water or something since that was a dollar. C for customer. M for me.

C: I want a funnel cake.

M: Funnel cakes are $5.

C: Well make me one the size this can get me.

Now my boss is very clear, we don’t do half orders. Not to mention this lady’s change is not even $2.50.

M: We only make one size, ma'am. I’m sorry.

C: I know how you make them. Just make it smaller.

I count her change out of curiosity now. 98 cents.

M: One fifth of a funnel cake isn’t going to be much. Plus it won’t cook evenly with so little in the ring.

Lady is starting to get frustrated and flustered.

C: I know how you make them. Just make a small one.

M: We don’t do that. I’m sorry.

At this point a coworker comes over and reinforces my previous statements. The customer is rather angry now and scoops up her 98 cents.

C: Well you just lost a dollar!

M: No ma'am, I lost 98 cents.

By: itoldyousoanysayo

How to draw: Sarah Mason.

1. Get your basic shapes!

• I like to start with a snowman-shape. Make sure the bottom circle is slightly larger than the top one to keep her jaw heavy.

2. Sketch out the basic shape of her head.

• Add a little bump for her brow ridge.

• Massive and square are keywords when describing Sarah’s head in prose.

• Notice that her head tapers slightly as you go from her jaw to her crown.

3. Add in the facial features!

• Her nose is large, broad and hooked. I use a big, slanted C-stroke to make it.

• Eyes, mouth, and ears are small and close-set.

• Lower lip is full.

• Chin and cheekbones are very broad.

• Keep her brow ridge low and heavy. She has a natural scowl.

4. Add the neck and hair!

• Eyebrows are thick blocks that taper with her expressions.

• Hair is thick and floofy! Lots of messy, spiky bangs and locks falling over her shoulders. Waist-length in the back.

• Neck is short, muscular and wider than her head. “Bull-necked” is not an exaggeration.

• Trapezius muscles are very large and sloping; giants oft clear trails in mountainous terrain and need powerful shoulders to move derbies.

• Collarbone is broad and heavily-curved.

• Extremely broad-shouldered. Almost 5 heads wide when viewed from the front.

• Chest is broad and barrel-shaped, with well-developed pectoral muscles. Giants and half-breeds have larger lungs and hearts relative to their bodies than normal humans.

• Female giants are flat-chested unless actively nursing, another trait Sarah retains from her ancestors.

anonymous asked:

Join Me; Kindaichi and Kageyama

(this got a little long, but thank you for this prompt, anon. just…thank you. also on ao3!)

“Is this seat taken?”

Tobio looks up from his handheld game in surprise, not used to having the other boys on the team ask to sit with him. Bakayama, they call him when they think he can’t hear. He’s only been in the volleyball club at Kitagawa Daiichi for a month, and he’s already been ostracized by most of his batchmates and even some of the senpai. 

But Kindaichi Yuutarou towers above him, face twisted with an anxious smile as a crowd of third years glower at him for holding up the line filing onto the bus to the prefectural tournament. 

Yuutarou is an okay guy, Tobio thinks. He likes volleyball a lot and works hard at it, and he’s very polite to the upperclassmen. Tobio isn’t sure what Yuutarou thinks of him in particular, but he’s willing to give the situation a try if Yuutarou is. “Sure.” 

With a sigh of relief, Yuutarou sits next to Tobio and gives him a nervous chuckle. “Thanks, Kageyama.” Reaching into his bag, he pulls out a box of strawberry Pocky. “You want some?”

It’s probably an obligation, like giving something to every classmate on Valentine’s Day in elementary school, but Tobio is happy to be offered part of Yuutarou’s treat. “Thanks,” he says as he accepts a few sticks. “Do you like strawberry a lot?”

Yuutarou grins. “It’s my favorite.” He takes a bite of one and gives a reverent hum. “But the best kind is strawberry milk. How ‘bout you?”

Tobio’s eyes widen at the mention of his own preferred drink. “I drink it every day.”

The tension eases out of Yuutarou’s shoulders as he continues with his snacking, and Tobio takes the time to enjoy his own. The company isn’t bad, either.

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Mr Robot eps1.6_v1ew-s0urce.flv

Requested by anonymous.

@regiisxheres || Continued

Sidon slashed his blade down at the few stray arrows, having been out training with the sword today, before slipping behind a boulder. He took it upon himself to ensure he excelled at ALL of the Zora weapons, knowing a time could come when he might need to simply grab the nearest weapon. Though, now he was wishing he had been out training with his Bow and Arrow instead. Well, he would simply make due. A clawed hand reached out to grab Isaac, yanking him behind the boulder he had shifted behind.

Greetings. Are you uninjured? Perhaps you wish to explain why it is you are being shot at and whom it is doing the shooting?

Run faster, Isaac urged himself as an arrow narrowly missed his leg. They had to stop chasing him eventually. Isaac’s stamina was superior to the average person, and he doubted those monsters could run for as long as he could! 

As he rounded a boulder something yanked him back by his collar. “Whoa!” He looked to had grabbed him and found a massive red fish-man (possibly shark-man given his appearance) next to him. “Greetings…” He returned hesitantly. “I am fine. Merely failed to sneak past a camp of those goblin guys. In all honestly it’s their fault for leaving their treasure chest mostly unguarded.” Though, apparently guarded enough for Isaac to be caught and chased after.

He seems nice enough…

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Who's caitlin farmer? I totally missed any mention of her in the comic so can u tell me about her or at least what episode she shows up in so i can check back myself? I hope ur having a good weekend!

Caitlin Farmer is Chowder’s girlfriend! She’s a member of the Samwell Women’s Volleyball Team and can be found in the tweets/extras; she hasn’t made an appearance in the main comic. Here’s where you can find her:


how they meet-

somewhere in the interrim chow & cait go to winter screw together, dtr, start dating, etc-

and then there’s that time bitty & jack essentially go on a double date w/ them-

extras: [bitty’s birthday-last panel] [spring c] [NYE w/ chowder]

edit: someone pointed out that she DOES make a small appearance in the latest hockey shit comic