c: the future is open


His attention was drawn out of the window as he slowly realised where he was. Stepping towards it, he placed his hand to the cool-touch of the reinforced glass, as he stared, almost wide-eyed and speechless, out of it. “…It’s raining. I’ve never seen it rain this much in my LIFE. I didn’t even know it was possible.” He shivered - it was so COLDBut he was so fascinated that he didn’t care.

As soon as Tierney said she was coming Celeste jumped up to clean. She threw out the garbage and cleaned up the kitchen before she ran upstairs to clean herself up. Sliding out of her sweats she pulled on a pair of jean shorts and pulled off her shirt so that she was just in her bra. She pulled her hair down, re-touched her makeup just in time to hear Tierney at the door. She made her way downstairs, pulling Tierney inside with a soft kiss as soon as she opened the door. “Hi.”