c: the future is open


Edit: after completing a few commissions I've decided to change up the prices and add more options, University is swiftly approaching so I need all the money I can get aha 

Hi everyone x, 

I’ve been thinking about commissions for a while now and reached a point in time where they’re becoming something I really need rather than just an idea. 

I accept paypal and will send you an invoice before starting the piece. I’m only open for character commissions at the moment and will draw mostly anything other than nsfw.

Send me a message on Tumblr or email me at damnitpalomo@gmail.com with the email subject ‘commission’. 

Please include:

  •  a reference or description of the character you want to be drawn
  • whether or not you want a full background (depending on how complex the background is I may have to ask for a little more.) 

Extra characters will be +£3 per character 

Thanks! xx

As soon as Tierney said she was coming Celeste jumped up to clean. She threw out the garbage and cleaned up the kitchen before she ran upstairs to clean herself up. Sliding out of her sweats she pulled on a pair of jean shorts and pulled off her shirt so that she was just in her bra. She pulled her hair down, re-touched her makeup just in time to hear Tierney at the door. She made her way downstairs, pulling Tierney inside with a soft kiss as soon as she opened the door. “Hi.”