c: teo braga

I don’t know if this is because I’ve watched too much TV… but I don’t buy Teo’s death.

I mean, sure, if we’d seen him flat-line or stop breathing (or turn the key in ignition and blow up with his car (‘I miss you Jai, your death sucked and it keeps on sucking more with every move your father makes’)) I’d know it’s true. But all we saw was a doctor implying that Arthur’s son is dead and, as established, Henry has his rats everywhere (I don’t exactly know what Henry would gain from making Athur just think Teo’s dead but… 'no body no death’ is a thing).

I just keep coming back to the scene in 4.01 where Teo asks Auggie if he is blind, and Auggie’s response of “No, she can see just fine.”
I’m convinced it was code. I originally thought it was Auggie telling Teo that Annie wasn’t read in on whatever secret they shared. Then I wondered if it was just letting him know Annie was an agent.
But with all of Auggie’s negativity toward Teo in the last ep, I’m starting to wonder if it was a masked threat. Sort of like “Yeah, I’m more vulnerable than when we last met, but she’s looking out for me, so don’t try anything.”
I’m so excited for Auggie/Teo scenes next week.

Covert Affairs

Nooo Covert Affairs, just no!

Teo just cannot be dead. I really liked him, a lot better than some of the cast. Why must he die? To think I was already daydreaming about him and Annie. They have sparks. And he didn’t get his justice on Henry for his mother.

Henry Wilcox needs to die asap, or really just be brought down. I can’t take his shenanigans anymore. I just really hate him.


Why am I having feels for a guest character of a show that I don’t even watch regularly (okay, that about not watching regularly was for the previous seasons, this one I’ve watched weekly because this season has been def better than the other seasons. But still, is not one of my main shows and i’ve never been emotionally involved with anything other than auggie/annie).

But why… since last week I’m having Teo feelings, and today I got for the first time Teo/Arthur feels, and for the first time in all the seasons I could have pictured Annie with someone other than Auggie and like the picture, and then and then…


…now I understand what the Simon Fischer fans felt.