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Senpaai can I have a scenario where Takao is dating Midorima's sister, and he's afraid to tell his friend bc he's very protective to his sister, and then one day his sister confess how much she loves Takao to her brother. Omg it will be interesting! <3

Thank you for the request~!

S/o I’M HOME! HOW WAS SCHOOL?!’ Midorima yelled, taking off his shoes and turning his head to direction where door to your room was placed. He walked slowly and knock on it, only to be welcomed by unusual, for you, silence.

’S/o? Are you there? Anyway, I’m coming in.’ Midorima said as he pushed the door. What he saw made him rather speechless. Your room was in complete mess and you were nowhere to be seen. ‘She is probably in the bathroom.’ He thought.

He decided to make his way to the kitchen, but his plans were disturbed by a loud crash. Like something or someone jumped out of the second floor. He quickly run to the source of the sound, slighty scared about your health, but you, safe and all good, stood in front of window, looking down at the ground with terrified expression.

‘What was that?’ Midorima asked, walking to you, placing one of his hands on your back, making you flinch.

‘Eh..it was a cat. I wanted to pat it, but it got scared and jumped.’ You explained smiling to him, closing the window at the same time.

He was almost sure that such a loud sound couldn’t be made by cat, but ignored it. Why wouldn’t he believe you in the first place?

You and Shinatou were siblings, and best friends. He was always there for you, helping you out and caring for you, and you knew how to cheer him up and how to make him smile. Your family-relationship was strong and full of trust, but there was one thing you tried to hide from him.

It was your one year older boyfriend, Takao. You were going out for five months already without being noticed. It wasn’t fair for Shinarou, but he knew Takao well, and you both were sure, that he will never allow Kazuri to be you boyfiennd, heck he wouldn’t even allow him to breathe the same air as you. That’s why you made a hard decision to keep your relationship in secret.

'Shin, how was practice?’ You chatted with your brother, trying to direct his attention to another 'safer’ topic.

'Well, Bakao left earlier so it was queit and good. I wish he would do that everyday.’ He answered, eating his meal.

'Oh stop it, he is not that bad. You can’t be so mean or you will be alone forever.’ You said pouring hot water to his cup, making him green tea.

'I never knew you know each other.’ He staited, looking at you carefully and warily.

'W-we don’t, of course. You are talking about him from time to time…’ You felt like crying. What if he found out?

'Really? I will try not to, I don’t need my sister to hang out with this idiot.’ And with that beautiful sentence the conversation was over.


You couldn’t sleep last night because of guilt eating you alive. You couldn’t bare lying to your brother anymore, he was too important. He never dissapointed you, never left you and sacrificed already too much.

You were going to watch his and your boyfriend practice, and after this, you will tell him everything. You didn’t care about his reaction anymore, he needed to know.

'Shin~! Hey~!’ You exclaimed happily, clutching to his side as he almost fall to the ground.

‘S/O?! What are you do–nevermind. You want to stay, don’t you?’
He asked, pushing up his glasses.

'Yes and I have something to tell you, but wait till the end of practice!’

'O-okay.’ He looked at you weirdly and went to his teammates. You quickly catch a glampse of Takao’s stare as he grinned widely to you when your brother didn’t look. Ah, how much you loved that boy.

Their game wasn’t boring at all, you thought all of them were really talented and determinated, it was nice to see it. Sometimes yours and Takao’s eyes meet, and you smiled to each other, one time you even blushed, praying for your brother not to see it.


After practice, Midorima and Kazunari went to the locker room to wash themselves and change into their casual clothes.
Midorima left, after him Takao. Your brother looked annoyed and it seemed that he was scolding your boyfriend, who looked like the happiest puppy in the world.

’S/o, we are going home now. Please ignore Takao, he just wanted to tag along. I rejected, but he never listens.’ Your brother said, trying to distance you from Kazunari, who was rather unpleased with green-haired’s behaviour.

As you were walking, the tension became almost unbearable. You were shaking a little and Takao’s expression was changing from stressed to teriffied as he thought of every possibility.

'I’ve already had enough of your weird behaviour. What’s wrong, nanodayo? I saw how you glanced at each other at practice. Is there something you want to say?’ Midorima stopped in his track, looking at both of you with stoic face.

'Shin-chan what are you talking abou–’

I’m dating Kazunari, brother. That day when you heard a loud crash, it was him. He jumped out of the window because he didn’t want you to see him. I’m sorry I lied to you. I just…love him, you know?' You looked at the ground with shame, waiting for you older sibling to response.

Takao sighed, Midorima only groowlled in response.

'Shin-chan, listen to m-’

'I will allow it under some rules. First: you will bring her home before 9. Second: No sex until eighteen birthday. Third: You won’t hurt her or I will seriously kill you. Fourth and the most importhant: make her the happiest person in the world…nanodayo’

 Midorima said and hugged you. BOTH of you.


 Takao yelled, hugging you back.


'Hahaha, Shin-chan don’t be so surprised. I LOOOOVE YOU S/O-CHAN!’

 Your boyfriend pulled away from a hug, with intention to kiss you.

'I love you too, Kazu’

 You turned your head to his sight only to hear loud cough.

‘Fifth rule: no kissing with me around. You are disgusting.’

'You are just jealous, because I’m taking your precious sister away~!’

 Takao laughed as he avoided Midorima’s punch.




Oh, it is good to see your two the most important people getting along so well.

Random Headcanons:
  • Takao is the master at Rick Rolling people. 
  • Kise loves fuzzy socks and has a whole collection of them. 
  • Himuro has naturally curly hair and hates it so he has to use a straightener. 
  • Midorima has tea parties with his little sister. 
  • Murasakibara loves Disney movies. 
  • Kiyoshi loves hand written letters. 
  • Hyuuga did a lot of LARPing in middle school. 
  • Himuro and Kagami were boss long boarders in America.  
  • Moriyama enjoys raising girl’s self esteem when they feel ugly or stupid or etc. 
  • Akashi loves listening to poetry and can be found visiting stand up poetry places. 
  • Murasakibara was bullied as a child. 
  • Kuroko is an amazing writer and has a dream of being an author. 
  • Izuki wants to publish his journal full of puns when he’s older so everyone can know of his humor.  
  • Kise is the best at braiding.  
  • Reo has a collection of beauty tips he’s ripped out of magazines in a box in his room.