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How to tell the difference between Chad, Oliver, and Sylar

This is Chad: 

Chad likes wine, bright colors, and pretty boys. He’s a gay interior decorator and party planner. He has never killed anyone. 

This is Oliver:

Oliver likes to smoke like a chimney, wear boring suits, wears glasses, ladies underwear, and is a serial killer who skins his female victims and makes lampshades out of their skin. He’s a doctor–like a real one. He also died before Chad was born. 

This is Sylar:

Sylar is also a serial killer. He likes to wear black when he’s evil, and he’ll wear grey when he’s trying to be sort of good. He kills people because he likes to play in their blood and brains. He collects superpowers the way Chad collects Martha Stewart Living back issues and Oliver collects skins. 

He only wears glasses in flashbacks when he’s still Gabriel Gray.


A/U in which Sylar works for Primatech

“What’s so special about her?”

Noah turned back to face him, a coy smile on his face. “Does it matter? Once the threat that’s endangering her is eliminated, it’ll just be like every other case.”

Sylar nodded. “Bag and tag.”

“Oh, and one more thing.” He stuffed his hands in his pockets, eyeing him from behind his glasses. “I know you have a.. thing for blondes, but try and control yourself. If you pull this off, Angela might just let you take the girl’s ability.”

“What is it?”

Noah’s smile widened. “Cellular regeneration.”

Sylar could already feel his heart beating to the time of Claire’s.