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Hi +C fandom!

I don’t know if the information has been relayed here but Yugyouji-sensei, +C author, has a twitter account now!! So, if you have a twitter account, go follow them (^︶^)ノシ!! Please support them for bringing us wonderful stories!!!   Thank you for your time!!

Akatsuki and Yona: Akayona crossover with +C Sword and Cornett manga.
Belca’s “hokulea name” is “Akatsuki” (and “belca” means “squirrel” on russian). Both Yona and Belca are royals that had to escape from their palaces.

I really want to recommend this manga to everyone, it’s funny, well drawn and has great characters, but even though it’s already ended I can’t find the scanlation or even raws of the last chapters, so the end of the story is unknown =(

seihakatsus  asked:

I see you like +C, i like it too~♥ it's so nice to see another one who likes this manga ;w; {sorry my english} i hope one day get an anime don't you think?

English ins’t my mother tongue either, please do not worry (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ !!!!

Yup, please come to me anytime if you want to chat about +C  !!!

Here or on Twitter (@Ameahara) (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ !!!!

It’s actually quite funny because we discussed that matter on Twitter a few days ago. I hope you won’t mind me quoting what I tweeted:

“I couldn’t be happier but sadly I doubt it will be the case. Launching an anime after a manga ended is quite rare, if not unheard of. Most of the Monthly Comic Zero-Sum’s manga which were made into animes were the most popular MCZS series (such as 07-Ghost, Amatsuki, Karneval, Makai Ouji or Saiyuki) and they aired while the series were still on-going…

+C:Sword and Cornett was probably popular enough not to stop the publication but it never got on a front cover of MCZS, neither did it get any promotional goods, as far as I know.

Which makes me so sad…I mean, even if an anime sounded impossible, I would have loved a Drama CD to hear what kind of voices they chose for them (even knowing they often change VA when an anime is announced.)”

Let me add that +C’s last volume was released on 25th December 2012 while the Appendix oneshot was released on 25th January 2014, which means that the main story ended about 3 years ago. Yugyouji-sensei, +C’s mangaka, has also been working on her new manga テル・セル (TERRESTRIAL + CELESTIAL) since March 2014.

As a fan, I will never stop hoping for an anime adaptation, but the facts tell us otherwise. We also have to admit it won’t happen ꒰๑•̥﹏•̥๑꒱…

anonymous asked:

I hope you don't me asking, but where did you read the rest of +C: Sword and Cornett?

Hello beautiful Anon !!!

Please, come to me anytime, I’d love to answer your questions !

Since I’m taking Japanese courses in college, I ordered the whole 8 volumes and the 9th volume “Appendix” on CDJapan. I’m lacking some knowledges to understand everything but the pictures help xD !

About Appendix, the chapters were available freely on Zero-Sum website until the volume was released on 2014.01.25. Most of the chapters have been removed since then, but you can still read two of them.

Then, for the scanlation, we don’t have to worry too much. Recently, they have started translating the last volume. The main story counts 51 chapters, which means only 6 chapters are left. I haven’t hear anything from them about the translation of Appendix yet, but I hope they are going to do it !

If you have any further questions, please contact me again. It’d be my pleasure to discuss about +C or anything else !