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I’m starting to think Damian actually likes taking off while he leaves people behind.

Super Sons #6 is an interesting issue because it tries to find a middle ground between this series portrayal of Damian as a kid who wants to be like his dad and takes it too seriously and how Benjamin Percy writes him as an ultra-strict, hard leader and a jerk in Teen Titans. So far the result is Damian who is both and it very much annoys everyone involved, both Jon and Teen Titans.

Also, I just wanted to say that I was right. Forgotten Villains are back! I can see the future!

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anonymous asked:

What are Jon's first thoughts on each teen titan upon seeing them for the first time in the last super sons issue? And vice versa?

Beast Boy: “Who is this brat talking shit about the Titans?”


Starfire: “Oh he’s taller than Robin, this is gonna bug the shit out of him..”

Jon: “OMG she’s 8 feet tall and orange!”

Raven: “I sense great sadness over a cat”

Jon: “creepy”

Aqualad: “who’s the little dude?”

Jon: “does that guy have gills?” 


…Damian “Don’t Patronize Me or I’ll Break Your Face” Wayne in teeny tiny shorts and his friend’s shirt that is too big may be the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

(from Superman #21 preview by Tomasi, Gleason, Gray, and Kalisz)