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House of night

Book 1-i hate aphrodite, i love neferet and zoey
Book 2- feel bad for aprodite, something wrong with neferet, zoey is great
Book3,4- okay expose neferet
Book 5-okay neferet please die, zoey please stop already
Book 6,7-okay neferet fucking die, zoey please stop, i like rephaim and stevie ray
Book8- okay wtf can anyone kill this crazy bitch, zoey please stfu, stevie ray i love you
Book 9- nothing, nothing happens at all, im so serious, dont bother, nothing happens, i cant stress that enough
Book 10- haha bitch, they got your ass… oh wait, no they dont…sigh
Zoey i dont care if you stop breathing, aurox is my love
Book 11-okay im so fucking none with neferets bestiality nasty ho self, zoey is pretty much being a stupid bitch so idgaf at all, dallas needs to go die, oh wait…he does
Book 12- havent read yet, and i already know neferet is still gonna need to go to hell, zoey is still gonna be a stupid little bitch, stevie ray and aphrodite will be awesome, and they will throw the nuns into the equation some how, and they will all drink “brown pop”, bitch just say coke

In conclusion: dont read this book series, you will get pissed off and annoyed

Amnesia: Doctor Who - because feels, just fucking feels Sacrifice: Sirius Black - because it needs to be done Love: Four/Toby - because he’s super hot and sweet and way better in the books Life: Stevie Rae Johnson - because we would be best friends and I love her to death Travel: Harry Potter’s world - cuz these damn muggles keep getting me down! Plus magic! Hello?! Body: Maximum Ride - she has wings and can fly, need I say more? KEEP IT GOIN

So I finished the first book from House of Night.

And and Zoey and Erik are so cute.

I really hate Afrodithe.

Stevie Rae is like a cupcake.As sweet as a cupcake.

Damien is so cute.If a were a boy I would date with him.

The twins,i say right?, are so funny and they are a realy true friends for Zoey.

And the book is perfect.Now i go.I want to read the next one.:)

If you want to follow me and talk about this amazing series I really apreciatte.

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry to all my followers but I really, really have to talk about this. If I don’t; I feel like I’ll go mad.

I would not recommend reading this if you read House of Night books but haven’t finished reading this one yet. There are going to be MAJOR spoilers in this.

Firstly. I love the House of Night series. And I mean love.So much so that I got a tattoo of my favourite quote from the books tattooed onto my bicep.

I know that 11 books (12 when the final one comes out next year) is waaaaaaay too long for a book series, it’s typical teenage vampyre literature and that the storyline staled ages ago; but there is something about it that draws me in so much. 

I was really looking forward to this book coming out and when I got it read the first dozen chapters more or less instantly.

But I’m so disappointed with how this one turned out.

I mean. I stopped reading it for nearly 2 weeks straight. This one did not just grab my attention. At all. And I really had to push myself to finish it.

To start it all off in the list of things that annoyed me about this book was the fact that not only was Grandma not in the book at any point, but nobody even spoke about her or wanted to know if she was okay, at all.

Now, I’m not being funny; but if someone’s Grandma had been taken hostage; had been attacked by monsters that pretty much drained her blood dry and then had been chucked out of a penthouse window only to be caught by a winged immortal; you would have thought that her own Granddaughter (who loves her Grandma more than anything) would think to check on her, right? No. A week later and all of that is forgotten. 

Secondly; there actually wasn’t that much happening in the storyline. Sure; Erin died and so did Aphrodite’s dad and they had a funeral for her. But all of that pretty much took up the first half of the book and even then there wasn’t much said about either deaths. Most of it was just about Zoey’s internal anger building up and her eventual descent into madness about the whole Aurox/Heath situation.

Now, I love Zoey; I do. On some levels I feel like I can relate to her. My Grandma is my world. I have pretty shitty parents. Make mistakes with boys and I always tend to have to be the voice of reason even though I can’t parallel park either. 

But she was incredibly irritating and unrealistic in Revealed. 

I can understand the upset and hurt that comes with everyone finding out about Heath being part of Aurox; but not to the stage that it drives her mad enough to kill two homeless guys and then just willingly accept to go to jail without even wanting a lawyer. I mean; she’d made her decision that she was going to stay with Stark and had seemed to calm down when she overheard the fact Shaylin and Aphrodite were keeping tabs on her and then that just set her off. I’m just not buying it, at all. Especially as she knows how Neferet turned out and yet still gained similarities to her?

I would have liked to have seen more Stevie Rae chapters in this book; just the one doesn’t seem enough. Also; I’m a bit confused as to why everyone gets their own separate chapters in the series expect for Damien. 

Come on Casts. Give him his own chapter. Damien’s a babe and I’d like to see how he really thinks. 

The whole Dallas thing fucked me off too. 

Yes he was a dick, and yes he deserved punishments for the past and then trying to kill Stevie Rae (again), but I just think the way he died would have never happened in a billion years.

Thanatos just willingly had him beheaded? Really?! She’s been on the Vampyre High Council for more centuries than anyone remembers and then within the space of 24 hours she’s broken for them and beheaded a new vampyre, whilst sending another two off to die as well? IT JUST WOULDN’T HAPPEN.


And then there are just the small continuity errors that bugged me.

1; Red vampyres physically cannot be outside during the day, so why is it when Zoey went to talk to Aurox in the day, she overheard Shaylin and Aphrodite talking? Shaylin physically couldn’t have been out there.

2; Elliot was one of the two fledglings that admitted to help Dallas try and kill Stevie Rae. But in previous books it was said that he was part of the good red fledging group, even if he wasn’t liked that much.

3; This book says that there at 2 prophetesses. Shaylin and Aphrodite. The fuck is Kramisha then? Pretty sure her poems tell the future and in previous books has been called a Prophetess. Shaylin though, isn’t really.

4; There’s just never any mention of Zoey’s brother and sister. I know they’re not essential to the storyline in anyway shape or form; but you would have thought that after their mom was killed that she would at least check on them once or twice? What’s the point of mentioning them in the first book if there’s then no other reference to them 10 books later?

I will however mention some of the things I loved about this book.

I loved how we learned more about Neferet’s past; but all whilst she was asleep. I get bored really quickly when it’s her turn to speak but this was really effective and she was asleep 90% of the book. Good work.

I really, really adored how Shaylin told everyone that Nicole’s colours had turned good and how they allowed her to come back into the group. I thought that was great character development. But then; to make it even better Nicole and Shaylin kissed and now look like they could get together? YES. I thought that was amazing and would definitely like to see that storyline carried out in a nice way.

And finally; Nyx started whispering to Kalona again. Not so much that she would fully talk to him, but starting off with the odd word here and there really made me feel good. And the fact she finally let him into her temple was so heartwarming it was unreal. I’m glad that Kalona is on the right path again.

Despite my huge disappointment in this book; I cannot wait to read the final one and see how it’s all wrapped up. Hope it’s a really long book; I hate it when there’s not enough details given.

So that’s me done. 

I am so sorry for my rant but I don’t know anyone else other than the people on Tumblr who actually reads these books.

Please don’t unfollow me. I don’t usually make huge, long posts like this.

I love you guys!<3

"Did I hurt you?  I’m so sorry, Rephaim!”
“Shh,” he soothed, pulling her into his arms.  “You would never hurt me.
—  Stevie Rae and Rephaim, Revealed
The earth is often referred to as our mother, because it gives us nourishment, shelters us, and takes us back to her after we pass. All the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the tools we use ultimately come from the earth. Vampyres revere the earth, and Wiccans and Native Americans, like Zoey’s grandmother, view the earth as a living conscious entity that has a spirit of its own. They believe the earth will always take care of us—if we take care of it. We should live in harmony with nature, taking what we need, but only what we need and no more. That we are entrusted as stewards of the earth means we should recycle, replant felled trees, reduce pollution, and minimize out use of fossil fuels whenever possible. The belief is that the earth is a self-healing entity, and if we don’t maintain a proper symbiotic relationship with the earth, she will eventually decide we are far too harmful and rid herself of us.

In a Wiccan Circle earth must be represented by the color green or brown, leaves, rocks, or minerals, and salt is often sprinkled around the Circle when asking earth to join the ritual. The astrological signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, with their practical and responsible natures, are associated with the earth.

The traits of earth are, well…down to earth. The archetype of the cowboy who rides the range, sleeps under the stars, and herds cattle is a perfect image for earth, as they are seen to be patient, consistent, and unmovable. Stevie Rae, from her cowboy hats to the boots, and from her small-town upbringing, to the natural way she accepts and cares for people, epitomizes the element earth.

The earth is our mother, and when you feel worried or stressed, feel yourself moving down into her. See roots growing from your feet and pulling nourishment and energy into your body. Wiccans refer to this as “grounding,” and it will help you find calm, peaceful security when you need it most. Like calls to like, and if you let it the earth will nurture and protect you. All you have to do is reach out to her, and the earth, your mother, will be there to comfort and protect you, taking away the anxiety and pain so that you feel calm, secure, and safe in her arms.
—  Nyx in the House of Night: Bryan Lankford discussing the element Earth