c: star spangled man

Star Spangled Man
  • Star Spangled Man
  • Alan Silvestri
  • The First Avenger Soundtrack

Who’s strong and brave here to save the American Way?
Who vows to fight like a man for what’s right, night and day?
Who will campaign door to door for America?
Carry the flag shore to shore for America?
From Hoboken to Spokane?

The Star Spangled Man with a plan!

We can’t ignore there’s a threat and a war we must win!
Who’ll hang a noose on the goose-stepping goons from Berlin?
Who will indeed lead the call for America?
Who’ll rise or fall, give his all, for America?
Who’s here to prove that we can?

The Star Spangled Man with a plan!

Stalwart and steady and true!
(See how this guy can shoot! We tell you, there’s no substitute!)
Forceful and ready to defend the red, white, and blue!
(The red, white and blue!)

Who’ll give the Axis the sack and is smart as a fox?
(Sure as an Eagle will soar!)
Who’s makin’ Adolf afraid to step out of his bunks?
(He’s knows what we’re fighting for!)

Who’ll whip the giant attacking America?
We know it’s no one but Captain America!
Who’ll finish what they began?
Who’ll kick the Krauts to Japan?

The Star Spangled Man with a Plan!
(Who’s strong and brave here to save the American way?)

Starting the Day

Normal People: Ah, good morning, world! Let me eat a healthy breakfast, maybe go out for a morning run, and get started on my day!!

Me: whO’S STRONG AND BRAVE HERE TO SAVE THE AMERICAN WAAAAAAY? *eating a peanut butter and jelly, marching around my room like a dope* 


Catchy song time!

Imagine the Avengers (minus Cap) all getting together and learning to sing “Star Spangled Man”. Like, rehearsing it for weeks until they have it perfect.

Then they wait until Steve comes back from the bald eagle sanctuary or something and start belting it at the top of their lungs and he runs out yelling “Fuck you guys!”

And then Tony gets it as his ringtone.