c: sokka

“C'mon Toph! Suki is going with that Fire Face to the party!! I just want to make her a LITTLE jealous..! Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pretend to be my girlfriend?”

“She KNOWS I’m your best friend, Meathead!”

“That’s why it’s PERFECT! She’ll see you, and be CRAZY JEALOUS! C'mon, Toph! What could possibly go wrong..??”

Oh, Sokka. We’ve all heard that line before!

(Only Sokka would not realize his best friend is ACTUALLY in love with him! )

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Actually when he starts falling in love with her! (OMG THIS ALMOST DIDNT WORK ITS MASSIVE)

Toph was his best friend. Of course he’d always loved her and thought she was beautiful. But somehow, spending the day with her and Lin, seeing her so openly caring and engaging with her daughter, seeing the unguarded happiness in her eyes at his return home, somehow… Sokka started to cross that line and fall in love.

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