A. O. S. Season Three

When Jemma is finally free from the rock she blocks Fitz out, ignoring him and feeling bad when he helps her and he asks why. She says she doesn’t deserve this, doesn’t deserve his help and he asks her why. Her reply is that she left him when he was struggling, why should she deserve his help. She’s not worthy of it. Instead of leaving her, he embraces her and says he talked to Bobbi who told him the whole story of why she left and that it doesn’t matter now. That it’s all in the past and all that maters is that they have each other now.

Skye finds them the next morning, wrapped in each other’s arms. And Hunter totally owes her $50.

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1. Skimmons

things you said at 1AM

Skye crawls onto her side of the bed and leans in close.

“Are you awake,” she whispers into Jemma’s ear.

Jemma flinches.

“Now I am,” she grumbles.

“Ooh, sorry,” Skye apologizes. That probably wasn’t her brightest idea. “It’s just—I can’t sleep.”

Jemma sighs and checks the clock before rolling over to face Skye.

“It’s one in the morning,” she whines. She’s only gotten three hours of sleep, and she’d like to get a few more before she starts her day. “Don’t you always stay up this late?”

Jemma might be an early bird, preferring to be up and starting her day sometime around six, but Skye is a night owl. On days when they’re both muddling through complicated work projects, their paths sometimes cross at four or five in the morning.

But 1AM? Even Jemma needs to get some shut-eye.

“Yeah, but I just got back from Berlin, so technically it’s 7AM,” Skye explains.

“Did you sleep on the plane?” Jemma asks. Even exhausted, she’s reasonable.

“Well yeah,” Skye tells her, turning onto her back, eyes still focused on the outline of Jemma’s face in the dark. “It was a commercial flight, seven hours.”

“And you don’t think that’s keeping you up?” Jemma’s eyes feel heavy, she needs to get back to sleep.

“Probably,” Skye looks at the ceiling and huffs in frustration. She’s going to be a mess tomorrow morning.

Jemma’s silent for a good minute, and Skye thinks she might have fallen asleep. She’s about to get out of bed and go fish her laptop out of her carry-on, when Jemma finally speaks.

“There are sleeping pills on my side of the bathroom vanity,” she grumbles.

They’re really not supposed to be used in this kind of situation, but she’s tired enough that desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Hi, sorry to bother you but just wondering if you think Ward will get redeemed and if so how do you think it will happen and also do you think Skyeward will happen and if so how? Xxx thank you

Aww you’re no bother at all anon!

Well right now if I can be completely honest, I dont see Ward getting redeemed. I could go on to say and talk about all these theories that piled onto my head after the season finale;

Maybe Ward is doing this to take down Hydra from the inside

Maybe he’s doing this because he has a different agenda than what Whitehall etc had

and so on 

but the finale, which I still believe was poorly written on Ward’s end considering they just wanted to use him as shock value yet again, and had the chance of redemption in the ball of their hands in episode 19 and then just turned things over yet again in the finale is just so overdone and repetitive and im so over it tbh, the writing of his characterization is so horridly inconsistent it hurts, well it shows that him and the team are done for.

But when it comes to Skyeward I realized that all of us mostly thought that for them to be together he had to be on Coulson’s team indefinitely. But that doesn’t really need to be the case.

Look its no surprise that Skyeward isn’t a ship with the romance and fluff its a ship with blood shed and the ruining of lives (VM reference right there) and them being at opposite ends of the world with each other, two sides of the same coin, yin-yang. 

Season 2 was about them figuring out who they are and actually accepting themselves.

In Season 3 both of them are separating themselves from other people really. Skye is starting her own team while Ward is also starting his own team. Yet again they are at opposite ends but are still so in line with each other.

God knows that they’re going to be challenging each other the whole way and fighting and having these petty battles but in the end I think something will happen where they’ll realize the only people who are going to understand them is each other because they are both just as effed up, they see the world differently but they see it in the same spectrum and they’ll realize this and hopefully BANG because the sexual tension is killing everyone around them.

Anyway, I don’t think Ward will actually be redeemed with the team; i think he’ll remain a lone wolf but will be brought back into the fold via Skye because he won’t be on Coulson’s team but he’ll be on her team *keeps holding out hope for Hellfire!Ward*, and yes I still have my hopes up for Skyeward I dont believe that so much time and history and backstory was invested into them to just leave it at how it is; they’re connected in every way and it will play out in the end.

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Early Morning Assault

He is awake the moment the lock of the bedroom door clicks, but he stays completely still, only letting the corner of his mouth twitch into a smile as he listens to the tiny footfalls echo softly in the room.

Haylie is about as subtle as her mother.

He can barely keep himself from chuckling when the mattress dips next to his hip as Haylie climbs into the bed. There’s some shifting around, and then the next moment there’s a tiny, soft, warm hand on his cheek, stroking him gently.

“Daddy,” Haylie whispers, and when he doesn’t react, she leans a little closer. “Daddy. Daddy,” she repeats a little louder each time.

One, he counts silently, two, three…

“Arrgh!” he roars suddenly, rising from the bed and catching Haylie by the waist. He throws the squealing child to the mattress and starts tickling her. “I got you, and I’ll never let you go!” he says triumphantly, then blows a raspberry on Haylie’s stomach, eliciting another round laughter from the five year old.

“You two are terrible,” he hears from the other side of the bed; turning towards it, his eyes meet Skye’s gaze, as his wife lies on her side, propped up on one elbow, slowly shaking her head. He gives her a rueful little smile – meanwhile still tickling Haylie. Of course he woke her – he didn’t exactly mean to, but at the same time he doesn’t really feel guilty, because instead of looking annoyed and pulling the covers over her head in protest, Skye’s reaching for her phone so she can snap a few pictures of them.

But Skye’s not the only one who’s been woken by their playful sparring match.

“Daddy?” Ada says uncertainly, peering into the bedroom, while clutching her stuffed monkey to her chest. When she finally sees him, her eyes go wide. “Daddy!” she shrieks, then runs to the bed, launching herself into his arms.

He lets go of Haylie to catch his younger daughter, who throws her arms around his neck immediately, nuzzling her face against his neck.

“Hi there, chipmunk,” he says, stroking her dark hair and inhaling the baby-scent in.

“I miss’t you,” she says with an adorable lisp, holding him even tighter.

He lets out a sigh; he was away on a mission for almost a week, and only got back the previous night, well after midnight, when the girls had already been asleep for hours, so all he got was a fleeting glance at them as they slept. (Skye told him that they wanted to stay up to wait for him – Ada fell out of the competition early on, falling asleep not long after eight, but Haylie threw a tantrum when she was first told she couldn’t stay up until he got home. After some crying they struck a deal that if Haylie behaved, she could stay up half an hour more. She was out like the light in ten minutes and had to be carried to bed.)

Heavens, he missed them like crazy, and finally having them in his arms, seeing their little, mischievous smiles and feeling their soft baby-smell was the best feeling in the word. Moments like this, he never wanted to leave again.

A couple of minutes of cuddling later – during which Skye, too, ended up with her arms around his waist and her chin on his shoulder –, he basically shakes the girls off, and moves to stand up.

“What do you angels say about some breakfast? Pancakes are okay?”

“Yay! Pa’cakes!” Ada laughs, clapping her tiny hands together until Skye catches her under the arms and pulls her close, pressing a kiss against the top her head. Grant’s heart melts a little at the sight.

“You can stay,” Skye tells him, throwing the covers back. “Rest, you must still be tired. I’ll handle it.”

“No, I’ll do it. I want to,” he reassured her, then turns towards his daughters. “Who wants to help daddy?” Four hands fly up. “Okay, race to the kitchen! Who gets there first?” Haylie and Ada jump out of the bed in an instant, running for the door laughing. He watches them leave with a smitten smile on his face, then with them gone, he turns back toward Skye for a moment before he’d follow them. He crawls across the mattress to her and gives her a lingering kiss. “Really, stay just here. I missed them, I need some daddy-time,” he tells her and kisses her again, before adding with a grin, “I want more.”

Skye’s so blissed out, it takes her a couple of seconds to get what he’s saying.

“Very funny,” she says, giving him an amused smile.

“I’m not joking,” He pecks her lips, once, twice. “I seriously want another baby.”

She lets out a half-amused, half-annoyed sigh, then playfully knocks on the top of his head.

“I’m honestly starting to worry that you were knocked around a little too much during this last op.”

He laughs and is just about to answer when an impatient “Daddy, are you coming?” is heard from the door behind him. He hangs his head and chuckles to himself.

“A moment, princess.” He looks into Skye’s eyes, trying to convey how serious he is about the topic he’s just brought up in one single glance. She just shakes her head, laughing.

“No,” she tells him, maybe with a little less conviction than she meant to.

But he just grins and winks at her.

“It’s okay,” he tells her, before giving her one last, quick kiss. “I’ll wear you down yet.” Then he gets out of the bed, picks up Haylie at the door, and playfully leaning towards her shoulder, as if he wanted to bite her, he carries the laughing child out of the room.

Skye sighs, then falls back to her pillow with a huff. He will might as well actually wear her down if he keeps doing this.

Whom is she kidding? It’s just the matter of time before he gets her to agree. And she’ll be happy to do it – damn him.

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Imagine Going Shopping With Skye And Jemma

For Anon

“Let’s go to that store they have nice blazers” Jemma or serves and points to some formal dress store.

“Let’s go to that store they have some appropriate yet sexy clothing” Skye squeaks and points to another store.

“How about we just do both. We will take turns” you suggest. “Rock paper scissors for who goes first.”

“Great idea (Y/N) you on Jem?” Skye asks a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Sure” Jemma replies and holds out her hand. They go through the motions Jemma picking paper and Skye rock. “Oh you win Skye.”

“Jemma paper beats rock” you say. “Paper covers rock therefore beating it that’s the rules you win.”

“That’s illogical but I’ll still accept my win shall we?” Jemma asks smiling brightly.

“Yes we shall” Skye grumbles and the three of you walk in.

Turns out when Jemma shops she knows exactly what she wants and her exact size. She took less than five minutes to buy all the things she warned.

“Okay I’m done. Sorry it took so long” Jemma apologizes.

“Jemma that was less than five minutes” you point out squinting your eyes.

“I know usually ra less than three fit there’s so many options” Jemma sighs exasperated. You just shake your head and shrug at Skye.

“Good onto Skye’s store then the food court” you announce. Skye shakes her hands and runs out to the other store.

When you and Jemma catch up she has armfuls of clothes already.

“Oh this may take awhile” you groan.

“Does se usually take a long time. How long are we talking ten fifteen minutes?” Jemma questions.

“No I’m talking an hour at least.” Jemma goes pale.

You lounge next to Jemma who holds her shopping bag in from of her and taps her fingers while Skye plays music and tries on a million outfits.

After an hour she’s finally done.

She buys two pairs of shoes, three shirts, and five pants.

Jemma’s mortified.