c: shawn spencer

Every Episode of Psych Ever
  • Police: We found this dead body and we're pretty sure it was either an accident or a suicide.
  • Shawn: No it was a murder.
  • Police: Ok what evidence do you have.
  • Shawn: ...none. But just put me on the case I'll find some!
  • Police: No!
  • Shawn: Fine. *convinces a reluctant Gus to take the case* *sneaks onto crime scene through the help of one of the police officers that is not Lassiter*
  • Lassiter: Get off my crime scene or you'll be arrested!
  • Shawn: lol ok. *doesnt leave crime scene* *finds evidence there or elsewhere*
  • Police Chief: *Puts him on case in light of the fact he mysteriously knows so much that it's 'impossible for him to know about'*
  • Lassiter: *reluctantly works with Shawn* *arrests wrong guy*
  • Shawn: * has a "psychic episode" once he knows who did it*
  • Police: he's probs wrong but lets go anyway
  • Police: *do what he says* Fuck he was right.

Another Psych rewatch! - Episode 1x01 (Pilot).
“I’m Shawn Spencer, the psychic.”.