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Hello! Seeing as it’s monday, it’s time to end the mindheist week and reveal a new author! But before we do that I’m going to be recommending 3 of my all-time favorite mindheist fics, which will be practically impossible. I mean I love all of her stories, we really do need another week to cover all of it.

Shark in the Water

Pairing: Jungkook/Taehyung
Rated: M
Length: 30k

As far as fairy tales go, this one doesn’t have a lot of faeries. Tales, yes. Tails, that is. Just the one. One (1) tail.

I’m Feeling Electric Tonight

Pairing: Jungkook/Taehyung
Rated: E
Length: A series, 3 works, 50k

Part One:  Dramatization. Do not try at home.

Part Two:  If you experience headaches, nausea, or heartbreak, discontinue use and talk to your doctor because relationships might not be right for you. 

Part Three:  Happy endings sold separately.

You’re My Genie, Lamborghini (You’re My Teeny Weeny Meenie)

Pairing: Jungkook/Jimin
Rated: E
Length: 7.8k

You know those people who say technology is driving people apart? Yeah, fuck them.

Reccer’s Note:
I don’t think I have to mention again just how well-written these fics really are. Every single mindheist story is amazingly written and although she has a million other good stories, these are a few of my faves!

-Admin Nana


You voted, we’ll post it! Your favorite Degrassi promo- Shark in the water! 

Shark In The Water || Closed RP

“You okay?” Logan turned, looking down at Alison. He stopped in the middle of the sidewalk watching the other. In a quick movement he had taken off his jacket, draping it on her shoulders. “You look cold.” He said, no smile on his face though.

“I hope you know that poisoning Cedric’s sniper wasn’t my idea. And none of my men did that- they would never do something like that without asking Mason Dakota or I.” With that he walked forward, stopping and looking back at her. “Are you coming?”

Logan and Alison had arrived home first. The two had walked a few blocks before a black car came and picked them up then dropped them off at home.

“I have business to attend to so i suggest you stay on your side tonight.” He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Goodnight Alison.”

It was clear what his words meant- she was not to disturb him.

A few minutes later Dakota and Mason walked in- in fact they did so right as Logan closed the door between the two apartments.

“Are we in trouble?” Mason asked, his hands in his pocket, his jacket draped over Dakota’s shoulder.

“Why didn’t you let him drink it?” Logan asked, his back to them as he looked out the window.

“You wanted me to let Emile drink poison?”

“Emile is Cedric’s sniper.”

Once again her face fell and the girl blinked. “I-I didn’t know…”

“You had to have had some common sense! You knew he wasn’t from our gang nor from Ethan’s! He was sitting with familiar faces from Cedric’s gang!” He snapped, turning to look at the blonde. “You had to have known! Somewhere inside your mind you knew, you were just too distracted because you wanted to get in his pants!”

“I didn’t know!” She cried back and Logan rolled his eyes. Mason stood stiffly off to the side, eyes focused on his shoes. “I didn’t know Logan! What do you want me to do!? Go back in time and let him die? From fucking poison!? If I had let them die we would have had a war on our hands- not to mention we would have become the rats they think we are!”

The room was silent and Logan once again turned his back to Dakota leaving the girl angrier than before. “Did not petting him die really make you that mad!?” She cried but when she received no answer she scoffed and shook her head, turning to leave which she did.

The sound of the door being slammed shut was the only thing that filled the silence.

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