c: severide

#39 - “Hey, I was going to eat that!”

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As he stepped out of the squad truck, Severide groaned as he stretched his arms over his head.  Squad had been running non-stop, and he was starving.

Someone had already made lunch, because even from where he was standing on the apparatus floor, he could smell it.  He hurried to the kitchen and dining area, hoping to grab something before it was all gone.

After getting his food, Severide noticed an open spot next to Brett at the table she was sitting at with Dawson and Casey.

As he sat down, he noticed the cheesecake sitting in front of Brett.

“There wasn’t any of that when I was up there,” Severide said, pointing his fork at Brett’s plate.

Casey shrugged apologetically, “Sorry, Joe took the last piece.”

As Severide continued to eat, he kept an eye on the cheesecake.

Hearing her name called from across the room, Brett turned away from her plate and Severide struck.

He quickly took the desert from Brett’s place, and quickly ate it.  Hearing laughter from Dawson and Casey, Brett turned back to see what they were laughing at.

Noticing her empty plate, she pouted.  Upon seeing Severide with the crumbs of her missing desert, her pout turned into a scowl, “Hey!  I was going to eat that!”

Severide shrugged apologetically, a grin on his face, “You didn’t eat it fast enough.”  Brett continued to scowl at him, “C’mon Brett, I’ll buy you a new one.”

Before Brett could answer, a call came for the ambo.  As she walked away, Brett tossed over her shoulder, “Yeah, but it won’t be that one.”

Later that evening, after shift was over and Brett was lounging on her couch relaxing, a knock sounded throughout her apartment.  

Slightly confused, Brett opened the door.  A smile took over her face at the sight of Severide holding a cheesecake.  Severide grinned, “Hey, I said I’d buy you a new one.”  Sylvie laughed and opened the door to let him in, “Well, since you went through all that trouble I guess I can even share it with you.”