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what kind of colours would you think Semi's hair would look nice with? (like the style he has, just different colours)

Okay so I thought about it and~

I like this range! His original and cream are my faves (but I usually go more into a silver/white or creamy tone when drawing)

I mean. I guess I can believe that Killian - respect-Emmas-agency, believes-he-deserves-to-be-punished - Jones would consider leaving because she had, to his mind, broken up with him - for a few hours. 

Didn’t like that that bit of manufactured angst had to happen at all. But I think that A&E are trying to pop in a couple of little bumps so that they can have Killian and Emma speak about how they feel about themselves and each other and get everything out on the table and behind them. Just so the audience understands where they stand with each other, with respect to their biggest weaknesses, and how far both have come.

I figure that they thought: what is the worst thing that Killian would think he could have done that would break him at this stage of the game? His biggest issue is self-loathing and thinking he doesn’t deserve a HE, so what’s one final hurdle to allowing himself his HE, his marriage to Emma? The writers clearly thought finding out he murdered her grandpa would be the thing that would test Killian’s self worth most.

And conversely what is the thing that would break her at this last point? Her biggest issue is abandonment, so I guess they thought: what would be the final hurdle for her allowing herself to enjoy her HE, her marriage to Killian? Believing for a while that he had left her would definitely test that.

They’ve already let the audience know that Killian chose to remain in Storybrooke - not run away - and deal with the consequences of his past misdeeds. Now they need to let the audience know that Emma believes in Killian to not abandon her.

I may not have thought this was all necessary. Yeah. I really didn’t. But I do look forward to Killian adventuring with Nemo, Jasmine and Ariel. And I look forward to Emma believing in him and both of them deciding they deserve their HE.

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may I request a soulmate! tattoo au scenario with semi eita where his soulmate knows that they're fated to be (found out during second year when they have a class together for the first time) but is too self-conscious and introverted to tell him and thinks he would be disappointed? maybe have a happy ending where someone from the team happens to see they're soulmates and nudges them.

The tattoo is going to be on their wrist! Really long so it’s under the cut!

“What class did you get (Name)?” Your friend asked as the two of you began walking up the stairs to where the second years had their classes. You were quite excited to become a second year, but it was pretty nerve-wracking. “I got class 2-2, how about you?”

“Aww! I got class 2-3, so close!” Your friend whined as you let out a small chuckle before walking towards your class, “Anyways, why are you wearing a cardigan, it’s so nice and warm outside!”

“I just like having something covering my arms, and I tend to get cold easily,” You answer playing with your cardigan. Your friend nodded before opening the door to your class, “Yeah, well isn’t your soulmate tattoo on your wrist? How is anybody going to know if you’re their soulmate if you’re just going to keep blocking it?”

Sitting down at a desk, you shrank down and frowned, “I don’t know, it’ll happen eventually..” You say quietly as your friend let out a sigh. “Alright, I should be getting to class, see you at lunch.” Waving goodbye to your friend, she opened the door and ran into a tall male with ombre looking hair before stepping to the side, excusing herself.

Pulling your sleeves down past the tips of your fingers, you looked out the window and sighed, this was going to be another long year.

The end of the day had finally come and you were on your way home, passing the gym on your way to the gates. “Volleyball?” You question as you heard the slams of the volleyballs and the squeaks of the shoes. Walking over towards the door, you peeked inside and noted that it was the boy’s volleyball team practicing.

You stepped away from the gym doors and continued on your way home, but let out a shriek as a volleyball came flying right in front of your face. Breathing heavily, you picked the ball up and observed it before you heard a voice.

“Ah, thanks for catching it!” Jumping, you turn to face the ombre-haired male in your class. “It’s nothing,” You responded softly as you handed the ball back.

As he reached out to grab the ball, your eyes flickered to his wrist where you saw a mark that was the same as your soulmate tattoo. Your cheeks flared up and you gasped causing him to look at you concernedly, “Is there something wrong?”

“N-No, it’s um, I just..,” Your eyes wandered everywhere but him as you tried to think of an excuse, “I just remembered that you have the same class as me! Sorry, I didn’t remember your name.”

He gives you a genuine smile before responding, “Semi Eita, and yours?” You smile back nervously, “It’s (Name), you should be getting back. Sorry for keeping you out here for so long,” Semi shakes his head before thanking you again and heading back into the gym. 

As he leaves, you continue to head home, letting out a loud and long sigh as you pulled on your cardigan to look at your tattoo, “I didn’t think I would find him so easily..”

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