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Can we all just appreciate this moment?

Everyone think back to season 4 Castiel. Even the Season 5/6/7 Castiel. Just to before Dean and Sam’s wonderfully human traits rubbed off on him.

Look at this gif of our first encounter with the crypic yet bodacious Castiel

Just acknowledge the small amount of fucks he gives about Dean’s poxy routine of shoot first ask questions later. It’s all in his face. he does not care at all about what is going on; about the attempted murder, the situation or for that matter, as much as it stings to say, Dean. In regards to God’s plans he cares about Dean but as far as this situation goes… he does not.

Again, here! Bobby comes at him, and with little effort or energy he repels it and takes Bobby out in his own little humane way. His facial expression just screams at me what foetus Castiel has constantly reiterated all throughout Supernatural.

The mission

  • This is the Castiel that was just an angel fulfilling his mission.

  • The Castiel that would meaninglessly kill - if he had to.

  • The Castiel that didn’t care what happened or who died, as long as God’s mission was carried out.

  • Look at how Cas took Claire in his arms.

  • Look at how Cas saw her in pain and how he took her in his arms

  • In the most human way possible.

  • He didn’t just shield her either.

  • Like the anomaly of an angel he has become, he protected her from an emotionally impairing sight without a single hesitation

Well done Misha and the SPNFamily. That’s character development done FUCKING FANTASTICALLY well!

He used to be Castiel. Now he’s Cas.

I have to say...

I’m not gonna lie, I am upset. I was actually really rooting for Deku, I mean I was fine with both of them losing but, to see Deku lose again… I dunno it just kinda makes me sad.
Although Deku did ‘win’ his battle with Kacchan, I honestly didn’t consider it to be a victory because Deku could only land one hit on Kacchan!
I love, Kacchan as much as the next guy but Deku, I just love that boy, I even consider him to be my anime son (if that’s not weird) that’s why I’m always rooting for him. So yeah I was upset with the way things turned out in the fight.
The chapter was amazing overall though :3

I’m polishing the story for all 3 chapters and so far it’s going good but slow.

I told myself to be done with all of it this week but all this writing is impossible for me to finish before friday, what was I thinking? 

I know I’m just re-writing things, adding/deleting sentences but this is taking such a long time for me to do x_x it’s gonna take me a month to finish all 70 pages…

wish me good luck qwq

Sorry if this is a controversial opinion, but it really saddens me that so many people in the Captive Prince fandom have been complaining about the Jord/Aimeric story, and saying that they only care about stuff directly related to Damen and Laurent.

I love Damen and Laurent way more than is healthy, and I can’t wait to read about them when there is a short story about them, but I think it’s lovely that Pacat has taken the time to explore some of her minor characters. Pacat has been nothing but kindness to her fans, and since none of us have read the whole short story, I’m not sure we’re in a position to criticise her for the content, even if it’s phrased as a joke.


Borchardt C-93 pistol

Manufactured by Ludwig Lowe in Germany, serial number 689.
7,65mm Borchardt, 7-rounds removable box magazine - probably the first of its kind in pistols.

Considered the first commercially successful semi-automatic pistol design, the toggle-lock mechanism of the C-93 was upgraded by Georg Luger into the Parabellum pistol in 1898.
As was common in the late 19th, the holster doubled as a stock to be able to pretend you owned an accurate weapon.

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With every next episode Supernatural becomes a little more like Naruto

we dont even know what he looks like and yet here i am with a human!tad strange