c: self made man

  • Me, taking off chest binder for the first time in 183728 years: I am a manly man who don't need no shirt
  • Me, slowly grabbing a stuffie nearly my size and slipping into a giant onesie: Manly
  • Me, curling around the stuffie into a ball and pulling the hood on the onesie up over my head: Man

This is Self Made Man, the story of Norah Vincent masquerading as a man for 18 months.

This actually makes me upset because of how fucking true it is. God damn.

She went in a hardcore feminist, and came out sympathizing and empathizing with men, oh, and severe depression.

I never really thought it would be that much harder to be male, holy fuck

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Also, just in case you haven’t seen this, @takashi0 you should watch this.

3.11.13 - 3.12.17 Photo on the left is the day before top surgery. Killing time in FL before we could check into the hotel. I’m terrible at making decisions. I always have been. I’m so afraid of being unsure and choosing the wrong thing. But I can honestly say that this was 1,000,000% right. Thank fuck I knew what was right and decided to free myself no matter what anyone else thought. I don’t give myself credit enough or barely ever but today I’d like to say ‘Good job, bro. You did good.’ ✌️✌️