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Being transgender is literally so inconvenient like why do people think we would WANT to go through the ringer with doctors, therapists, and the government (state and federal) dealing with surgeries, forms out the wazoo for legal name and gender changes, and the law preventing you from moving forward with your transition in some cases. Then there’s having to come out to everyone in your life and being like, “Hey… I’m [gender] please use [x] pronouns.” On top of all that, there are butt loads of ignorant people out there that refuse to respect your identity on the grounds that they believe you are “mentally ill” and a “sensitive snowflake” all while they try to make you feel guilty for making life harder on them. I am NOT choosing to be transgender and I don’t think anyone would want to choose to be considering the shit that life and assholes throw at us. If I am guilty of anything, I am guilty of wanting to live authentically as me and that is definitely not something I should have to feel guilty about.


This is Self Made Man, the story of Norah Vincent masquerading as a man for 18 months.

This actually makes me upset because of how fucking true it is. God damn.

She went in a hardcore feminist, and came out sympathizing and empathizing with men, oh, and severe depression.

I never really thought it would be that much harder to be male, holy fuck

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3.11.13 - 3.12.17 Photo on the left is the day before top surgery. Killing time in FL before we could check into the hotel. I’m terrible at making decisions. I always have been. I’m so afraid of being unsure and choosing the wrong thing. But I can honestly say that this was 1,000,000% right. Thank fuck I knew what was right and decided to free myself no matter what anyone else thought. I don’t give myself credit enough or barely ever but today I’d like to say ‘Good job, bro. You did good.’ ✌️✌️