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Time flies

How They Kiss You

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“What do you mean he doesn’t remember?” Scott asked carefully as the dazed looking Brett stood behind him.

“Well he’s sort of forgot everything like who he is and stuff.” You grinned awkwardly and gave Scott your best puppy dog look. “He’s respectable but a little bit dodgy.” You mumbled and spoke quietly to Brett as Scott sighed.

“I told you, no more pets.” He joked knowing he was going to end up with Brett crashing on the sofa until you’d figured out how to help him.

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Coffee? |Stiles Stilinski imagines|

Stiles x reader

Relationship: party babes
Y/N = your name Y/L/n = your last name
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. @iliketoimaginestuff asked:
The reader meeting Stiles at a party and he tries to flirt with them but it fails and he’s just really awkward, sorry if it didn’t make any sense😂😂

Your high heels clicked again the wooden floor. You pushed open the door and the sound of people and party music filled your ears. But only few chatted when their attention turned to you, the hottest girl in the room. You became very self-conscious and shy but decided not to show it, instead you skated the dance floor! You got really thirsty and decided to hit the bar. You sat next to a brown haired boy. You saw him looking at you wildly.
“Hey do you that um most people meet their soulmates at a bar?” He said nervously.
“No I didn’t but now I do! Also why are you telling me this cutie? ”
“Cutie omg!” He squealed and then coughed. “I mean um thanks…hottie” he leant his elbow against the bar bench top and accidentally broke a few glasses. He fumbled to pick them up but then broke some more. I laughed at the clumsy boy next to me.
“The name is Y/N.” I said putting out my hand to shake.
“You still interested in talking to me when I’ve embarrassed myself more than once now?”
“Yes of course! Now tell me your name silly!”
“Stiles.” He said shaking my hand.
“Well Stiles I’ve gotta go but I hope I see you later in the night.” You winked at him before leaving the bar and going back to dancing with your friends.

You did end up seeing him later. He was on the dance floor. You could see him staring at you and although it was cute it was also a bit creepy. You continued on dancing with your friends but you couldn’t help to notice, in the corner of your eye and guy dancing, stiles dancing. He shaking his arms and doing what he would define as dancing but you definitely wouldn’t! You couldn’t help to laugh at his “dancing”. He gave you a quick wink and all your friends laughed and teased you. A slow song came on and he walked over to you and asked for a dance so of course you did.
“Why are you doing all this? If it’s an attempt to get my number you got it! But that would only be because I want you to stop embarrassing yourself!”
“I know I’m sorry! It’s just I get nervous around girls especially pretty ones and I embarrass them and myself but to be honest I’ve never actually gotten this far, usually they would’ve left already!” He declared
“Well consider yourself lucky because I’m not going anywhere!” You laughed as he joined in.

After a few slow songs were finally finished you headed back over to the bar where you wrote down your number for him. After that you had a few laughs. He told you about his life and then you guys got to the funny questions:
“best pickup line! Go!”
“um…ooh! Hey baby…” he stumbled putting his head in his hand in defeat. You laughed and continued to ask strange questions like: what car?, first kiss? And favourite food combo. Is what safe to say you were nearly as weird as him but that was good thing because that meant you guys got on well with each other. It came the end of a good night and you had to Say your goodbyes.
“See ya Stiles! It was lovely getting to know you!”
“You too! I’ll call you” he yelled to you as you walked out the bar with your friends. Later that night as you got dropped off at your house that you shared with your best friend your phone beeped. You pulled it out of your clutch. It was him.

Stiles: How does next Wednesday sound? Coffee? You laughed and responded not too soon after. You: Sounds good! Thanks for a good night!

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Snatched (Imagine)

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Summary: The pack go to the annual lacrosse bonfire, and play a game of “Hostages” in the dark forest… who will catch you?

(y/f/s) = Your favourite song

(y/c/n) = Your crushes’ name

It was about 7:30pm, the night of the anual lacrosse bonfire. This was your first year going to one of these, and you were incredibly excited to go, as your crush, (y/c/n) was going to be there. As you stood in your room, you peered out the window, as your body filled with butterflies. Not nervous btterflied, excited butterflies. You heard a loud “HONK” and shot down the stairs as fast as your legs could carry you, grabbing your purse on the way out.

“Hey (y/n), you’re looking cute!” Malia was shouting over the blaring music. "Haha, thanks. You ready to go? Where is everyone else?“                              "Oh, they’re gonna meet us there. Stiles is picking up Scott, Kira and Lydia, and Hayden and Liam are going to walk.” “Oh, ok, cool! Shall we go then?“                    "Yep! Let’s get this party started!”

You rolled your eyes and smiled. The two of you chugged down the road blaring (y/f/s) and singing as loud as you possibly could.

Once the two of you finally arrived at the bonfire, you were already exhausted, but were somehow even more pumped. As you stepped out of the car, a blast of hot air sent sparks shooting up your arms, creating goosebumps on your cold skin.
“Jeez, big fire!” Malia stared at the almost dangerously large bonfire in awe.
“Where is everyone?”
There weren’t many people in sight, 40 or so, so you and Malia wandered around to figure out where on Earth everyone had gone. As you walked behind a small house, you found you were standing in a dark forest, and spotted a large group of people talking. Malia caught up to you.
“What are they doing?”
“I don’t know…?” you replied walking closer to the group.
As you reached them, they all turned to look at you.
“Malia, (y/n), wanna join us? We are just about to play Hostages!” Stiles’ voice echoed into the almost daunting forest.
“Oh, yea sure!”
You saw (y/c/n) looking at you from within the crowd. You and Malia joined the group and listened to Stiles.

“So, who knows how to play?” Apart from the rustling of dry leaves and a few scattered grunts, it was dead silent.
“Ok, i’ll take that as a no then. And a few derranged pigs.”
Quiet laughter filled the air.
“Ok, so, here’s how the game works. We will split into two teams. The runners and the snatchers. At the very start of the game, one person will be sent in alone to hide, they are the hostage. The runners are trying to find the hostage, and thus free him. Meanwhile, the snatchers are trying to well, snatch, the runners. A snatcher must grab a runner, and can only have one held hostage at a time. That runner must stay with their snatcher, and will be walked back to base, the shed, however they can be freed by another runner on the way. Once they reach the base, the snatcher can drop off their hostage and return to the game. They will be kept until freed by a runner who dares enter the base. The game continues until the runners have found the original hostage, or until all pf the runners are being held at the base. Everyone got it?”
Scattered “yesses” could be heard throughout the group.
“ok, great, this half, you’re runners, this half, you’re snatchers” Stiles pointed to the halves of the group.
“Ok, Scott, you ok to be the hostage?” Scott groaned.
“Ugh, alright, you can take a friend. Kira?”
They both smiled.
“Kira it is then. Off you go you two. DON’T give yourselves away.”
“Sir yes sir!” Scott replied smugly as he and Kira walked into the forest.
Damnit, (y/c/n) was a snatcher and you were a runner. Oh well, may as well have some fun running through a dark forest without any knowledge of what mythical beasts lurk within….Yay! Let’s go!

You sprinted off down a dark path, let’s face it, they’re all dark paths, and took refuge behind a large tree. You waited hastily until you heard voices near you, and sprinted off to find a new hiding place. You had had a few close encounters, but so far no one had caught you. Hey, this is actually kinda fun! As you were hiding behind a small bush, you heard noises behind you, and decided to walk away stealthily in another direction. Just as you were about to take cover under an old bench, a strong pair of arms surrounded your waist from behind and threw you onto the ground.
“Gotcha!” You heard the distinct voice of (y/c/n). EEEEEK!
“Ugh, you could’ve done that a bit more gently.” You sat up rubbing your head.
“Sorry, didn’t want you to get away.”
“haha, it’s alright.”
(y/c/n) helped you to your feet, and you started heading back to base.
“Can’t we just, pretend this never happened? I leave, you pretend you never saw me, no one gets hurt?” You smirked micheviously up at him.
“No way, you’re my prisoner now. I take great pride in my work.” (y/c/n) smiled. HE’S SO CUTE AHHHH!
“You know I can always just run. Not like you could catch me…”
“Uh, yes I could, I caught you before didn’t I?”
“Yea…. but you snuck up on me, that doesn’t count.”
“Whatever you say…”
You rolled your eyes.
“Just let me go! Come onnn… for me?”
“Well, I mean, for you…. NO!”
You groaned and continued walking back to base.

After about 5 minutes of pointless banter, you readied yourself to make a run for it. As you neared the shed, where you would be left hostage until someone freed you, you decided to sprint. And I mean SPRINT! You weren’t aware you could run this fast! As your legs carried you swiftly back into the depths of the forest, you gave yourself a (metaphorical) pat on the back. You were free! Or so you thought. Probably would have been better if you crashed into a tree, that way you could’ve touched wood, and saved yourself from the blindingly obvious jinx you just placed upon youself. But of course, you had no such luck. Only you of all people could manage to run full speed into the person you were trying to run away from. As the two of you collided mid-air, (y/c/n) did his best to break your fall, but was not incredibly successful. Instead, he ended up landing on top of you, your faces so close you could feel his breath.
“Told you you couldn’t escape me.” (y/c/n) smirked.
You rolled your eyes,
“Hey, if you weren’t so damn clumsy I would’ve escaped!”
“Umm, are we forgetting you crashed into me?”
“I did no such thing!” You do admit, it was your fault….
The fact that your crush was on top of you seemed to hit him like a truck, as his eyes began darting from side to side. He got up, grabbed both of your hands and hoisted you back onto your feet. He, however, overestimated your size, as you came crashing into him. He threw his arms around you to a repeat of what just happened. As you stood there,in his arms, completely flustered, you couldn’t help but feel that he was looking down at you. You glanced up at him, only to find him staring down at you, almost, lovingly. What was going on?! Thoughts whirled around in your mind, but they were shortly interrupted by his lips against yours. Oh. My. God! AHHHHH! You were kissing (y/c/n)! As quickly as it had happened, it was over.
“Oh, uh, ah i’m sorry. I-I didn’t mean to do th-”
His words were cut off by your lips against his, as you both smiled into each other.
“Don’t worry about it.” You smiled up at him as he grinned down at you. Your moment was interupted by Liam’s voice, that seemed to echo all throughout the forest.  
“(y/n), (y/c/n), hate to butt in on this puke-worthy moment, but the game ended. SNATCHERS WIN!”
“Ha!” (y/c/n) laughed.
“Shut up” You said jokingly. “Not like you helped at all, you were too busy chasing a runaway, that was obviously too fast for you”
“Hey, hey, I thought we went over this I-” (y/c/n) was cut off yet again, man i really feel for this guy, by none other than Malia.
“Where were you? Get up to anything interesting?” Malia said, raising her eyebrows suggestively.
The two of you looked at each other.
“Oh yea, sorry, I was snatched….” ;)


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