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Sterek AU: After months of ridiculous pining and many many failed attempts at trying to ask Derek out on a date, Stiles sort of accidentally loses all pretense and finesse on one of their stake outs. Because Derek was just sitting there, with his stupid shoulders and the creak of his leather jacket whenever he shifted in his seat and Stiles had been rummaging through his fries, very specifically avoiding eye contact and trying very hard not to do something stupid. Like shove himself into Derek’s lap and find out if he can actually get beard burn if he eats at Derek’s mouth long enough.

But then Derek made some dry comment about Stiles’ surveillance skills and Stiles had laughed almost hysterically, heart pounding in the back of his throat and blurted, “So you wanna go out with me?”

And Derek had just- shrugged, eyes slowly drifting from their gaze out the window, pausing slightly before finally resting on Stiles.


Sure. Like it was that easy, like Stiles had just offered Derek a drink of his soda and not something so horrifically pathetic as an actual date with a seventeen year old boy who couldn’t be eloquent enough to actually eat slow enough to taste his food.

Stiles was going to die of a heart attack before he ever experienced his first romantic entanglement.

A concept

The very last episode of teen wolf is Isaac back from Paris. He and Scott reunited and visiting Allisons grave (as like an anniversary of her death)stiles and Lydia show up with Derek as well. they all part ways except Scott and stiles. Stiles says “hey Scott, I heard there was a dead body in the woods, a body cut in half wanna go check it out” they jump in the Jeep and as they’re passing the school all you see is coach running out, tears of joy everywhere………. Greenberg finally graduated

Little Beta Chapter 11

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Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader

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How the boys would kiss you

Request: For the preferences, how about how the boys would kiss or cuddle you?

Hey guys, this is my first preference so if you enjoyed make sure to send in some requests! If there are any Teen Wolf boys on here you think I’ve missed make sure to send me a message so they can be included in the next preference. Much love, Felicite x


His kisses would be slow but full of passion, one of his large hands would cup your cheek while the other would rest on your waist. He would make sure that within every kiss you knew he loved you with everything he had. Once you had finally pulled away, he would kiss your forehead and whisper “I love you”.


Kisses with Stiles would be like no other, they would be fast paced and long lived. Most of the time, he would be running a hand through your hair or it would be resting on the back of your neck. He would definitely not be afraid of a little PDA every now and then.


Dereks kisses would often be in private, whilst you were alone in his apartment as he wasn’t too fond of PDA but wasn’t afraid to give you a quick peck on the cheek if he saw another guy looking at you. It would often be very passionate, which would lead to a lot more than just kissing.


Slow and sensual were two words to describe Issacs kisses. He would pick you up carefully and place you on the bed, where he would then interlace your fingers with his and cup your cheek with his free hand. Occasionally, his lips would wonder from your lips and onto your neck.


You were Liams first kiss, and he was also yours. Your kisses were slow and filled with care as neither of you wanted to hurt the other. However, sometimes the kisses shared between the two of you were incredibly passionate, with hands going between running your fingers through each others hair, and touching each others body.

so i’m rewatching teen wolf and i’m on season 5

and i was on the bathroom scene between hayden and liam (the one where hayden’s like “get me outta this and i’ll forget about sixth grade”) and it then pans to scott right and hes looking at them like “wtf didn’t you guys hate each other like what the equivalent of two episodes ago if this were a tv show ago.” “how the fuck do you like each other already” “jesus christ on a bicycle this doesn’t make sense” before walking off


Prompt List

Fandom List

Requested By @its-shaula-wii

Thank you to @joeynihil for letting me borrow the gif :)

“What do you mean he doesn’t remember?” Scott asked carefully as the dazed looking Brett stood behind him.

“Well he’s sort of forgot everything like who he is and stuff.” You grinned awkwardly and gave Scott your best puppy dog look. “He’s respectable but a little bit dodgy.” You mumbled and spoke quietly to Brett as Scott sighed.

“I told you, no more pets.” He joked knowing he was going to end up with Brett crashing on the sofa until you’d figured out how to help him.

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Teen Wolf

Whoops - Stiles Stilinski

The reader accidentally gets pregnant 

Ass Wipe - Brett Talbot

Brett acts like a self righteous ass but when the reader is around, it all changes

Psychotic Parents - Liam Dunbar 

Liam finds out who the readers parents are and they’re not who he expected

Trusty Wolf - Brett Talbot

You are the only one Brett treats with respect and kindness

Mates - Liam Dunbar

Liam is new to the pack but he starts to feel things around the reader

Choose - Liam Dunbar

Isaac comes back after ending your relationship on mutual terms, but you’re dating Liam. Who will the reader choose?

Here to help, not to stay - Theo Raeken 

The reader decides to end things with Theo after everything he has done, but that’s all about to change. 


Playlist Series - Liam Dunbar

Each imagine is based off a song that I thought suited Liam. None of them connect or overlap in anyway.

Don’t Tell Me

Hi guys, I finally got around to making a master list! I’m really sorry about the level of cringeyness in some of these, I wrote them last year thinking that I was half good. Cheers lovelies!!! xxx -Lilly 

Being new at Beacon Hills would include..

- moving to beacon hills because of your fathers job

- not knowing how to first open your locker

- a cheery voice offering to help you, the voice belonging to a red headed girl named Lydia

- her offering you to sit with her at lunch

- being greeted by six other voices as you sat down to lunch with Lydia

- sitting in between a girl called Malia and a boy called Scott

- them inviting you to go swimming with them next saturday (read Swimming with the Mcall pack would include)

- having english class with Stiles

- getting lost on your way to 4th period

- resulting in asking a blue eyed boy named Liam where the chemistry room is

- Coach picking on you during class, as youre the new kid in class

- making friends with Allison during gym class

- meeting ‘the pack’ outside of the main building after school

- Stiles offering to take you home in his jeep instead of you getting the bus

- you kindly refusing his offer but agreeing to meet your new friends

Teen Wolf Prompt Challenge

It’s official, teen wolf has ended. It’s a bittersweet moment because even though I’m proud of what the cast has accomplished, I don’t really want to let them go. Nevertheless, I thought it would be a good idea to do this new challenge where you can ask me to write an imagine with any character of teen wolf you want to say goodbye to this amazing show which has been with us all these years. So yeah, that’s basically it. Choose all the prompts you want and the character and I’ll write the story the sooner I can. Love you all!

1.‘Are you breaking up with me?’
2.‘I need a break’
3.'If you cross that line, we’re done’
4.'I’m scared bc I think I love you’
5.'I’m pregnant’
6.'She/He’s dead’
7.'I know you prefer her/him’
8.'Please, don’t leave me’
9.'What if I lose you?’
10.'I can’t live without you’
11.'Did you cheat on me?’
12.'I thought you loved me’
13.'Can I hug you?’
14.'You could always hold my hand’
15.'Why are you wearing my boxers?’
16.'I’ll always chose you’
17.'Is this the end?’
18.'I hate the fact that I don’t hate you at all’
19.'I’m really tired of this’
20.'I don’t know if I wanna kiss you or punch you’
21.'It’s okay if you chose her’
22.'You are so selfish’
23.'Did you just kiss me?’
24.'Can you pick me up? I need you’
25.'You are the love of my life’
26.'Can you please open your eyes for once? You are beautiful’
27.'I never imagined our relationship like this’
28.'I wanna watch Star Wars’
29.'Everything has changed’
30.'Your parents are gonna hate me’
31.'Do you want to marry me?’
32.'The sight of you makes me sick’
33.'Can we make out now?’
34.'I want to spend the rest of my life with you’
35.'I never thought it would hurt this much’
36.'What is your bra side?’
37.'Can we please be cliché for once and have a kiss in the rain?’
38.'But you are my best friend, best friends don’t feel this way’
39.'Maybe we could cuddle all day(?)’
40.'What’s wrong with you? You look like a lost puppy’
41.'You are a really good kisser’
42.'Is it gonna be her/him or me?’
43.'Kiss me and never let me go’
44.'I hate you so much’
45.'I’m gonna follow you for the rest of my life’

Little Beta(s) Chapter 15

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Prompt: Liam get’s turned at an early age and he looks at you as his guardian/parent. Plus you’re dating Scott who’s always trying to look after him. (10 year gap between Liam and reader)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader (platonic) Scott McCall x Reader


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14

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