c: saxa

Why aren't more people talking about Spartacus?!

I mean you have these gorgeous women

Who are 100% Feminine and 100% Badass!

Naevia cut off her rapists head!

Laeta killed the guy who manipulated her and took advantage of her and branded her as a slave!

Saxa is one of the best damn fighters that the rebels have!

Mira is also badass but with a bow and arrow :)

now whilst the girls armor does seem typically sexualised… 

this is the Guys armour, barely anything! :D So why aren’t more people talking about this?!


I love her so much! What an awesome charity. You don’t stop and think what a HUGE impact a simple pair of glasses can make in a child’s life. I see it everyday at my job. The Spartacus crew are truly heroes on and off the screen.