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what are your thoughts on the character of sasha from bunheads? tbh her treatment of boo is infuriating. she always seems to be rude or a killjoy to everyone. i get her character is suppose to be jess circa season 2/3 in that sense - cold to everyone, doesnt share their emotions, has a bad home life - but damn at least his character had some moments where he was nice, tho usually to luke and rory. im at episode 10 so maybe my thoughts will change once i get through it?

I always thought the comparison between Sasha and Jess was interesting, mostly because I never saw it. In fact, in a lot of ways she reminded me more of a weird cross between Paris and what a young Logan would’ve been like. A lot of my sympathy for Jess came from the fact that his circumstances were inarguably awful in every way, and he was generally rude a) only to those who had first been rude to him and b) as a way of expressing resentment about the lack of control in his life. Whereas Sasha just comes off as a ‘mean girl’. I kind of thought yes, her parents suck, but they also throw money at her and she has a whole town that loves and accepts her, and she’s the best and most recognized ballerina in her class.

All that  being said, I just recently rewatched Bunheads for like, the 4th time (finished about a week ago) and I have to say, my feelings about Sasha actually did shift from what I expected. In the first half, even though I mostly enjoyed her, I still felt what you felt - she was being unnecessarily rude just for the sake of it. I think it was a writing problem, because I feel like they didn’t convey her struggle or why she would act out very well.

Honestly though, in the second half her character (and all of their characters) seem to get more defined and I thought she (and the others) kind of softened into this place that made a lot more sense - she’s strong and bossy but she gets caught in cycles of over-intellectualization and jealousy. More than anything she just wants to be a real adult. Her insecurities come out of this and it makes a lot more sense as to how she actually became friends with these other girls (which IMO is a pretty big head scratcher at the beginning).