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The marriage was a quiet one, but the news was still greeted with astonishment on Earth. Sarek took it calmly. One particularly annoying newspaper, which published a slight alteration on Amanda’s headline—”I Married A Little Green Man!”—received an interesting riposte from Amanda, when she was interviewed on one of the broadcast news services shortly thereafter: “There is nothing little,” she said with great dignity, “about my husband.”

Spock’s World by Diane Duane

Amanda no

so many of my wips are unfinished because i have no idea how to properly use color and i get overly ambitious and then quickly frustrated and give up :|  (or… courting S/A totally sneak off and vulcan make-out in the middle of a diplomatic function YOU GUYS BEHAVE)


spockoandjimjim  asked:

Imagine that Vulcan children don't lose teeth. Imagine the chaos that ensues when spock loses his first tooth

And Sarek freaking out (in a logical way) because he doesn’t know what is happening and Amanda like “Adun, no, you don’t have to call a healer, Spock is ok. No, he’s not in danger. Yes, that’s completely normal. Sarek… please, sit down and listen to me… that tooth cannot be reimplanted. Yes, he will lose all his teeth and I don’t want to have this conversation every time, ok?”