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Are there like… any other parents on Vulcan? Like are Sarek and Amanda single-handedly raising every single child they encounter? Every child who sets foot on the planet now belongs to them? Like they meet some other Vulcan’s kid and go “hello, I’m your parent now” and then just take off with them? Is that what happened?

  • Spock: This is my sister, Michael.
  • Jim: Okay, so, question; your sister is human.
  • Spock: That was not a question.
  • Jim: She's not really your sister.
  • Spock: Not biologially-
  • Jim: I have all the answers I need. How many children has your father adopted?
  • Spock: I stopped counting after the third.
  • Jim: WTF can he adopt me too?
  • Sarek: *pops out of nowhere with adoption papers* Yes I can.

The marriage was a quiet one, but the news was still greeted with astonishment on Earth. Sarek took it calmly. One particularly annoying newspaper, which published a slight alteration on Amanda’s headline—”I Married A Little Green Man!”—received an interesting riposte from Amanda, when she was interviewed on one of the broadcast news services shortly thereafter: “There is nothing little,” she said with great dignity, “about my husband.”

Spock’s World by Diane Duane

Amanda no

​Things to have in consideration when drawing Michael, Sybok and Spock:

  • If we take Sonequa’s age as a reference, she’s 32yo in Discovery. This means she was born in 2223.
  • Sybok was born in 2224.
  • Spock was born in 2230.
  • So we know that Michael is 1 year older than Sybok and 7 years older than Spock. Sybok is 6 years older than Spock.
  • Spock left when he was 20 to join Starfleet.
  • Sybok left when he was 21 or so to look for the real location of Sha Ka Ree.
  • Michael probably joined Starfleet when she was 18. This means that Spock was 11 at this time, and Sybok was 17.
  • Sybok joined the family when he was 10 more or less (his existence was kept secret from Sarek by T’Rea).
  • We don’t know when Michael was adopted but for what I see in the trailer she looks like 6 yo.
  • So this means that Sarek and Amanda adopter Michael, a year later Spock was born and 4 years later (again, more or less) Sybok joined the family.
  • And the most important of all I-Chaya was still alive.

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