c: sarah hawkins

Though being active duty in the royal navy makes it difficult for Jim to visit the old Benbow with as much frequency as he likes, he makes sure to pop in, even if briefly, every three or four months to check on his mother. The best times were always when Silver appeared as well, the old cyborg coming in to port on Montressor to stay for a week or so at a time, playing catch up with the Hawkinses and assuring Jim and his mother that he was alright (something that the younger man worried over often–despite receiving the Queen’s pardon, Silver had a remaining tendency to roam in less-than-savoury places). Some of Jim’s most favourite memories were  mornings spent around the breakfast table, laughing and telling jokes while his mother pottered back and forth from the kitchen, Silver inevitably trying to charm her into taking a break from being a good hostess for once in her life and to sit down with them. These were the times when everything was alright, Silver was safe, Jim was home, and they were a family. 


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Once in a while Silver would visit the Benbow when Jim was off on duty and he’d stay a little while as some friendly company to a welcoming Sarah Hawkins. Market day was a little domestic ritual they developed, and every Saturday morning they found themselves creating a formidable partnership, combining Silver’s sharp eye for deals and impressive haggling skills with Sarah’s understanding of value and respectable womanly charm to stock up the Benbow’s cabinets and lockers without spending too dear a cent.

Domesticity. I like it.  

Sarah and Silver become good friends after the old pirate is pardoned for his crimes following his participation in the battles against the Procyons. He stays at the Benbow now and again and helps in the kitchen, keeping Jim’s mother company when the boy’s ship is deployed. A nice little return to domesticity for the both of them (well, a return for Sarah, a tread into relatively unfamiliar waters for Silver) following years of their own hardships.

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