c: sarah baxter

Getting really tired of all the Marry Cain posts. She’s obviously really fast, but she’s not even really in high school and she has the SAME coach as Galen Rupp. I’m sure if more teens were trained by professional coaches, there would be a lot more Mary Cains. At least Sarah Baxter goes to a real high school and trains with her team. 

But she looks really nice.

Okay, im done. 


I can’t believe this girl. I can’t fathom how much of a legend she is. I knew her potential when she was only 4'8" as a freshman. I started directly next to her in my second cross country race ever, not knowing who she was. Now she’s 5'2" as a junior and everyone knows who she is.

I hope she knows how jealous we all are.

When she goes to the Olympics in 2020, I can say I was in the same race as this girl.

So Sarah Baxter had her first loss in her career. Well… here is the thing. I do not feel sorry for her. While she is a great runner and I followed her high school career, I really think that the loss today will be a lesson for her. She will be competing for Oregon next year. She will compete for Division I. Here she will learn that there are going to be people faster than her. 

Do I sound heartless? Probably.

But while I do feel this way about her race it doesn’t mean it is a bummer to lose. But I feel that you can’t always be the best at everything.