He remembered a time when he had thought that Lord Eddard Stark might marry him to Sansa and claim him for a son, but that had only been a child’s fancy.

Sansa + Dany : Girl trouble

“Jon broke Ramsey’s nose..“ Sansa whispered to the girls standing around her. She still looked a bit shocked. “Headmaster Stannis has suspended him for a week. if mother hears of this she will not stop nagging uncle Rheagar about this.. He is in deep trouble.“She said. “I mean, yes Ramsey deserved it, but I never expected Jon to snap. Sandor, yes, Jon no.“

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Harry can be a beguiling one, no doubt. Soft sandy hair, deep blue eyes, and dimples when he smiles. And very gallant, I am told.” He teased her with a smile. “Bastard-born or no, sweetling, when this match is announced you will be the envy of every highborn maiden in the Vale, and a few from the riverlands and the Reach as well.

Sansa Arya

I know that they are sisters and they love each other but sometimes I doubt this. Especially when They both look back on Winterfell and their family. Sansa always thinks of Arya as an afterthought, or not at all. She didn’t even ask about her after the gold cloaks and Lannister men killed the Stark household. And Arya thinks about avenging and saving her family “even Sansa”  is how she thinks of her.