c: sandor clegane

“When you’re old enough, I will make you a match with a high lord who’s worthy of you, someone brave and gentle and strong” (AGOT, Eddard Stark)


““I … I should have come to you after,” she said haltingly. “To thank you, for … for saving me … you were so brave.”” (ACOK)


““Do as you’re bid, child,” Clegane said. “Dress.” He pushed her toward her wardrobe, almost gently.”” (AGOT)

“The Hound gave her a push, oddly gentle, and followed her down the steps” (ACOK)

“The Hound pulled her to her feet, not ungently.” (ACOK)

““Here, girl.” Sandor Clegane knelt before her, between her and Joffrey. With a

delicacy surprising in such a big man, he dabbed at the blood welling from her broken lip.” (AGOT)


Strong hands grasped her by the shoulders, and for a moment Sansa thought it was her father, but when she turned, it was the burned face of Sandor Clegane looking down at her, his mouth twisted in a terrible mockery of a smile.” (AGOT)

“Of late Ser Osmund had taken Sandor Clegane’s place by Joffrey’s side, and Sansa had heard the women at the washing well saying he was as strong as the Hound, only younger and faster” (ACOK)

“A stab went through her, so sharp that Sansa sobbed and clutched at her belly.She might have fallen, but a shadow moved suddenly, and strong fingers grabbed her arm and steadied her.” (ACOK)

*sandor clegane voice* sansa stark?? nah she’s dumb what a— [trips] [hundreds of photos of sansa stark spill out of jacket] w-what a stupid girl i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of sansa stark scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen


 quote from sherlock 02.01, a scandal in belgravia

“when a woman thinks that her house is on fire, her instinct is at once to rush to the thing which she values most. it is a perfectly overpowering impulse […]” (a scandal in bohemia)


Kiss the Girl

Sandor Clegane is not a social man. He tends the land of Sonoita, AZ and he is blissfully left alone. But when he finds he’s the last remaining family for his suddenly orphaned niece, his bubble of isolation is burst. Special services suggest he find an au pair.

Sansa Stark is finished with the north; with its winters, its cruelty and the ill reputation it has left her. Sansa’s friends Jeyne and Myranda all found luxurious au pair positions in New York and in Copenhagen, but all she can find, and at such short notice, is a position in some dusty, high desert town called Sonoita. 







Joffrey called out, “Dog!”
Sandor Clegane seemed to take form out of the night, so quickly did he appear. He had exchanged his armor for a red woolen tunic with a leather dog’s head sewn on the front. The light of the torches made his burned face shine a dull red. “Yes, Your Grace?” he said.
“Take my betrothed back to the castle, and see that no harm befalls her,” the prince told him brusquely. And without even a word of farewell, Joffrey strode off, leaving her there.

A Game of Thrones


Sometimes I have seen people make fun of Sandor’s outfit the night he escorted Sansa after the tourney, joking that it was like a Weasly sweater or comparing it to Mark Darcy’s Christmas sweaters in Bridget Jones’s Diary. And it is OK to have fun and have a couple of laughs, but beyond that, what was George’s intention when he wrote this description? I don’t think he wanted us to believe the tunic was funny-looking or that Sandor dresses badly. It is probably the opposite, because in a court where ostentation seems to be the norm he never wears showy clothes but plain colours and is quite neat and careful with his outfit and personal hygiene. 

He is very self-conscious due to his disfigurement to the extent that he wears his hair long and brushes in a certain way (sideways) to try, rather unsuccessfully, to cover those gruesome burns. His white cloak is described as snowy and he wears a jewelled brooch to fasten it. Sansa notices that he often smells of wine but not of anything unpleasant apart from that, except diring the BoBW night, but how could he not smell of sweat after fighting for hours leading sorties and even boarding enemy ships? As for the smell of blood and vomit, that doesn’t prove he was careless and dirty in general terms.

 I am saying this because I do not like the way the show has portrayed him as messy, scruffy, with bad teeth and horrible manners at the table. What is more, I don’t think it makes sense for a character to wear armour and the same armour, by the way,in all the scenes except one in which he is wearing the KG’s armour, and he looks gorgeous there, by the way. And what about wearing the same breeches for three seasons? This is a bit too much even for a scruffy character, which Sandor Cleagane is not in the books, to start with.

 What is the point of making him look so scruffy and never changing his breeches or armour? He has a good job, being Joff’s sworn shield so he must have a good pay and be able to buy suitable clothes, or at least some chothes. It is impossible to believe that Cersei would have a scruffy and messy sworn shield not only at court but also around her son. This is not about vanity but about dressing the right way four your job and Sandor seems responsible as regards his job until the very end, when he decides he has had enough.

I have added a picture where we can see a tunic with a dog or a wolf sewn on it and I don’t think it looks bad at all. If it was red it would be very much like that of Sandor’s. Sandor was wearing Lannister red and I do not think red is a bad colour for either a swarthy or a fair-skinned guy. I is not suitable for people with ruddy faces but Sandor is never said to be ruddy and it would be unlikely if his hair is so dark.

By the way, what do you think of other characters’ attire, some are quite over the top, in may view, or at least extremely showy. What about Loras Tyrell’s saphyre armour and that cape of woven roses?

By Michael Komarck

We cannot see the cape here and he looks gorgeous anyway in this picture,but his armour is really showy.

And what about Jaime wearing golden armour? 

They are just examples of outfits that sound far more extravagant that that red tunic, and not only extravagant but risky, sometimes bordering on poor taste. Even the KG’s armour sounds weird. It is not white in the show, probably because it  would not look good in white, to put it lightly. Have you imagined what those guys would look like in enamelled white armour? LOL.

What do you think of the outfits described in the books? Are there any that you found especially nice, or maybe the opposite, or perhaps a little too extravagant?