c: sam axe

This is how it goes.

My name is John, I used to watch Burn Notice until

“The series finale is up. No new episodes”


When Burn Notice is over, you got nothing.

No new cast commentary, Spy tips, or spoilery script tweets.

You’re stuck with whatever rerun you started on Netflix last month.

“Where am I?”

“Season 2.”

You watch whatever floats your boat.

You rely on anyone with decent TV suggestions.

A Dramady fan friend.

“Have you watched Game of Thrones?”

An old friend who used to watch Burn Notice with you.

“Michael and Sam? bunch of bitchy little girls.”

Family too…

“Hey is that your mom again?”

If you’re desperate.

“I really enjoy Scandal, John.”

And a down and out friend you met on the forums.

“We got this and the Breaking Bad finale, people.”

Bottom line, unless you find a new favorite show, You’re not going anywhere.