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Robert (Carlyle) Gold. TADAAAA XD That’s how I rped him. It must be with a R.

See, that’s what I keep coming back to, but I wondered if that was crossing a line or too weird? His sign says R. Gold so I’m like Roger? Ryan? Reynold? Renault? Roderick? Ross? Rory? And then I start to feel a bit like the princess from the original fairy tale.

RumpelGold was one of the reasons I decided to make a Tumblr, to follow them and stalk their blog…and then later I turned into OnceUponARumple because I realized I need Robert Carlyle on my blog everyday because I’m a creep

So when I saw this, I was like


Meanwhile the rest of the world is like

I’m not even sorry

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Rumplestiltskin/Gold solo, Taste Drabble



Taste.  There’s a prompt >:D

It felt good, on his tongue. It always did. 

When it touched his taste buds it was bliss. Proper heaven, a place so often denied to him, he could only reach whenever that specific flavor would touch his organ of taste. 

He could feel it now as it brushed past his papillae. 

It always thrilled him when he knew that this delicious taste would make it to his manipulator for food, for mastication.  The flavor would touch his organ, kept moist by saliva, It’s sensitive and richly supplied with nerves and blood vessels, and therefore he gets extra stimulated whenever that specific tang brushes past his tongue.

The blood rushed through his body as he licks, the underside of his tongue purple and vulnerably exposed to the world to see. The blood courses even faster, his body pumping with need. 

There it goes. Just one drip. It has leaked past his chin and down his pants. He traces a finger for it, catches the tiny white droplet and licks it from his hand. He wants more, craves more, when he knows that he has just finished his last.

The sensation is cold past his gums and painful down the back of his throat as he swallows.  His body stiffens and his muscles ache as he sits up straight with his hands gripping his knees. He is ready for more now, and his eyes darken dangerously. But he just had his last.

He would have to wait.

Rumple’s Midnight Encounters: For calonari

Rumple’s Midnight Encounters: For calonari


Long, sure strides carried the golden man behind his desk and he sat in the upholstered chair. His legs crossed, leather pants crackling, and his fingers started tapping  atop his desk. He was now leaning over the parchment and vellums that were forming a pile on top of his desk and studied them with vague interest. His lips moved rapidly but in silence as he read line after line of agreements and past contracts, reminiscing deals he had benefited from.

It was in this manner that Carol met him, and she smiled as she leant against the doorway of his chamber. She cleared her throat, “ Excuse me,” She said, catching his attention and making him jerk in surprise. He gave a little jolted cry before his rather large grey eyes found her and traced her form. She smiled at him and took a step forth, almost tripping and thus to keep her balance stumbling into his room. She managed though and conquered the difficulties of her balance, ending up straight in front of him with a smile of victory plastered on her face.

“Is this your place, Rumple?”

The imp’s mouth twitched into a smile. “Rumple, now, dearie? Familiarizing yourself already with me.” He silently wondered how he could have missed the entrance of his latest guest. He should have heard her coming.

“A little clumsy.” He remarked, pointing at her feet and smirking.

Carol turned slightly red. “Ah yes,” She said and opened her mouth to say more, but then she frowned and walked straight past the golden creature to study the drawings on one of his walls. With her hands clasped behind her back she  stood there in silence, a dreamy look upon her face, and Rumplestiltskin took his time to study her. Red hair and, as he had noted upon her entering the room, blue eyes.

“Is this another dream?” She finally said, voice a dreamy whisper.

Rumplestiltskin raised a brow and leaned his elbow on the edge of his chair. “Does it feel real?”

Carol let out a small laugh. “I don’t know. Would it be real if it felt real? Dreams can feel real too.”

The imp smirked toothily at her. “You’re right about that, Carol.” He said.

The girl turned to him with a smile. “You know my name.” She said, pointing a finger at him, “So this must be a dream.”

The golden man leaned back in his chair and looked at her through half-lidded eyes. “Perhaps,” He hummed, “Or perhaps your journal gave it away.”

“My journal?” The girl asked, looking confused and edging closer to him.

“Yes,” Rumplestiltskin showed her a folio and pointed with his fingers at a few written lines. “Here it says.”

She narrowed her eyes and tried to read it. “But that’s one of my dreams.” Carol concluded with a frown. She placed her hands on her hips.

“Is it now?” Rumplestiltskin teased her. “I’d figured so. These pages kept blowing through my teleport, along with some rather odd fanmail if I dare say so. I could guess it was from you because you seem like a dreamer.”

Carol interrupted him with a gesture of the hands. “Yes, I am. Addicted to daydreaming even.”

The imp nodded. “And this is part of the dream journal you’re keeping. Very interesting,” His eyes started to gleam as he dangled the piece of text in front of her. “Would you want it back?” He felt a possible deal coming.

“No,” Carol said, shaking her head determined. “You can keep that part. It’s innocent.”

“Innocent?” The imp said, scooting to the edge of his seat and licking his lips. “Do you have had odd, disturbing or rather exciting dreams about me, ever?”

The girl turned a bright red which made Rumplestiltskin laugh.

“Come on, Carol. You tell me the truth and I’ll give you a nice dream for the night. How does that sound?”

“Like a terrible deal.” Carol laughed. “No, we’d better not do that. Dreams are rather private.”

“Yet you write them down.” Rumplestiltskin moped, looking back at the text in his hand. “Here, “Last night I dreamed about having a big cup of hot cocoa and dipping every piece of fruit into a big fountain of chocolate-“

“Hey, hey, you’re making that part up.” Carol said, wondering silently about his intentions.

“Alright,” the man yielded. “So no deal?”

“I’ll tell you what, we can make us a deal. You’ll give me the nicest dream of chocolate you have and in turn you will get a chocolate ice cream cone.” She smiled mysteriously at him, her eyes still having that dreamy hue to them, and waited for his reply.

Rumplestiltskin’s eyes lit up again. “That sounds pleasing.” He had no idea what an ice cream cone was but it sounded well good. “We have a deal!”

His fingers fumbled for the nearest bottle of dreams and he quickly shook it to mix it with a few new and chocolaty ingredients.  “There,” He said as he handed it to you, “Take it home and open it before you go to bed.”

“Thank you,” Carol said, smiling as she started to fade with the bottle in her hand. Rumplestiltskin reached out for her but groaned in agony. She had gone.

“Now I’ll never get my chocolate ice cream cone.” The imp mumbled sadly as he hugged himself. He disliked it when people didn’t keep to their end of the bargain.


A few centuries later in Storybrooke Emma stood in queue for some ice cream cones along with Henry by her side. “Which flavor would you like, kid?”  Henry looked up at her and pointed at the flavors desired. When Emma was to choose which cone to take back to jail for Mr Gold she opted to go for something plain like vanilla or strawberry when she suddenly changed her mind. “And one with chocolate, please.”


By yours truly, Rumpelgold; I hope you enjoyed ;D Rumple has no clue what your dream journal says, and boy does he want to know. Sweet dreams tonight!

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Back from the Dead

Hello Dearies,

An official note from Rumpelgold, or at least the person behind the blog. It has been my intention to start blogging Rumple at the start of season 2 but alas, things have prevented me from doing so. I won’t be attributing to the fandom like I did during series one (sorry, no more rp or fanart/fanfiction from my hand). I will be reblogging all the interesting Rumplestiltskin/Mr Gold little knick knacks I can find. Also, feel free to send me Fanart/Fanfiction suggestions if you come across them. So long as it’s Rumple related it’ll be reblogged/retweeted and promoted. Because that’s what I’m here for, you’re all Rumple/Mr Gold source, back from the dead.

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regina/ruby + punk Drabble

 asked you:

regina/ruby + punk

The two females stood opposite of each other, glaring at each other’s beauty. Ruby had no problem at all admitting she thought the mayor to be delectable. On the other hand, Regina claimed her interest was merely in men.

“Alright,” the mayor said, pointing a finger at the long-haired beauty in front of her. “If you’re so keen to share a kiss with me you’ll have to do something for me in return.”

Ruby blinked. “That doesn’t sound like you.” She retorted hard-headed. “That sounds more like a deal, like Mr Gold.”

Regina rolled her eyes. “Don’t remind me of that man, Miss Red, or I will walk away and you’ll have none of me.”

Ruby pursed her lips.

“What I require for you to do is very easy.” The mayor continued. “But now that you brought up the ever-in-a-suit clad man, I want you to do something that is related to this… subject….”

Ruby’s eyes widened. “I don’t think I understand what you mean?” For a moment she feared what rumors the mayor had heard about her.

But Regina came straight to the point. “You are a punk.”

Ruby frowned and rubbed the side of her head. “Ouch, I don’t know, Regina.” But whatever she wanted to say did not come out. She glanced down at her clothes. It wasn’t really Malcolm McLaren’s.

“I mean to say that you are a young person. You’re a member of a rebellious counterculture group in my town, and what I want for you is to quit that group.”

The deputy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “So what you’re saying is.. I should stop being rebellious, return to work for my gran and stop seeing Mr Gold and Santiago?”

The woman in front of her gave a nod.

“I can do that.” Ruby said with a smile as she teasingly placed a hand upon her hip.

“Now lean in for your kiss.”

Regina did as she was ordered and found, to her surprise, that the lips locking with hers were softer and rounder than any she had felt ever before. With a blush creeping onto her cheeks and shining through her layers of make-up she tilted her head backwards.

 “I kissed a girl and I liked it.” Ruby sang as she walked away, hips swaying.

 The mayor smirked to herself. 

Rumple’s Midnight Encounters: For randomly-obsessed

Rumple’s Midnight Encounters: For randomly-obsessed



Dread that cursed thing, Rumplestiltskin thought as he heard the soft sound from the adjacent room. The buzzing, sizzling sound of the teleport sounded rather dull from where he was seated but he knew nevertheless that a new visitor had arrived in his home. His castle was started to look like a bloody tourist attraction.

With gritted teeth he let his hand run past the yarn, creating a golden thread as he went along with his activities. The wheel in front of him turned. “Forget,” He murmured, “forget.”

But his task was getting increasingly harder as two warm arms were wrapped around his neck and he found himself embraced, pulled into a tight hug, and had to stop in the midst of the Worsted Technique, groaning as the yarn slipped out of his fingers.

He was not accustomed to hugs.

Blonde hairs traced his golden face and tickled his wrinkle, and he let out an instinctual giggle at this. Gosh, that tickled. The girl withdrew and smiled at him.

But all he could do was giggle away nervously. She had interrupted him during one of his most important activities whether it was day, or as now, night: Spinning gold.

“So you are real.” The girl said, smiling brightly at him.

 Rumplestiltskin frowned at her before his smile returned to accompany hers.

“It seems I am. The question now remains: Are you?”

The girl frowned but didn’t answer.

“What’s your name, dearie?”

She smiled at this and answered happily. “Amanda.”

Rumplestiltskin leaned back on his stool and observed her. “Well,” He said with that ever so famous crooked smirk of his, “Amanda, came here for a deal?”

Amanda pursed her lips. To be quite frank she hadn’t come here by herself, she had been transported her and wasn’t quite sure how to react.

“Not really,” She confessed, eyeing him up and down. “I’d expected to only ever see you for real when a man in a leather jacket would pick me up in his blue telephone box. But I wouldn’t mind making a deal with you.”

“Wouldn’t you, now?” Rumplestiltskin excitedly replied.

“No, I wouldn’t mind. I know how everyone who makes a deal with you ends up worse in the end of it. But to be honest I’m very intrigued by you and wouldn’t mind making a small deal.”

The golden creature smiled wide at her, the yarn at his side forgotten.

“Excellent.” He pressed his fingertips together. “Now, what can I do for you? There must be something you want? How about a drink? Nothing comes for free here, dearie. You’ve had a long travel behind you. How about use of my facilities; bathroom, bedchamber to rest, the garden is also a lovely place at night-”

She cut him short in his rambling by taking hold of his hand. The action silenced him almost instantly and she smiled at him.

“There’s only one thing I want of you.”

Moving closer, Amanda brought her face inches away from his and watched as his eyes widened and lips parted. Their faces were so close now that they could feel the heat of each other’s skin and smell each other’s breath. Then, Amanda dipped her head forth and whispered.

“I want to have an ice cream cone.”

The imp frowned at her as she leaned away. Her request had completely taken him by surprise.

“Well, I can arrange that.” He said, sounding confused and having no idea what an ice cream cone exactly was supposed to be. His eyes travelled down to find she was still holding his hand.

“And your price?” Amanda said.

The golden man hummed in thought. “Another hug.” He finally said, making her beam.

She instantly threw her arms around the golden imp and hugged him in a friendly manner, leaning her weight into him until she could feel his hands on her back, awkwardly and with a lack of confidence. She tightened the hug now to feel him mirror her actions, and as soon as the hug had commenced as soon as it had ended. She pulled away and tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ears. The imp stared at the floor in a pout.

That hug had been rather nice.

“Here you are.” He said, handing her the ice cream cone. He studied the object, having never seen such an alien artifact before.

“Great,” She chirped as she took the cone from his hands and instantly took a bite of the ice cream. While she did so she started to dissolve. Rumplestiltskin watched her as she faded and let out a sigh before turning back to his spinning wheel.
With gritted teeth he let his hand run past the yarn, creating a golden thread as he went along with his activities. The wheel in front of him turned. “Forget,” He grunted as a command to himself.



By yours truly, Rumpelgold; Hope you enjoyed it dearie <3 It was lovely to have the chance to write for you. And it’d be great to read more of your work soon as well ;D

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Rumple's Midnight Encounters : For Cosmiccrow

Rumple’s Midnight Encounters: For cosmiccrow 


The night was pitch black and clouds of thunder had gathered around the imp’s estate in a desperate attempt to agonize him. He was behind his desk, rubbing his temples in an attempt to get rid of the dull ache inside his head, and cursed the Evil Queen who – without a doubt- sent these clouds here to keep him in.

He was just pondering what to do when the buzzing sound of the teleport that had been given to him by Rush sounded and announced a new visitor. It had been several nights since the teleport functioned last and he was glad to find himself having company. Living in the large castle he lived in was pretty lonely and he had grown accustomed to seeing a new face each night.

As a girl appeared in the corner of the room he turned around and raised a brow. She was about 5’3, and, so he estimated, 20 years of age. Her asymmetrical styled hair was brown and short, and she wore glasses. His eyes trailed up and down her form as he noted how curvy she was. Then he licked his lips.

“Well, If it isn’t Eve?”

Eve looked at him and blinked. How he had guessed her name this fast was beyond her , but then again, he was Rumplestiltskin and that was reason enough for him to know everything about her.

Most especially her name.

She ran a hand through her hair. “So I guess there’s no need for introductions, uh?” She said, smiling. “Pardon me, sir, if I have this wrong but I can’t recall having seen you before other than on screen. I mean, it’s not like I have been here in your home before, have I? Perhaps I have and I simply can’t remember but that would be pretty silly, wouldn’t it?” She laughed lightly.

“Yes,” The man replied as he eyed her pensively. He was clearly withdrawn in his usually eccentric behavior. “You seem to have a habit of talking a lot.”

Eve tried to be less enthusiastic but she sounded joyful nonetheless. “That was no proper answer to my question, sir Rumple.” She bent forth and tapped his nose. “But I can’t deny it. I do like to say I am very,” She hesitated, “Verbose.”

Rumplestiltskin raised a brow. “Are you now? And would you be interested in making a deal?”

The girl fell silent and blushed now. She usually was very shy, he could tell that, but somehow she felt like she knew him and it had made her excited.

“Ah, an unexpected question.” Rumplestiltskin coed with pride.

“Not at all,” Eve said, “I’d expected nothing less.  You are famous for your deals.”

“Then perhaps you’d like to know what I want?” The golden imp hummed.

Eve nodded. “All magic comes with a price.”

It sounded like the faint echo of his own voice. He had said this line so often he had lost count and grinned at her. Something in his large eyes sparkled with mischief. “Yes,” he hissed, very much like a snake. “All magic comes with a price, dearie.”

“We haven’t even discussed what you will give me yet.” The girl retorted, her eyes met his and for a short moment her glasses reflected the light of Rumplestiltskin’s magically crafted candles that adorned his desk and laminated the room.

“Well, there must be something you want.” The man folded his arms amused in front of his chest. The ruffles of his sleeves grazed his golden skin and attracted the girl’s attention.

“And something you’d wish in return.” She said.

Rumplestiltskin drew a deep breath and pursed his lips. Then he cocked his head and squinted his eyes at her. His voice sounded curious. “How about romance?”

“Excuse me?” Eve chocked out, clearly surprised.

“That’s not what I offer you, dearie.” The imp clarified in vain.

“It’s not your price.” The girl steadfastly replied.

“No.” Rumplestiltskin remained silent for a second, all the while he tapped his fingers thoughtfully together in front of him. Then his snake-like eyes slid back to her frame.

“I meant to ask how you are with romance. Is there a love in your life? A man you cannot seem to get?” When Eve remained silent he sighed. “Alright, how about achievements? Is there something you wished to excel at? I can give it to you all.” 

If he’d been great selling sheep dong at a market place he’d have been great selling words by merely letting them slip graciously from his tongue. But Eve was aware of his methods and firmly shook her head.

“No, No,” she said. “I don’t want anything you have to offer.” She placed her hands behind her back. “Because I’d have to give something in return.” She blushed. “And I know you have a thing for babies.”

Rumplestiltskin eyed her in silence. “You think I’d ask you your child?”

Eve nodded carefully.

The imp’s smile grew wide, and wider, and incredibly wide, until he started laughing really loud and slapped his thigh in between giggles. “That is,” He panted, tears forming in his squeezed eyes, “That is a good one. You know me too well, dearie. You know what I like.”

He held his tummy as he laughed and found Eve had started to laugh too. Their giggles filled the room.

“You know,” She said in between stifled chuckles and groans, “Meeting you has already been a gift to me. You’re a very special guy.”

Rumplestiltskin grinned back at her. “And you’re a very lucky girl, dearie.”

Eve winked at him. “I’ll see you soon.” She had started to dissolve. The golden man reached for her and sighed.

“What could she mean by that?” He mumbled to himself. “Soon?”

As he leant back in his chair, somewhere in a different galaxy and world, two writers sat around a table and smiled at each other. “This’ll do the trick.” One said. “This’ll make the fans go crazy. I swear. It’s very clever.”

The episode they discussed was aired that faithful day in April, when Eve watched the screen and gasped. “Oh Rumple,”  she bemoaned as she admired not only the writers’ work but also the swift movements of that Scottish actor. “I said I’d see you soon again.”


By yours truly, Rumpelgold; Whoop! The very same day 8’) How about that. I hope you enjoyed it, dearie. I know Rumple did ;D

To my followers (and those who stumbled upon this post): This was a response to the “reblog if you want a fic written about you”. If you want I could write one about/for you too. The Hashtag for these drabbles/ficlets is # Rumple’s Midnight Encounters

Rumple’s Midnight Encounters: For godessoffireandshadow

Rumple’s Midnight Encounters: For godessoffireandshadow


The birds of air took to their repose in the hollows of the trees that surrounded the large estate. The skirts of the clouds tinged with red by the slanting beams of the setting sun, and with a shade of yellow hue upon them, decorated the western hills with vests of yellow garb. The rain picked up, tapping against the earth and stones like impatient fingertips. It was in this setting that Rumplestiltskin found himself heading for his chamber of magic, the room in which he would work on his curse.

Another night had come and like the nights before the teleport in the corner of the room started to sizzle. He didn’t need to look at it to know someone was coming through; another uninvited guest he would show his hospitality to. He was right, for a girl, Christine, appeared and stepped over to him while dusting her dress. She glanced at the teleport and gave it a skeptical look, eyebrow raised, before humming and turning back to the golden imp who was seated behind a large wooden desk.

“Excuse me,” Christine muttered, tapping his shoulder with care. “Did you bring me here?”

Rumplestiltskin turned to her and showed his teeth in a smile. “No, I did not, dearie. But now that you’re here, please, have a seat and enjoy your time. If the former visits are anything to go by you should have some minutes left before returning home.”

Her eyes softened at this. “We have only minutes?”  She had sat down and now bobbed her leg up and down, catching his attention. Rumplestiltskin watched her nervous little movement.  Despite her calm words she was obviously an energetic person and quite unable to sit still. Hyper, perhaps? The imp mused silently. He had the most interesting of guests as of late.

“Too bad.” The girl said, eyeing Rumplestiltskin’s hands as he was bottling a few ingredients.  She would have wanted to spend more time with him than the minutes granted. The man turned to her with a broad smile.

“What’s your name dearie?” he asked, snake-eyes twinkling.

Christine  laughed at this and pointed at him. “I feel a deal coming up. Names are equivalent to power.” She cleverly remarked. Rumplestiltskin shrugged and clapped a hand against his own knee.

“Fine, what do you want in return.”

“Something to make me sleep.” Christine said, eyeing him pensively. She found it hard to sit still and got up from the chair to walk to the nearest wall and study the drawings that were attached to it. A dinosaur, three man who looked awkwardly alike, a drawing of Rumplestiltskin singing.

“A drug?” the imp replied.

“No, just something to make me sleep.” Christine said, “Not that I need sleep, I hardly ever do.”

“Ah, an insomniac. I’ve had quite a few of those. No worries, dearie, I’ve got just what you want.” He revealed a bottle with a potion. “Take this and you’ll have a good night’s sleep.”

Christine walked back over to him and studied the object he held within his hands.

“Any side effects?” She said, eyes gleaming.

Rumplestiltskin frowned. “Well, perhaps some slight side-effects such as erm,” He cleared his throat, “dreams.”

Christine narrowed her eyes. “What kind of dreams?”

The imp cleared his throat again and his cheeks seemed to turn a little shade of red. “Well, about whoever gave the bottle to you.”

Now it was Christine’s turn crimson. “Ah, that’d be you, right?”

“Well,” the man started as he swirled his hands about uncontrollably. “Yes,” he complied, “that’d sorta be it.”

Christine’s smile increased. “I think you’ve got yourself a deal.” She took the potion from him and just in time for her hand started to fade already. She yelped and Rumplestiltskin quickly took hold of her upper arm. “Don’t forget dreams are only memories of another life.”

And with a wink she was gone.

That’s when he came to realize she’d never told him her name.

“Well,” he said with a shrug, “No matter. I’ll find out when she dreams of me tonight.”


By yours truly, Rumpelgold; I hope you liked it :) I never know how these ficlets will turn out when I start writing them and I can say this one surprised even me a bit. I hope you’ll have sweet Rumple dreams ;D

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To my followers (and those who stumbled upon this post): This was a response to the “reblog if you want a fic written about you”. If you want I could write one about/for you too. At the moment I have a slight queue and lost track of the reblogs (lol, people reblogged so many of my posts via via that I don’t know anymore if they reblogged to have a story written about them or just because they liked a story). Keep an eye on my Tumblr, I’ll post another “reblog this” blog soon. If I already contacted you all you need to do is keep an eye open for your story to appear here. The Hashtag for these drabbles/ficlets is # Rumple’s Midnight Encounters