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Asking for a friend, but what if say Vielynne did not make it and Synne could no longer feel her through the lifestream? How would Synne feel about her thread sister's sacrifice if Rev, hypothetically, survived and Vielynne didn't?

If Vie didn’t make it back, Synne would be broken. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s lost someone she truly loves, but it’s a pattern she is more than happy to avoid at all costs. Now, if she understood the reasoning’s behind it – i.e. so that Revarik could return to the land of the living – she would be a little less manic about the situation (after all, she’d give her life in a heartbeat for the man she loves). Vie told Sunny when she left to watch over their family – Revarik included - and to continue to love and protect them. Sunny will do this happily until her very last breath leaves her lungs, but losing the sister she’d never had after only having had Vie in her life for a short amount of time would be catastrophic. Would she make it through? Yes. Would she be happy about it? Probably not.

Besides, all magic has a price and there’s pretty much none that she wouldn’t pay to have her family hale and whole…

You’re all awful and I love you dearly. <3


I don’t know if I can stay in fb mom groups that allow discussion of RIC because reading that shit makes me feel lightheaded and vomity.  I’m horrified that it’s still legal in freaking 2017, let alone the horror of finding out how many families choose to do it.

Thankful to be living in the UK.....

RIC isn’t a thing here, its only done if absolutely necessary for medical reasons or for religious reasons. Thank fuck I wasn’t living in USA when my son was born. I could never put my poor baby boy through that pain. And for what? Circumcision is dangerous infants can die from complications from it. Hey ladies remember the whole “My body my choice” ? Practice what you preach is all I’m saying.