c: rex matheson

ok I know everyone’s Freaking about the possibility of Ianto returning but

honestly. what. are. the chances?????

TW’s not a show where ANYONE (except Gwen) ever gets a happy ending!! Bleakness is the Torchwood Institute’s middle name. No; happy endings are what fanfic’s for.

I’m much more interested in how they think they’ll pick up right after Season 4 without running into some sort of conflict??? And I don’t even mean the Barrowman Continuity (Exodus Code & World Without End / Station Zero).

I mean, let’s all just name the newly immortal elephant in the room, REX.
The only time’s he’s even been mentioned in any piece of storytelling that’s set post-S4 is when Gwen needed smth from the CIA and told them to ‘ask Rex Matheson’, implying that he still/again works there.

But - how? when? why?
Excuse me if I just don’t believe it’ll be that easy.

Seriously. The fuck is Big Finish’s plan?? Mekhi Phifer isn’t even listed as part of the cast (well - yet. but still.) - will he be the character who ‘just has to be, has to be dead’?? That’d be a bit pointless but :/

[But whilest we’re already at it - excuse me too if I literally fall off my chair laughing should they just kind of…. ignore that anything’s ever happened to Rex for the rest of the TW continuity XD]

Everyone needs to stop hating on Torchwood: Miracle day. Yes i know Ianto Jones died and that really sucks but its a sci-fi tv show the circles around the life and suffering of Captain Jack Harkness and the best way to make him suffer is to take away the man whom he loves! everyone needs to get over themselves! Season 4 was a great season especially with the new characters. Esther was just like Gwen, she started very naive and was on over her head, and she died a strong brave woman. and now that Rex is like Jack that opens up a new world for season 5

so stop hating!