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It hurts me knowing how much poc are conditioned to accept and excuse racism as children. Like looking back I let my teachers and “friends” get away with a lot of racist shit only because I was conditioned to think that was okay. To think that if I got mad for them disrespecting my race then I’d just be overacting. Especially in America, Black, Latinx and Asian kids have to face this shit a lot and as children we are just literally conditioned to let that go and even laugh along with some of the racist jokes tossed our way and that isn’t right.

I don’t think you really understand what I’m saying here, Becky: this is every day, all the time. There will be no end to it, but there is a beginning – a basic introduction of one human (me, the weirdly named freak) to another (Chad Smith, the asshole who has no idea how good he has it).

In my many years on this earth, I have rarely had a moment where someone heard my name for the first time, pronounced it correctly to my face, and then never spoke to me about the matter again. What usually happens is I have to smile politely while I recreate the goddamn Electric Company “Silhouette Blends” sketch while breaking my name down to basic guttural sounds that their brains can comprehend.

There have been moments so frustrating that I thought about telling people to forget it and just call me the first English name they can think of. I will gladly be a Jonathan to this person for the rest of my life if it means the horror of this moment can die forever.

Being saddled with Jonathan would be a better outcome than what usually happens: People give up trying to pronounce my name and give me an insulting nickname instead, sometimes based on a physical characteristic. Other times, it will carry a xenophobic connotation, as you’d be surprised how quickly a person can go from zero to racist for no reason at all, with someone they just met. All of that because they never learned to pronounce phonetically.

No Sex For You: 5 WTF Drawbacks Of Having A Weird Name

A Google search of ‘Black women’ and 'body image’ leads to scores of Internet hits on the 'obesity crisis’ in Black communities. When the word 'Black’ is removed, the same search generates article upon article of white women embracing body positivity.

Sonya Renee Taylor, Weighting to be Seen: Race, Invisibility, and Body Positivity, essay featured in “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls”

When I asked myself “What is it about racism that allows (to a certain extent) white women to feel happy in their fat bodies, but doesn’t extend that to black women?” And I think, in the next paragraph of this essay, Sonya Renee Taylor answered my question:

“The fat Black woman’s body has been rendered as an object of service, whether for food, advice, care-taking, or other areas, but it has never been something to aspire to, not a thing of beauty.”

All women are objectified under patriarchy, but the way black women’s bodies in particular are objectified under white supremacy makes the wound even deeper. Bodies are beautiful things, but you have to be seen as a full, human person to have a body, and the days of black women being treated, culturally and politically, as SELF-valuable beings hasn’t yet been fully actualized. 

Black women, and all women of color, deserve to feel happy in their own skin, just as much as any women. We need to reflect that value in our body positive speech and activism.

Discussion Question: As a black woman or woman of color, what is your impression of the body positive/fat acceptance movement? Do you feel welcome? Do you see yourself and your body represented? 

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So many black men who hate black women, get with white women and have biracial children that more than likely come out light skinned. These kids are either disconnected from their black culture and made to think that it is bad, or if they are light skinned girls,  are brought up to think they are better and more beautiful than darker skin black girls, that they are superior because of their white/mixed heritage. White women who get with self hating black men also get a complex, and they think that they are better than black women—this is evidently where their daughters get it from, well they get it from both parents . This is colorism and racism all in one, and it starts because of black men hating black women. 

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So this probably isn't what your normally get but I just need help with something. I was talking about whitewashing to my colored friend, as I thought she woukd understand the best and I showed her the restored photos. She didn't understand.I quote "Ew no! Asians are Asians and that means being pale like why would they complain aboht people lightening their skin when they look terrible with dark skin." How can I teach her how wrong whitewashing is? And also, how can I not slap someone?

Before I say anything else, I want you and other followers on here to know:

Please, do not call people who are not white, “colored”. There is a very long racist history behind that terminology and is considered as a slur when used against us. If anything please use “____ of color”, such as “friend of color” or “my friend is a person of color”. I’m just gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you probably didn’t know any better.

As for the rest of your ask, I am just going to say this straight up. 

No matter how much you try to talk to that person, there is a very high possibility that they are not going to learn. And it is also a very high possibility that they might not WANT to learn. If there is anything I have learned over these years, it is that people will stay ignorant and will continue to do so not out of lack of information. But rather that they have a victim complex in order to not take responsibility for their own actions, finding themselves to be unfairly persecuted while blindly ignoring the hurt of others. 

Racist mentalities and other discriminatory behaviors are really hard to break out of for anybody. And yknow… not every story has a happy ending. 

Also, considering that you referred to them as a person of color that is not Asian, I am going to assume that you are white. In this situation, what you have to say will not hold any weight to that person. And it can be seen as invasive of you to take part in discussing things that will not affect you. This would have been different if you were a POC/Asian and your friend was white/not Asian. Calling out people and actively debating with them over this subject is not a position that you can take.

You should not approach this in a sense of “I need to thoroughly convince this person and initiate conversations with them about this because they are wrong”.

Rather I think the only way you can approach this is through, “I support what this group [oppressed group you agree with] has to say because this directly affects them. They say these actions are harmful and I would rather treat people with respect instead of having a stereotypical bias of what people should look like.”

You can only support us or defend us, nothing more than that. If they decided that they want to learn more, that’s great! We have plenty of sources and there is also a lot of sociology stuff people can look up regarding this.

If they decide that they don’t want to change… well… then they don’t necessarily care what you have to say on the subject. It is your decision at that point to weigh out their worth to you as a friend. And that is something only you can do.

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“People who treat other people as less than human must not be surprised when the bread they have cast on the waters comes floating back to them, poisoned.” - James Baldwin

Here’s what I don’t understand:

A grown-ass man goes to a country he knows is adversarial to the United States, a place he had zero business being in from the jump.

He exercises the white male privilege invested in him by being a product of the United States, by going to this other country with the intention of disrespecting it and imagining himself getting away with it because those are, he was told, the benefits of white supremacy.

Instead of getting away with it, though, he gets caught and the brown people exercise their law on him, failing, to whatever degree, to acknowledge his white privilege.

When they finally release him, he’s returned in a coma and eventually dies.

The United States, in its umbrage, expects me to be outraged.

The United States: The same country that *just* shot a small, disabled, pregnant black woman in her face because they claim she had a knife; that let a cop murder a compliant black person in front of his child and said the cop was well within his rights; and Aiyana was seven years old and asleep on the couch when the cop shot her for a reality show and lied about it, and told me I shouldn’t dare feel outraged about any of it.

Told me, in fact, that it was “justice” being served.

Okay, then, well.

Don’t ever expect me to extend the sympathy you withhold.

What’s good for the goose, chile, the gander will have to sit they ass at the table and eat, too. And like it.

Be lucky that I’m not trolling Otto memorial pages the way white folks troll black people’s memorial pages.

“Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student who was detained in North Korea for nearly a year and a half, died Monday afternoon, days after he returned home in a coma, his parents announced.

Warmbier, 22, had been medically evacuated last week and was being treated at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. His parents, Fred and Cindy Warmbier, did not specify the cause of death.

But they made clear in a written statement that they blamed North Korea for what happened. Their son was arrested in January 2016 at the end of a brief tourist visit to the isolated country.

“Unfortunately, the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today,” the Warmbiers said.

Warmbier’s death was mourned by his wide circle of friends and by complete strangers, and it intensified political reaction to his detention, with outraged critics calling it murder.”

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Otto Warmbier, left, seen seated at a table with two other people. They are all smiling and looking at the camera.]

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Black panther is FOR white people. It's not supposed to decrease tension among races. It's supposed to FINALLY give something to black people. Stop trying to take the 1 thing they have away from them by adding your 'especially white people' bullshit'. We have so much. Just let them have this.

Wait what? It’s FOR white people, but it’s supposed to give something to black people? Is there a typo in there?

Anyway the way you phrase this makes it sound like white people enjoying or wanting to see this movie is somehow a slap in the face to black people and I’m sorry but that sounds completely ridiculous lol.


Part of my roadtrip tool me to Atlanta. And, the Civil Rights Center was amazing. Very powerful. They have this one exhibit where you sit at a lunch counter and close your eyes and put on headphones. And It plays sounds like you are at a sit in and people are yelling. And it times how long you can sit there for. I think i lasted almost a minute before i was almost crying.

It…made its point.