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endless gifs of naomi nagata [3/?]

“A lovely girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back.”
- sarah j. maas


films watched — the girl on the train (2016), dir. tate taylor

hi, i’m rachel, and… this is day one, i suppose. i’m here because i… because i woke up this morning covered in blood. and i had bruises all over my arm, and… it’s usually from when i’ve fallen and someone has helped me up. my husband… he used to tell me what i’d done the night before… and i learned that when you wake up like that, you just say you’re sorry. you just say that you’re sorry for what you did and you’re sorry for who you are and you’re never gonna do it again. but you do. you do it again. and there’s… time missing. i need to remember… i need to remember.

Tbh I don’t think you should date a trauma survivor if you’re not exactly ready for that or have trouble helping the person and committing.

If you do it’d be good to read up on how trauma can affect your s/o so you don’t question why they act or do a certain thing

Laverne Cox #1

Here’s a much needed gif pack of the actress and trans activist Laverne Cox, a true beauty queen the RPC has yet to discover. There’s currently about 44 gifs from various interviews (and a short piece of her new show Doubt) as I’m still feeling my way through this whole giffing thing and wanted to start off small. Please do not add into other hunts, merely link back, or edit into icons without my approval. This pack might update with more later on!

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❝ — there you can find ( 205 ) gif icons of the sassy little bean jiwoo from k.a.r.dnone of these gifs are mine, so all credit goes to the original creators (tell me if you see one of yours and would like it to be removed or want me to put credits!). however, i cropped and edited these. please, like or reblog if you find it useful


the year is 2056, taehyung sits around his children with a box of freshly-picked, chemical-free strawberries in his hands.

“kids, on thursday, december 22nd 2016, your uncle namjoon caught me eating nearly a whole box of strawberries.”

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Do you know of any psd to color theatre things?

Theatre things might be pretty wide, but here’s what I could find for various theatre things.

Hope this helped!