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films watched — the girl on the train (2016), dir. tate taylor

hi, i’m rachel, and… this is day one, i suppose. i’m here because i… because i woke up this morning covered in blood. and i had bruises all over my arm, and… it’s usually from when i’ve fallen and someone has helped me up. my husband… he used to tell me what i’d done the night before… and i learned that when you wake up like that, you just say you’re sorry. you just say that you’re sorry for what you did and you’re sorry for who you are and you’re never gonna do it again. but you do. you do it again. and there’s… time missing. i need to remember… i need to remember.

Tbh I don’t think you should date a trauma survivor if you’re not exactly ready for that or have trouble helping the person and committing.

If you do it’d be good to read up on how trauma can affect your s/o so you don’t question why they act or do a certain thing


PSD #5, for The 100 darkest scenes.

It seems like, at some point in the show, The 100 dark scenes stopped being dark, and became darker; especially scenes at night in the woods. Since my original base psd only worked for “average” dark scenes (it was supposed to work for all of them, but oh well), I was requested to make yet another psd for at least one of the darkest scenes. I promised I’d try, and I always prefer to make it more general so it’s more useful. Therefore, this is my result. It’s the best I could come up with. Hope you like it or that, at least, it works for you.

Additional optional layers:

  • For blue-ish scenes.
  • For yellow-ish scenes.

Important: it WON’T work for the usual dark scenes like the ones lighted by fire, or flash lights, cos it will be too bright for that. If you want one for the rest of the dark scenes, you can try my original The 100 base psd


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evvie’s christmas PSD pack

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Includes Eight PSDs for The 100. To thank my followers for sticking with me, even through my mini The 100 Hiatus, I’ve decided to make a bunch of PSDs, most of which can be applied to many different scenes. For your convenience, I put each file in a folder so you can pick and choose which ones you download. I’d appreciate it if you liked or reblogged this post if you download any of them!