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tachibana--chan  asked:

Hi !! I saw a mulan gif set in a get to know me meme you did a while ago and instantly fell in love with it ^^ if it's not too much to ask could you please share the psd you used on it? (If you don't still have it or you don't wish to share it it's perfectly alright!) thank you in advance ❤ xx

sorry for the wait!! i don’t know if it’s going to work with any other shows/movies since i colour each gif separately, but here you go anyway c:

(you know the drill, just don’t repost or claim as your own or anything c:)

How to add falling snow to a gif:

  • Some people requested this.
  • English is not my first language but I’ll do my best to explain the steps :)
  • I use Photoshop CS6.
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1- It’s really simple and everyone can do it. First of all select a picture and a transparent gif. These are the gifs I use in my edits. Resize the image, add some coloring,texture etc.

2- Open you transparent gif another section, resize the gif as the first picture. Convert to video timeline and select the last frame.

3- Take your picture and put it to the top of the gif.

4- Select lighten or screen. I usually select the lighten one.

5- After you select screen or lighten, save your gif. 

This isn’t a protest against the Left, this is a protest against a party that is social democrat in name only. This is a protest against a party that functions on bribery, nepotism, electoral fraud, and electoral lies, run by people who have gotten rich because they stole from public funds and because they encouraged graft, a party that is as nationalistic and religious and conservative as right parties that tend to lean on the extreme side. 

This is a protest against Liviu Dragnea, a condemned criminal who is trying to manipulate the law of an entire country to erase his criminal record and the criminal records of his friends, and also who wants to allow his fellow party members to steal more from taxpayer money. A condemned criminal who is trying to close the Anti Graft Department for actually doing their jobs.  A protest against a condemned criminal who took money from his county’s Child Protection Services and gave them to his ex wife and brought the state a prejudice of 20 000 euros, and some even say he laundered 1 billion euros, and who participated in electoral fraud. Against a megalomaniac who tried to pass a law that would forbid mocking him on the internet. Against a megalomaniac who wants to change the law in order to become prime minister, because currently our legislation prevents a condemned criminal to occupy a high state function. A megalomaniac who threatened our president with suspension for enforcing this law. A megalomaniac who accuses a mostly peaceful protest (with the exception of agitators that his own party sent apparently) of being a “ coup d’etat”, who compared a peaceful protest with miners breaking a protest and beating up intellectuals at his own former party bosses’ orders. A supreme asshole who defies an entire country, who looks and speaks to us condescendingly, as if we’re all stupid and he’s the only intelligent one. A supreme asshole who is willing to fuck our entire country, to damage our relations with the EU just for the sake of his massive ego.   

Bonus: here is Romania’s Supreme Asshole after he spent 1 million dollars so he could travel to the US to meet America’s Supreme Asshole and take this shitty picture.

lincoln-michael  asked:

hey there :) sorry to bother, but would you be willing to share the psd you used on your latest raven gifset? it's so pretty *.*

hi. thanks! i’m glad you liked it. good thing i still have it saved! pls take note that i adjusted layers in different gifs so they’d match. :) i’m not sure if you could use this one on other scenes tho. still.. here:

(without psd) 

(with psd)

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