c: oswin


Day 49 and 50: 19/2/14

27. Favourite place/nation. 

Ostia. I love these guys.

28. Favourite incarnation of Fire Emblem.

I would say FE9/10’s medallion but I also like Awakening’s simply for the fact that Chrom uses the national treasure as a goddamn SHIELD. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT’S A GOOD IDEA CHROM??

Edit: Haha ok I forgot that Marth uses the Fire Emblem too but at least you could use it to open up treasure chests during gameplay.

Still don’t think it was the best idea to use it out in the open you know? In case someone takes it- oh wait.


Sometimes I think about these two. A lot actually. The companions that basically told the doctor where to go and saved the world themselves. About how in another life they’d be a perfect duo. The one who can’t remember him and the one who he can’t remember. Donna Noble and Clara ‘Oswin’ Oswald. The most important woman in all of creation and the impossible girl.

I have a lot of feelings about this.

fecipher twitter, 23-1-2017: “Ostia’s Iron General, Oswin”

[Card Showcase] Ostia’s heavy knights are the mightiest knightly order in all of Lycia, and among their number is Oswin. The armor which clothes his body is not meant for his own protection…. No, it is meant for the protection of the the people, and of the marquess to whom he is sworn! This man of steel, forged under the ever-increasing burden of training regimen after training regimen, now descends upon the battlefield! (Illust. Yoneko)

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