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sai im sorry but like i saw this post yes and luffy says "i dont feel sexual attraction" and someone says "oh so you are ace?" and luffys is like "????? what. no, ace is my brother. im luffy" and im crying omg

pfffftfft oh my god

he would 

he so would


Since 2-3 years my theory for Doflamingo’s glasses was:
Doflamingo is blind - on the left eye.
Finally I have good arguments.
We only saw his right eye, so we could say something is special about his left eye. Eiichiro Oda is really teasing us, isn’t he?
Second, Doflamingo’s Jolly Roger is a smiley which is score through.
The line goes through the LEFT eye of the smiley.
The last 2 pictures are Doflamingo vs Sanji and Luffy.
In the fight with Sanji it really looked like Doflamingo had problems with repel Sanji’s attack, right?
Sanji’s attack came from the LEFT. When nothing is with Doflamingo’s eye, why wasn’t he able to see Sanji coming? (Doflamingo is an expierienced fighter and he is also quick.)
The Red Hawk from Luffy came from the LEFT SIDE.
Doflamingo had to turn his WHOLE body to face (see) Luffy.

So, anyone else who think something is wrong with Doflamingo’s left eye - maybe he’s really blind? :)