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SKAM and public service

You know what’s incredibly amazing about SKAM that many people don’t realise? It’s that it was 100% funded by the Scandinavian people through public service, NRK, with help from DR (Denmark) and SVT (Sweden). They never did anything for money, as shows made by public services aren’t for profit. (fuck, even SVT blur out every type of logo in the show for the Swedish audience to avoid product placement/ads) Each season costed roughly 10 million NOK (barely 1 million GBP) which they admitted they actually couldn’t afford. 

Say what you want about public service and taxes, but heck, it funded SKAM, remember that.

The Olsen Gang

childhood ruined (????) or possibly improved 

So there’s this Norwegian comedy film series of 14 films, mainly from the 70s, about a small criminal gang trying to get rich, and their repeated failures. They’re pretty harmless, never use violence, and generally steal from the rich, mostly the government or museums - or other criminals.

It’s good child-friendly fun, very silly, with some Parental Bonus. I grew up watching this stuff, but I’m 30 now, and probably haven’t watched a full movie since I was half my age. So I decided to go on a nostalgia rewatch trip!

TURNS OUT, the first film was not exactly as child-friendly as the later ones

I mean, right from the get-go, they’re basically hanging out in a brothel.

My fav character is engaged to an x-rated actress, and is also her manager. When the leader of the gang gets out of prison, with a brilliant plan, this guy hopes it’s that they produce stuff themselves. (It’s not. It’s museum robbery.)

(Whoops! I’m not sure if they retcon that they have a baby, or if he abandons it and it’s never mentioned again in the later movies.)

And then barely 12 minutes into this movie – this movie from 1969 – a police inspector is in an adult shop, and the lovely lady behind the counter is directing him towards the gay stuff, the lesbian stuff, and the animal stuff. Immediately after this, she sells a small child a Donald Duck comic.

Of course, the non-adult comedy that defines the entire series is definitely still there. Like, there are some pretty ridiculous physical/visual shit.

And of course this joke, which is probably my favourite, and I think a lot of Norwegians will identify with.

Aurlandsdalen, Norway

Submitted by Yngwie Scheerlinck / @yngwie_traveladdict 

I did a trekking from the Hardangervidda plate to the fjords and this cabin was located in a very remote gorge full of waterfalls from the surrounding glaciers who where melting. The cabin itself was one of the last things that were left of the mining in the area except for some old pickaxes.