c: noah mcmanus

Il Duce’s Prayer

And when I vest my flashing sword,
And my hand takes hold in judgment,
I will take vengeance upon mine enemies,
And I will repay those who hase me.
O Lord, raise me to Thy right hand,
And count me among Thy Saints

Whosoever sheds mans last blood,
By man shall his blood be shed.
For immunity of God make he the man.
Destroy that which is evil,
So that good may flourish.
And I shall count thee among my favored sheep,
And you shall have the protection
Of all the angels in Heaven.

Never shall innocent blood be shed,
Yet the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river.
The three shall spread their blackened wings,
And be the vengeful striking hammer of God.

—  Il Duce(The Duke) Noah McManus