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Just read No More Humans this week and I was a bit surprised to hear Beast claim that Scarlett Witch was responsible for genocide. I've read House of M and I've always been under the impression that all Wanda did was de-power the majority of the mutant population, she didn't directly kill anyone. Most of those former mutants would have been able to live perfectly normal and healthy lives after M-Day. So, exactly how would that count as genocide? Unless Beast was talking about something else?

She decimated a species. She brought their population level down to 10%, and left them with no way to procreate. No More Mutants.

That does not take into account any number of mutants who died because they lost their powers. What about those who were using their abilities, like flying when their gene turned off?

Having their X-Gene turned of did not miraculously make them normal humans, either. For instance, Blob was still morbidly obese. He just did not have the benefits that came with being a mutant that would allow him to handle such a large body.

It is a fair accusation as I see it.

Re: “No more Mutants”

However, there is no such thing as accidental genocide. Wanda didn’t do this with the end in mind being that children and other people would die. She wasn’t out specifically to kill; she had a moment of unfortunate passion (literally, I think this is what they mean by ‘crimes of passion’) and had a terrible after effect. But her intent wasn’t to kill nameless, faceless people who had never harmed her. She lost her mind.

It’s just not a cut and dry concept, which is why I think personally it’s a great concept for good writing– we’re still talking about it years after it was done!. It just shouldn’t have been downplayed like it was. Readers want to see closure, and they never really addressed a big chunk of that.


Wanda: He–he only wanted you to be happy. Look what you’ve done to us, Daddy. Pietro was right–you-you ruined us before we even had a chance. Why would you treat your own children this way? Babies. Why? Because you actually think you’re better than everyone else. The arrogance of you. You think because w’re mutants we’re better than them. That we deserve to rule. That’s what you wanted and I gave it to you. But look…look what it becomes! Even when you get what you want, you’re still this horrible man. We’re not the next step, we’re not gods. We’re freaks!! Look at us, Daddy!!!! We’re freaks!! Mutants!! You chose this over us and you ruined us!!! Daddy…
Emma: Oh no…
Wanda: No more mutants.

– From House of M #7 by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Olivier Coipel

People are going to get up in arms about this one. Just three words, and a picture. I am sure X-Men fans are going to think the sky is falling over this one, and Marvel is counting on the hysteria to increase traction, and word of mouth on this book.

Are the mutants all going to become Inhumans?
Will Wanda and Pietro find out they were never really mutants?
Will Wannda use her Hex powers again to create some sort of world realignment?
What don’t we know yet that could turn this all on its head?

I think it is interesting to watch the long term story decisions that are now coming into effect because of business decisions Marvel made more than a decade ago, in order to get out of Bankruptcy. What was once their primary brand is now something of a dead weight in terms of financial value.

Marvel is no longer primarily a comics company, and the vast majority of their income is now in movies, and other media. They are not even their own entity anymore. They are just one head in the hydra that is Disney. In the end they are in business to make as much money as possible, and have to focus on the best ways to maximize that stream of cash. That is reality, and personal emotions usually get in the way of appreciating this. I just hope the stories that come of it are entertaining, and resonate with me in a way that I can still give them my money.

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I just got on Tumblr to find three other messages similar to this so, first of all, calm down. 

This is what happened: today, at a retailer panel in NYCC, Marvel released this teaser:

All we know so far is exactly what you can see above: in January 2015, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch will be involved in something that takes us back to the already classic ending of House of M, where they were also involved. We don’t know if it means anyone will really stop being a mutant, or if they’re just playing on everyone’s fear for how the movie-related interests can affect the Maximoffs in the comics. Either way, next year marks the 10th anniversary of House of M, so the image could simply be a reference to that.

There are theories, of course. The art looks like Daniel Acuna’s, don’t you think? Acuna always works with Remender. AXIS ends in December, so, whatever this is, it’s probably a teaser for whatever aftermath we’ll get from that event - be it an epilogue book (remember HoM?), a new series, or maybe an OGN (like “No More Humans” this year?) - probably written by Remender himself. I’m choosing to stay optimistic while I can and trust that Marvel won’t betray us by retconning the twins’ origin stories, or turning them into something else, but that is, I’m afraid a possibility (Bleeding Cool is of the opinion they might become Inhumans, both in the comics and the MCU). Whatever it is, we’ll certainly get more information in NYCC, in anticipation for next week’s solicitations.

First day I met you, Kaplan, you were freaking out because your boyfriend’d been kidnapped by these Skrull guys. And I don’t like to admit it, but…you’ve come pretty far. I’ll admit, ending the world and getting rid of the mutants…not so good. But the thing is? Yeah. I love you. I don’t…say it a lot, but I do. You’re my brother…and my friend. In fact I think you’re one of my best friends. I loved neurotic panicky Billy, and I love…scary dark-magic Billy. So if you’re going to get rid of all mutant kind, fine. Then start with me. I’ve earned that much. It doesn’t matter if you do or if you don’t. I’ll still love you.
—  Tommy Shepherd to Billy Kaplan [My Soon-to-be-Posted Fan Fic: I Believe in the Fallen]