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you have to really care about someone’s love life if you’re willing to kidnap a tiny angry bisexual army doctor approximately 32 hours after he loans his alcoholic lesbian sister’s phone to your nerdy sad gay little brother so he can send a text about green ladders to a silver fox copper whom you’ve resolutely decided is not a goldfish

Distraction Part 1

A/N: There will be another part to this.

Summery: Reader helps her brother, Sherlock in a case and he figures out that she has a new partner.

Word count: 2253

Warnings: Possible swearing and violence Possibly worse. You have been warned.

Master list Part 2

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“Um, Sherlock there’s a woman outside for you.” John said, slightly confused as he walked into the flat. “Who is she?” Sherlock said as he continued to clean his violin.

“She didn’t say, but she called you Sherly.” Sherlock, paused before looking up at John, he placed the violin on the table next to him and looked out the window, down at the smiling woman. She was in a black classic car with sunglasses on staring right back at him. She made a small wave at him before he grabbed his coat. “Come on John, we have a case.” Sherlock said as he hurried down the stairs to greet the woman.

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Midnight Missions; Mycroft x Reader

Elenawritt requested a one-shot based off of this imagine:

“Imagine Sherlock one day breaking into Mycroft’s home. As he walks through the house, he turns a corner and is met with you holding a gun to him, thinking he’s either a burglar or Moriarty, and all you’re wearing is one of Mycroft’s dress shirts with nothing beneath it.”

Credit to the always lovely bbcsherlockimagines

Sherlock Holmes approached his brother’s looming house already surveying it for an easy entry. All Sherlock needed was to find Mycroft’s office and sift through his files in order to see how much Mycroft knew about Sherlock’s new case.  Knowing his brother and Mycroft’s mannerisms, he quickly found access to Mycroft’s grand abode.

The drafty hallways were darkened and a cool breeze drifted through the house. He rounded a corner on autopilot, having broken in many times before, and suddenly stopped when a shadowy figure lurked in the back of the hallway.

“Sherlock?” a confused but familiar voice ringed out. “What are you doing here?” it asked before you moved into the dim light. You were wearing, what Sherlock could only assume, nothing except for Mycroft old dress shirt.

“I think I should be asking you the same question.”

“No you shouldn’t be. I was invited here, you let yourself in, in case you needed me to remind you,” you said sassily as you crossed your arms in annoyance.

A tired gentle padding of feet came from Mycroft’s room. “Y/N, I told you it would only be Sherlock breaking in again,” Mycroft chided. “Did you get what you needed?” he directed at Sherlock, ready to get back to bed.

“Sorry I’m a little on edge. My boyfriend is causally the British government and his brother is always getting into outrageous trouble, I think I have the right to be concerned.”

Sherlock’s eyebrows knitted together in slight anger. “Mycroft, you have a girlfriend? Your girlfriend is Y/N?” he tried to clarify.

“Little brother don’t you think we could have this discussion in the morning? Did you get what you needed?”

You hit Mycroft playfully in the chest. “Sherlock do you want anything before you go? Mycroft should be more hospitable, it’s Sherlock after all,” you chastised.

Mycroft rolled his eyes and padded off to his office before running through some files. “Is this what you’re looking for?” Mycroft asked, shoving a folder in Sherlock’s hands. Sherlock quickly looked through it and nodded, still upset that he failed his mission. “Now if you don’t mind I would like to climb back into bed with my love.”