c: much

I tried so hard to keep you in my life instead you tried so hard to push me off your side. So please tell me what did I do wrong, if I begged to much or if I waited to long. I guess I just wanted you that much.
—  Acac

Karkat♥Terezi // Broken

you’re a little bit jaded … and you’re closing the door.
and all that you felt then … you don’t feel it anymore.
i’m the picture that’s faded … i’m the love you don’t trust.
take the girl out from under glass and she’ll always want too much.


Last weekend we went to a metal show, it was a very different scene than any of the punk shows around here. Fun though. It’s nice being around a variety of genres and people. 

Also, that beer I’m holding is called “Nobama Brew” and it was too hilarious to not drink.