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I had another drawing to post today, but it turned out worse than I expected…
So I ‘finished’ #238 sketch with those weird lines, hopefully it looks okey~ :D

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hey chicken !!! whats ur fav monster factory video an ur fav overwatch short ? sry if this is weirdly specific but :^)c!!

g od thats

so difficult

mAn its. hm

it’s. its g o tta b fallout 4, 1st ep if i hav to choose

its just. so. i c o n i c

+ m fav short is probably Dragons? i had Feelings i Wasnt Expecting

At this point in time, Kirottu is very very low energy in everything he does, horizontal tango included. Tryst is pretty much the one doing all the work when they fool around, which is okay with her bc he likes that kind of thing, tho tbh Kiro wishes he could do more. Once again, with Kiro being low energy, their passion flings are usually pretty short lived. As far as performance goes, he’s definitely not ranked in the Top 5 in the clan.

That being said, Kiro wasn’t always as sickly and weak as he is now, and he won’t be like that for the rest of his life. Tryst will be in for a pleasant surprise when the day comes that Kirottu can flaunt the strength and finess he used to possess again.

Afterall, Caeli didn’t used to have goo-goo eyes for him for no reason.