c: morning glories


*I reserve the rights to decline any commission if I see fit

Hello everybody! I have finally decided to open some commissions. 
If you want one you just have to email me to emmitafrost@outlook.com with your name (or nickname), explaining what you want and a MINIMUM of 2 references. I will accept PAYLPAL, and bank tranfers from the USA, and you MUST pay first.

I will update my progress to you, and my goal will be to finish the commission WITHIN A WEEK. All the rights of the drawing will still be mine so just keep that in mind. 

If you want to see more of my art you can go here

(I speak english and spanish, so feel free to email me in any of the two lenguage


When I was born my mother said she did not see a miniature version of herself nor that of my father, instead she saw two big blue eyes blinking up at her; a perfect stranger. “Who are you, little one? Who are you going to become?” 

Since then, she’s always planted morning glories in her garden, blue flowers for blue eyes. Now wherever I go, whatever I’m doing, there’s always a part of me growing in her garden keeping her company.